Thursday, June 21, 2018

Calls June 20 (00:00-19:08)

Cleaning up for a petty tyrant driving a bus
Mickey Mouse Transit
Bus driver can’t make turn
Made wrong turn
Road closed
Accident report. PA
Campers. Nothing trimet can do
Bus driver worries why wheelchair didn’t want his bus
Bus driver doesn’t like bus
Max hard stop
Bus drivers not having fun
Couple throwing things at each other. Trimet god
Call the police. Call the police. Call the police!
Missed waiting rider
Bicycle milk crate criminal
Gate arm down
I took a wrong turn
Illegal campsite
Frail rail
Lying down on max
Throwing rocks at train and left his dog on the train
Going nuts over fares. See manager. Write up. Gonna get fired dude
Screwed up deadhead
Truck hit mirror
F’k what u want me to do.
Bus is ‘on the roof’. ‘Quick’ battery reset switch
Sounds like some sort of accident
Wheelchair breaks door
Stop request fail
Trimet bus shelter blues
Travails of trimet lift drivers
Special new reset
Bus driver in doo doo. It’s safety tho
Get Gerlock
Cop day pass
Bus crashes gate arm
Crazy in transit center
Bus hit car. P.a.
Lift in a ditch

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