Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 17 (12:01-24:00)

Max driver not happy

Light rail fails

She just fell over into her garbage bag

Lift rider slides out of seat

Loud verbal, he threw his beer

He cussed me out and said he would call trimet on me

Sleeper on max with sheet over his head

Drug test ordered

Junk bus drivers seat

Accident report. P.a.

He’s blowing by a lot of stops

Electrical transformers exploded

He took a swing at someone on my bus

Some of them blew off and got hit by a train

It seems like the whole fleet isn’t printing properly

I made him throw his beer away

Gate arm won’t go up

Bus driver told to stay behind white line

He’s breathing and having convulsions

Loud verbal. Possible 🔫


He’s 10 late and worrying?

Fall on bus

Max mayhem

Blue scooter causing problems

Max driver reports bus driver

Deters In wind

Moving dispossessed  doesn’t work

Junk bus

Domestic dispute but bus broke down

Max mayhem

Bus driver kicked intimidating man off bus

Light rail fails

Why do operators thank dispatch for calling back? ITS THEIR FREAKING JOB

Driver not happy with driver


Supervisor can’t find wagon

Newbie trying to figure it out

Plastic threat

Always trespassing. In the tunnel

They’re diverting us into branches

Driver left riders behind who weren’t paying attention

Driver wants to know why he has a class of school kids

Junk cad

Junk woojin

Poor lift rider

Bus is cannabilized for light rail

You cannot change your bus assignment

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