Sunday, June 17, 2018

Calls June 16

No mechanical or other common incidents

Water bottle blues
She’s paralyzed. I hear screaming. Pounding on door
He threw a paint scraper at me
She threw up in her lap
Wheelchairs can be used as shopping carts
Bus driver experiences road rage
Bus driver ‘won’t risk it’ and doesn’t want to be lost
Priority. Truck hit bus
Accident report   Should not be a p.a.
Lift drivers not having fun
Bus hard stop causes injury
Max operator sent to wrong max. Operator concerned
Customer conduct. She’s trying to cause problems
Man In hospital gown down and pissed in front of operator
Lift rider not at funeral
This guy loves to use the radio
I’ve never seen so many police cars
The police state
62 bus stop change confusion
Frail rail
More junk
No relief. To bad for her
Bio train
Bus driver needs to pee and people want to go
Bus is ‘snapping!
‘Orange line bus bridge’ 🤣🤣
Bio creep seat
Closed the station
Woman filming man on bus. Nothing can be done
Frail rail
Bus driver breaks mirror with hands
Somebody had an accident in his pants
Crack the mirror
Accident report. Car door. Drug test
Line training
Bus is rear ended
It was 50 kids in the riot
I don’t do these orange line things
Police didn’t want to deal with discrimination issues. Driver shaken
Police requesting buses to take rioters away
Nobody wants to take the kids
Frail rail
Man who was hit in the head with a rock got shit from arrogant bus operator who violated trimet policy on fares and then it got uglier
Max sleeper fell out of seat and is bleeding
Laundry basket. But driver makes a deal out of it. Of course. Sheesh

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