Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Calls June 26

Trimet Crap equipment
Tried to do a good dead. Got burned
Lift driver not happy
Deters getting screamed at
Taking pictures or videos
He started screaming at me
No you cannot file a complaint against heavy rail
🛋 street
Smoke bombs
Request to talk. Priority. Cancelled. (Crazy rider)
Fall on bus. Probably give him a p.a
Bus vs car
Bark dust fire
Bus stop signed turned around
Missed the turn
Missed the turn
Accident report. Probably p.a. Even tho not drivers fault
Famous lift driver
No bus stop closed signs
Broken knee
Jason calls several times a day
People going nuts on the bus
Drinking At the shelter.
Weird bus riders
Lift bus rear ended
Dispossessed in the streetcar
Slotko has vomit
Homophobia on the bus
Missed reroute
Wasp nest
If you have documentation you won’t be written up
They call this in. It’s a waste of time
Accident report. N.p.a.
Wants her off the bus
Bus drivers not having fun
Loud verbal. Foul language
Explaining the dead head
Missed the turn
Not sure why this driver cares about this. Not his problem
Travails of the lift driver
Gotta feel sorry for the dispatchers
Smoking pot on the train

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