Friday, April 20, 2018

Dispatch\Control April 18 (12:00-24:00)

I just had a problem person on my bus-it’s fares-they don’t get it

Max signals fail

Woman is out of her mind

Cab picked up kid

Fight on max

12year old is scared

Spitting all over the max
He got pepper sprayed

Biohazard seat

Fell out of seat

Max mayhem
It amazes me that the cops have higher consciousness than bus drivers

She has pissed and shit herself

Customer conduct, he was spitting on himself

There’s something wrong with the steering wheel

Camping out in bus shelter, dispossessed got nowhere to go. Some drivers want to kill them all


He’s extremely intoxicated and has a whole bad of alcohol


He was getting a little bit wild and not happy with leader bus

Hostile bus rider


How to drive bus drivers insane

Spin slide


$20 into fare box

Security door makes bus inaccessible for wheelchair

Max mayhem

Man injured by ramp

Lift passes are good but no punch cards

Propane tacks too close to tracks

My can flew out the window

Junk head sign

Welfare check

Max mayhem

Junk printer

Always reply with ready for service

How come you didn’t call us

Max close call

He’s using verbal language and baby stroller criminal

When buses collide

He’s makings threats

He’s off the bus and off the property

I know they are gonna call in

Preempt fail

Several former exclusions not currently excluded.

Swarm of bees

Mixed race group of youth causing mischief

He soiled himself

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