Thursday, June 7, 2018

Control/Dispatch June 6 (13:34-24:00)

Quick scan

Priority some guy ran into the back of the bus
Drop off only not authorized
Man down
Usual max mayhem
Bark dust fire
Fell getting on bus worried about s.i.p
Kicked off bus 93
Puke bus
Train tracks injure lift rider
Spill on 2 seats maybe puke
Watch out for training bus
He’s falling down
Operator is sick
Huge pothole
Dogs in baby strollers
Accident report. They’ll probably charge a p.a. Assholes that they are. Deters rambles
Bus driver doesn’t like fare evaders
Bus drivers vs bus drivers
Bus drivers vs bus drivers
Max driver will take break
Lady falls into street between the bus
Part 2
Won’t make tripper
It’s insane
He doesn’t want to follow my instructions says white shirt
Screen spider webbed
No break for max operator
Company doesn’t care
Uh oh. Tensions run High. Driver wants off
Bus drivers SHOULD NOT be expected to put up with this
What about the ships?
Max on time shenanigans
Waiting for manager approval
Our favorite lift driver

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