Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dispatch/Control. April 25

Light rail fails

Belligerent and agressive

Junk train

Took wrong bus

Driver pleads guilty

Thank you Eddie

Fight on max
There will be no report

Laid back

Loud and obnoxious

I’ve got a confusion here

Max driver complains about auto traffic

On the aisle lights, screws missing

Always trespassing

Amputated leg is bleeding

Junk printer. Driver wonders why trimet is so incompetent

Bus driver can’t make turn

He thinks their on drugs. Who isn’t on drugs

Buses backed up all the way down the street

Bicyclist following me. Not sure what’s going on

Light rail fails


Killer 🐝

Dispossessed and passed out


Is he causing problems I don’t know what kind of people you hire to do this job. The clip below is the original incident. One operator can handle the job another can’t. This driver needs a commendation. Why can’t trimet find drivers like this

Falling asleep wobbling all over the place, seems like overreacting to me

Junk bus

Junk elevator

Gate arm drops like a rock

Car tire with rim-if it fits don’t make a deal-have a heart

Branch is smacking windshield

I knocked my mirror

Woman says man stole backpack on bus

Missed the turn

Travails of the lift driver

Scanner regular. Who knows why he’s making a big deal out of this. Rabbit in a bag. Big deal just drive for Christ’s sakes

Scanner regular, never misses an oppportunity to call

Puke train

Go ahead


Junk radio

It looks like an engine. Can’t believe there is no training on idiot lights

Junk bus

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