Sunday, June 24, 2018

Calls June 23 (00:00-19:40)

Some kind of spill. Maybe urine. Nervous laugh guy
She said ouch. Big deal on lift
People need to be moved😂😂
Biohazard woman
Maybe not biohazard
Oh boy. Drivers are not too happy
Serpentine belt
Travails of the lift driver
Too many bikes
Frail rail
He thinks he’s having a heart attack
Tarp criminal
Naked bike ride
Chihuahua bites rider
Lift rider has accident
Mirror strike with complications
Yelling screaming and swearing
Oven on rails
He got very upset. Bike trailer
Mirrors other driver not cooperating
What are you doing down there. That’s a good question
Poor bus drivers
Reroute creating havoc
Too many reroutes
Too many trains backed up
Bus drivers vs bus drivers
Trimet lift can use trimet stops
High on something
Buffalo Wild Wings
Bus driver reports guy in street (waste of time)
Wrong turn
Why did you take that bus that wasn’t assigned to you
4 reroutes on one bus route
Pissed himself and denied
He didn’t know what the other bus driver was talking about
He kicked off piss guy
Operators son having crisis
Something burning in the street
I don’t get this violation stuff

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