Friday, June 8, 2018

Control/Dispatch June 7

No mechanical or other common incidents

Travails of the lift drivers
7 day pass in fare box previous driver said too bad
Wagon on max
Silent alarm.
She spit a bunch of shit on the floor
Jerking off in the bushes
Transit police to bus
Bus 43fail
Lady causing problems on bus
Customer conduct verbal altercation
Bus drivers can take breaks
Bus does 2 loads of work
Suicidal on bus
94’s together.
Too many buses
More bus bridges
Bus driver reports bus driver for skipping stop
12 hour rule
Priority. Bus hard stop
Driver tries to make transfer👍
Atomic chronic seizure
Rail signup
Priority. Made wrong turn
Intrusion alarms
Bus driver scolded. 🐀
Signal lights all out
Priority. Road closed
Bad bus riders
Screaming and yelling on the bus
Large liquid substance
Rear bumper pulled off
Operator wants to bring rider clean clothes
Bike vs bus

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