Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 15 (12:24-23:59)

I can’t let my passengers out

Calling in parking issues is pretty much a waste of time

Guy in the back is cutting himself with a knife 🔪🔪🔪

Guy In wheelchair asks bus driver to call cops because someone is following him

Not currently excluded

Max Signals fail

Empty propane tanks-denied-riders are too stupid to know to put them in a bag

I want to ask you i want to go home I have diarrhea

It’s not under the train

Problem bus riders-forget it
He came back-it’s just not safe, driver won’t keep moving

Do not use high beams

20 driver needs bathroom

Homeless guy with wagon and birdcages wants to get on bus
Dispatcher says determining factor is it safe-these newbies make a deal out of everything

Accident report-It sounds like non preventable but who knows

Bus driver stressing over fares gets counseling-operator can’t let it go👎🏻Repeat offender. 👎🏻

Always trespassing

Junk printer

She’s done 5 battery resets. What a joke

Travails of the lift driver

Loud verbal, he’s hit the bus, actions speak louder than words

No radio for max driver

My left turn signal just blew up

Man passed out on max floor

Bus driver doesn’t want to pick up woman says she was assaulted, managers make decisions

I need a bathroom NOW


Bus driver wants other bus drivers to not pick man up

No horn

She’s in the back yelling and screaming

Prop fail dynamic brake fail

I accidentally made a wrong turn

Priority-driver sticking their nose in other people’s business👎🏻

Drinking alcohol on the max

Biohazard bus

Priority-she complained he was harassing her

Signal fail

The bad boy is off the bus

Accident report

Trimet is hiring

Fall getting off max

Junk bus

Gate arm down

Train 69didnt blow horn

He’s drunk and stinks-max

Weird travails

Good luck bus driver. Check page 51

Light rail fails

1 legged man needs help-max

More illegally parked cars

I just got rear ended

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