Monday, April 23, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 20 (00:00-18:35)

No clock

The go ahead girl is not having fun

I was sent out on the trimet system

HisPanic male with gash on his head

Mayhem in the bus

Supervisor says yes dispatch says no

Bus hit pole

Max mayhem

Accident report. P.a.

Light rail fails

Didn’t follow procedures

Biohazard train

Woman takes a fall and is injured due to bus hard stop-p.a. And drug test

He’s exercising his freedoms of speech

Abandoned bus

Cannot make people move for wheelchairs

Baby πŸ‘Ά stroller criminal(just drive and be careful for crying out loud)

Gate arm down

Semi loses its load

It was bullshit

Dollies+blue light special

Bike rack is tilting

No dressers on the bus according to this driver-she’s wrong unless it’s blocking

Loud verbal-spit incident

This guy has nothing but trouble, it’s not a priority either, driver intends to take full break


Dan Kelley

Wagon criminal

Trimet bus driver vs school bus driver

Balloon threat

Begging for fills


Dead raccoon

Cannabilizing bus service

Sick lift driver

Travails of the lift driver

Horde of youths

Couldn’t make turn

Sleepers ‘junk’ blocking door

Junk bus

Hitching a ride on max

Flapping bus doors

New controller

Madness on da-met

Kids protesting

No announcements

Lift driver needs medical

Call Wes and tell him to get his butt in here

Light rail fails

Not enthusiastic about doing bus trade

Trash bag criminal


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