Thursday, June 14, 2018

Control/Dispatch. June 13

Light rail fails
Trees and window washer. Max
I want this on a recorded line. She was not happy
Man was harassing an operator. Homeless
Sleeper on max
Bus driver apologizes
Upset passenger
Obnoxious drunk on the bus
He did not hit his head on the door but hit his head on something else
Customer conduct. I have had problems with him in the past
Lol. Band music playing from intercom
It’s Dan!
Drinking on the bus. More lost service
Bus driver accused of going into oncoming traffic
Deters long winded  accident report. P.a.
Smoking and he almost hit them
Broken glass at bus stop
Can you hear that? No
Having mental breakdown
Loud verbal. He keeps getting up
Customer conduct. Spitting
Priority. Road blocked­čśé
Another priority. Can’t make turn
Dogs. Forget it for crying out loud
Did anything strange happen? Did you stop? Bus driver under pressure
Wanted on bus 35 no extra service
Loud verbal. Threats
Freaking streetcars
Bus driver reports bus driver
Biohazard bus
They’re screwing with me
Bus driver can’t turn head
Bloody max and tripped
Instant replay. She loves driving
How to use radio
He’s very sick and very weak
Fall on max. And injury
Please don’t answer the radio that way
Susan what are you doing
They don’t properly train people

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