Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Calls June 18

Shelter camper. (Don’t know why drivers bother wasting time with this )
No, there is nothing that can be done about the dispossessed
Possible over dose on bus
He threw something at the bus
Bus driver not having fun
Bus driver vs max driver
Bus driver didn’t follow directions
Speed trip
Max operator key stuck in porta potty
Max rider gets soaked
Supervisor says the horn is a safety device and not a left hand merge tool 😂😂🤣🤣
Open container
Refused service for smoking. Lol. Petty tyrants driving buses
Kids use train for target practice
Broke down in the highway
Call swat
Passed out
Poo and pee
Who knows
Dispossessed messing with trains
Propane tank criminal
Belligerent bus riders
Something about person being threatened
CTran not following procedure
Man wants medical
Car hit bus
Bus drivers don’t know that signature gatherers are allowed
Lift hit car
Oven on rails
He’s jumping around opening the windows
Trimess radio
Frail rail
Crazy woman on bus
Bus is being followed
Bus driver getting lots of sips
Bus rider shit himself
Pissed off bus riders
Bus driver doesn’t want to go on administrative leave again
People drinking beer
Customer conduct. Basket in bike. Wants supervisor
Wine spilled on floor
Priority. I want to report an incident. She fell
Passenger got mad at me. Sip.
Drivers left their brains on pouches
The dispossessed. Nothing will be done. Stop whining about it
Weapon allegedly on bus. See manager
Man falls trying to get on bus
Lift travails
More dispossessed
Pit bulls
Dispossessed lying all over
Dispossessed says bus driver tried to poison her

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