Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Rest in peace Ron Heintzman

Thanks to Ron Heintzman my father retired from Tri-Met 23 years ago with a pension and health care which also provided health care for my mother.  Prior to my mother’s passing she had cancer twice, two aneurysms and  25 years of heart disease including congestive heart failure at the end of her life. There was never any huge medical bills thanks to Ron Heintzman. My parents retired comfortably and my father lives comfortably today because of Ron. I retired at 58, have health care, live comfortably and soon at age 58 my wife will be doing so too, thanks to Ron.

Ron Heintzman fought hard for workers and their families. There are many more families with similar stories living better lives because of Ron and certainly not because of the generosity of the companies we worked for. If the companies and it’s greed driven managers had their way, they would pay us minimum wage, and laugh at the thought of providing health care or retirement, all while management gave themselves higher salaries, better benefits and retirement packages even more obscene than they already are. Ron’s foresight to see the value in health care and his continual fight with management and the companies they represented to keep health care for employees and their families was prominent.

As for the deceitful, intellectually challenged, posterior orifice Ron haters out there… he fought for you too and knew it. This one is for Ron! FUCK YOU!

Ron Heintzman passed away last night.

I am honored to have known him, proud to have called him my friend.

Bob Cummings - Retiree

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