Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dispatch/Control april 22

Light rail fails Blind also

They’re throwing themselves on the doors.  Max

Max mayhem

Loud music

lost and confused

Bus has passed up person but eventually he’ll wake up

Max operator wants to get going, need switch iron. (Modern technology)

Wanted man may be on bus

Fare Nazis

No bathroom key

Hocking up loogeys

Piss bus. She’s sitting in it

Newbie max driver

Lost car

Stuck behind fire hose

Debit card into fare box

Didn’t have fare👎🏻, and has paper towels, operator told not to make a deal out of fares

He’s smashing trimet property (another satisfied customer no doubt)

Disaster relief blanket

Good old ray

Always trespassing

The operator saw things he shouldn’t see. Last bus of the night. Dispatch makes commitment to operator.

Taking CTran is really tough

My favorite guy

I have this guy sleeping on my bus and had this huge altercation with him

Electric bike abandoned

Bloody max

Barely got the last bus 75of the night filled

Forgot iPhone

Took wrong bus

Irate rider due to trimet incompetence

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