Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 20 (18:35-24:00) April 21 (00:00-13:34)

Signal trip-back to bus you loser

Always trespassing

Supervisor to shadow train

Max door fails

Bus 78gets in minor accident

Fudge max on time stats

Biohazard bus

Max mayhem

Disgruntled lift driver

If the hand truck can get on the bus safely take it and stop being fucking dicks

On the tracks with cameras

Light rail fails

Rolling rock bike found

I don’t know how these controllers can stand that job

Train 46 blocked by van

Max door fail

Coolant all over

Signals fail

Medical for bus rider. Will there be a dope test. Yes

Something wrong Hurting lift driver

He thinks the bus is a hotel (it’s been 12 minutes๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป)

3 feederbreakers open

Always trespassing

Station agent shenanigans

Customer conduct, he’s talking about raping other customers-started as fare dispute

Max mayhem


Worried about SIP(what dispatch thinks means nothing by the way)

Bus driver worried about SIP

Didn’t read reroute

Man falls out of bus seat

Wiper snaps off

Police didn’t make a deal out of rider disrespecting trimet authority

Junk bus

Junk train

Cops picked up guy driver doesn’t want to talk on the air(he’ll be out in a day)

Trimet is hiring

Max contractor doesn’t show up

Rider calls cops about rider threatening other people-he’s mental ways operator-Disparch forgot to call about this

He’s talking about touching my boobs

Smoking pot or doing drugs. (Lord)

Twelve 34 on max-really something when the police have a higher standard of morality. And more

Putting pressure on light rail operators. And somebody is messing with another LR operator

Ding dong doesn’t work on a lot of buses. Plus lost and confused

Cops will ‘take some action’ on bus 4 rider problem

Herb having rider problems

Car ran gate max hard stop

Dispossessed sleeping on the train

Rider wants driver to stop screaming out stops

Jackson terminus rules change

Dispossessed in the way of light rail

Always trespassing

Dispossessed wants train to hit him-driver wants to kill them all

88 driver wants out

Max mayhem

Junk bus

Drivers not liking drivers

Driver thinks drinking beer is a big deal ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป

Didn’t ask for permission to go drop off only-drivers vs drivers

Kids running wild

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