Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 17 (00:00-12:00)

Bus driver removes man that needed ambulance into bus shelter and left. 😂😂😂
Dispatch not happy

You should have a binder with all the routes-good luck newbie

Bus seat is smeared with unknown substance

Bus driver was supposed to roll but has been waiting

The police blocked the road, I can go in the other lane. Don’t go in the other lane

Junk printer

I made a huge mistake

Sleeper on train 4

Dispossessed will be lucky if he gets a ride from trimet so many mean drivers

Dispatch trying to get someone to pick up dispossessed

Truck hits mirror

No relief. Operator wants to dead head.  Denied. Sounds like ongoing problem

He’s somewhat mental.

I’ve got a nightmare on my hands

Light rail fails

I have a passenger here who is going off

Accident report. No damage

Dead bus

He doesn’t know what he hit the mirror with

Bus driver wants dispatch to thank bus driver. Always nice to see caring drivers instead of assholes

Bus driver complains about bus driver

Too many buses at Washington square

No heat no defroster.

Man fell while getting on bus

No announcements and the ding dong doesn’t work

Junk bus

Bus driver is claustrophobic and doesn’t like operator cages

I’m trying to figure out why your an hour late. Lift

Agitated white male banging on the windows and took his shirt off,max

Uncooperative not respecting trimet authority

Light rail fails

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