Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 15 (00:01-12:24)

More bus bridges

Go fuck yourself

This message is from your management team we now return to regularly scheduled programming

Join the trimet family

Trimet is hiring

Smoking weed on the max

Priority-route blocked😂

Car ran off the road and hit a tree

Gate arm busted

Hit mirror on telephone pole

Troubleshooting max

Sleeper and pissed himself

I don’t know about violence but he’s still following her

Over shot the call loop

Priority-lost and found😂

Train 87 defect

Puke bus

Friction brake fault

Max drivers trading routes

Junk train

Max mayhem

You have more seniority

Shelter glass broken

Train 45 needs medical she’s really out of it

Light rail fails

Broken glass bottles at bus stop

Bynum working double shift

Bridge to brew run

Bus driver off route

Abandoned heavy bag

Car removed from tracks

Bus driver wants to be dispatcher they’re taking 5

Bus driver stressing fares🤨

2people fell asleep and peed themselves-dispatch doesn’t want to lose service
(Let them die in a ditch)

Loud verbal cussing and screaming at passengers

Prop fail

Sleeper fell on floor

Train 4defect-doors

I just want to cover my ass-he wanted ambulance ‘he was faking it’. Uh oh.


Max key gets stuck

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