Monday, June 25, 2018

Calls June 23(19:40-24:00) June 24

Crap equipment
Event at rose quarter
Lady with walker falls
Max operator calls in crash
Max crash. Tow and test
Train crashed and train in pieces
Train not operable
Bus drivers not having fun
Max crash causes injury
Plot thickens
Max ceiling leaking
Punched the seat
Crazy man
Max operator worried about fire truck
Tweeker on the max
Lift rider screwed
Pissed off at Trimet
Bus driver is wrong. See manager
Accident report
Bloody man
Dispossessed with 🔪
🦆 ducks
Sick operator has the shits
Pissed all over
Going back to Black bear
Snatch and grab
Priority. Barricade
Stop closed sign fail
Operator making her own rules
Crazy on the bus
Refrigerators at Barbour Tc
Verbally abused bus driver
HOP confusion
Beer bus
Big metal pipe falls off truck
Drunk and obnoxious
Mayhem on max
Missed turn
Bus riders getting pissy
Cops are no help
Shooting closes street
Fit for duty

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