Sunday, June 17, 2018

Calls from June 15

Very quick scan. So many incidents even a quick scan isn’t quick

Still getting lost
Bus driver wants someone removed. He’s one of our troublemakers
Bike ‘sling shot’ out of bike rack
Don’t pick up Malik
Did you go over a curb? I don’t think it was a curb. P.a.
Fight on max with one of them getting hit In the head with a rock
Loud bang
Thomas had fall on bus
Bus driver thinks man is suicidal
Person ‘touching themselves’ on max
Man fell and hit is head
Deters doesn’t know that shoes are NOT required
Man was ‘staring at me and sharpening objects’
Bus driver vs bus driver
Excuse me my brain is fried right now. He’s shook up
Max mayhem
Bus driver assaulted go by and take a look
My bus feels like it’s falling apart
Passed out on the max
Gate arm hanging by a hair
Another gate
Customer conduct. Throwing wrappers all over the bus😂😂🤣🤣
Bus driver scared to wake up rider
Silent alarm. Sounds false
Accident report. P.a.
Accident report. Shouldn’t be p.a.
Bus driver has to do a total of 6 separate reports
Here’s the accident report. Should not be a p.a.
Busting operators for minor bullshit
And still lost again
Shopping cart criminal
Mirror got hit twice
Bus driver vs bus driver but the door was messed up
Bus clipped semi
Priority. Missed turn
Deters fail. Also scared of S.I.P
Why are you dead heading ?
Children found
Partying in shelter (waste of time calling it in)
God bless the freaking managers. But it’s meant for trainee to use radio
Mr Cobb
Lift rider died😢
Max mayhem
I might get a complaint
Bus rider is yelling. It’s Leon
Lift rider says she will get driver fired
Wheelchair left behind
Car rams into bus shelter
👶 stroller criminal
Bus driver vs bus driver
Max mayhem
Guy is still dealing with this problem
Woman claims she was almost kidnapped
The ultimate failure of the public transportation technocracy
Frail rail
She’s having a ball
Who doesn’t want you to go into the transit center?  Nobody
Sick operator

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