Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 16 (12:00-24:00)

He just smashed a car in front of him

Weird silent alarm

Regular who always whines about faresπŸ‘ŽπŸ»

He said somebody jumped him, bloody, denied

I don’t pick her up Because she spit on me

He pooped his pants

Fall getting off train

He calls for an ambulance constantly -and the rider smells so bad he can’t drive

Man holding train doors and looks angry

Max mayhem

He’s got an oversized wheelchair taking up 5seats

Warn 57 buses

Tiny little knife he’s playing with

Driver says rider screwed up coin box on purpose

Ackerson retiring May 18

2 buckets in the air

Bus is making a horrible racket

She didn’t pick up people, Trimetized

Bus reeks of carbon monoxide


Always trespassing

Forgot restroom key

Did something happen at Hollywood tc, we got a call about 2 buses
Feel the love πŸ’•

Newbie doesn’t know how to close window

Train has wrong sign posted

He said he bruised his hand on the handle

When I push on the accelerator the bus doesn’t move

Junk bus

My customer said ouch. That a big deal on lift

If you see people waiting pick them up for Christ’s sakes. Where do they get these people

I have no idea where I am

Aaron coming in to help Pat

Lady crosses in front of train

Max mayhem

Bus smells like electrical fire

Scanner star has tons of problems

Gate arm ripped off

Trip and fall

Herb Hansen

He walked out from behind the shrubbery. Max

No extras. Fail. Also man getting out of hospital is excluded

He started threatening people on the back of the bus

2people with 3 dogs kicked off

Man bent over in wheelchair

Lounge chair at bus stop

Really something when the lift on the lift bus doesn’t work

Hot-operator says he has different info

They don’t train operators on the idiot lights

Why can’t the find buses that actually work properly

Lift driver ran school bus stop sign-fired

Priority-stuck at train πŸ˜‚-Bynum didn’t lecture him

Junk bus

No over head

Beeping fare box(kick it, hard)

Travails of the lift driver

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