Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 13

Calls chosen at random and  are a tiny % of all calls

Man missed last 78, trying to find shelter for the night

I have a bunch of people trying to get into my mobile test unit and threatening me

No announcements or sign-dispatch wants him to get going-driver says bus doesn’t work-dispatch disagrees

Max platform damage

Car battery criminal

Max signals fail

Biohazard at max station-man took piss, not sure why trimet person is so excited about it

Bus driver forgot to do reroute

Loud and abusive customer who seems to be under the influence of some unknown substance

He’s got a pretty good bump on his head

Max blocked and blocking

Bus driver says the dispossessed have too much stuff, including furniture

Dispossessed and crazy

I’m just getting some grunts out of him

Door open on grey shack

Sounds like a bike made contact with bus

Man soiled himself

Leak watch for drains

Junk bus drivers seat

I have a woman who is having a problem with her feet

Max fail troubleshooting

Something holding up max

Radio dead spots

Junk bus

Futon threat to max

Junk back doors-that shit will drive u insane

Man going in and out of the elevator

He’s completed the work in a safe and professional manner

Someone hit the bus

Screen is flashing

Bus driver sees crash

Scanner star-daily caller

Truck went by and whacked my mirror

An 18 Wheeler has decided to stop in the middle of the road

Operator didn’t listen to instructions

Sound like you’re gonna need a whole new arm

Water going straight up into the tree

Dispossessed in the bus acting insane

Another rider ripped off. Another day on trimet

Lift rider using obscene language and gestures

Bus driver needs a new ribbon for his printer 😂

TVM glass panel broke

Bus 12/70 died

My windshield wiper broke

Train 20 died

Dead car push

Can I get a supervisor come get this guy off the bus, something about boogers all over the place


There’s reports it’s on fire, it’s where they put their cigarette butts

The ticket box did not work

Junk bus operator seat

I have a customer who fell asleep do you have an extra service to take her-he does courtesy ride

She’s walking on the tracks being very friendly to me

Must be fun working on the track at 2am

Fire in an elevator? Dispossessed human beings are everywhere

They have radar lights and I got flashed

Train 40defect-deadman spring

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