Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trimet turns its back on yet ANOTHER injured employee. It’s despicable

Here is the story as told by the injured trimet bus driver

I thought about this for a while. I gave Tri Met 18 years of my life. I missed holidays, birthdays, school events, and family get togethers.  I drove to work in all kinds of weather. In all those years I had “ONE” oversleep, 21 years recognition from the National Safety Council Awards. A special needs award and numerous other accomplishments. In all I probably had a dozen complaints, made Lead Operator, never had a PA, did extra service at the end of my run when asked and never was put on any assistance for time loss or any other issues. Even sat on one of their hair brain safety committees and represented myself as an employee on a  Clackams County Safe Streets committee,  given paid time off to attend by the Powell station manager.  In fact most of those &^%$#@ managers didn’t even know I existed. I jumped all their damn hoops all those years and they never bent an inch for me.
As far as their claim that its age related because of degenerative arthritis, I or my doctors have yet to see the results from their paid quacks x-rays.
I was an exemplary employee. One in which Tri Met suffers daily in trying to hire someone to fill my shoes. As you can see I  have highlighted and changed the amount and the word Thoracic Sprain to identify the diagnoses of my injury caused by Tri Met. When those highlighted areas and amount and diagnosis are redacted and inserted correctly I will sign.
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