Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dispatch/Control-April 18 (00:00-12:00)

I’m not sure what my block is I’m sorry-there where some people there they looked pretty upset I didn’t stop there

Max parts falling off

Bus driver will take break

Verbal and abusive

Screaming yelling lady

Piss bus

Wheelchair to big for bus

My dip stick got stuck

Priority. We can’t get out of north terminal

I have this lady on my bus she won’t get off

Motorcycle cops


Bloody bus

Dan Kelley has bad windshield wipers

Max mayhem

Bus driver complained about bus driver

Lift rider  scraped their wrist

Junk printer

Worried about SIP-go ahead girl

Bad crash at Washington square

Took wrong bus. Maybe

Red bark inc blowing bark under gate arm

Van hit bus mirror

What happened to my leader

Always trespassing

How to torture a bus driver

Max mayhem

There’s a penguin 🐧 on the cad

Can’t see street signs


NRV vehicle

Junk rail buddy and need curtains

Junk rail buddy

Blanket in the point

High rail truck

Little splatter on the side

Multiple junk buses

Bill changer motor keeps running

Not sure if she had a stroke or too much pain medication

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