Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 14

Taking a piss on the max

Junk printer

Always trespassing

Biohazard max

Wheelchair to big for bus

Junk radio

Do not enter sign pointing wrong direction

Junk radio

Shopping cart threat

He’s punching the seats walking back and forth

Pantograph May be damaged

Bad steering

Lady complains-max

March for science

ATS trip(back to bus)

Junk bus

Junk max radio

Steve Birch getting idiot lights

He’s acting kinda coo coo

She got off and fell in one of the seats across from her

Sleeper bus 54

Report that man was peeing on the bus but it wasn’t true

Car just drove into switches

Bus bridge

Motoring drum handle fail, leak in window

He smells like urine and relieved himself in the open

Light rail fails

Female laying on the max floor

Sleeper bus 4

She’s screaming at me

Someone throwing trash in the ROW

Train is dead

Is he breathing. I’m not getting out of the bus

Woman wants ambulance


Loud disruptive, trimet is hiring. Start today!

Fight on max

Car close to tracks

He collapsed on the floor in the bus

Max stops for no reason and man on train says he’s injured

Baby’s milk lost on bus

I had to wait for 6people to use the restroom

Dispossessed everywhere

Bus driver wants to mark off

None of us have been given any training -lift

He screamed at me and didn’t move
(He took off running)

Feces at Hollywood

My printer kinda suck

This street is messed up I’m not gonna make it

Man trying to break into tvm

No over head-as usual

Junk bus

Junk bus doors

Bad suspension

Smoking weed on max

Always trespassing

Man put bike on bus then didn’t board bus

Lift driver worried about on time performance

She got off and ran across the parking lot

Crazy woman blocked  max

My favorite accent

Assault on max platform

Junk HOP

I missed my turn

Junk rail buddy -lots of those

Light rail fails

Junk bus

Power max mirror fail
Junk radio

He’s acting like he’s gonna jump in front of trains talking to an invisible man

Safeway bathroom code-dispatch paranoid as usual

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