Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dispatch/Control-April 9- 00-6:49

Looks like drug deal (mind your own business)

Max operator wants to make sure riders make connections 👍

Wants trains to slow down

Dynamic brake

Junk cad

I’m hunting and pecking

Dispossessed on max platform


Puke bus-no extra service-run is cancelled-riders left standing

Junk cad

I can’t get out of here

Junk printer

Junk radio

Junk radio

Junk bus

Junk max

Junk rail buddy

Junk bus

Light rail fails

Doing drugs in the shelter-that’s the way it is and that’s the way it will always be

Junk radio

She’s not screaming but she’s having issues -max

Lol. Lost-Bynum says YOU MUST KNOW YOUR ROUTE-well guess what? There’s going to be another class action lawsuit about this

Jason Choi was in my class-his daughter is a violinist

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Huskies1 said...

You must now your routes! Considering they don't train on all the routes!