Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dispatch/Control June 9

Courtesy ride
Max mayhem
I have a drunk passenger who’s passed out
Couple denied poured beer all over himself
Couldn’t make turn
I’m left in the middle of the ocean
Bus driver wants manager. Learns about trimet polices and procedures
She got upset. Worried about s.i.p.
Priority. Fighting on the bus
No car batteries
Death to all crips
Courtesy ride
Assault on bus
5 hot
Customer service butts in.
Legs sticking out in the street
Poor bus driver
12 driver says other 12drivers left people behind
Bus driver was on his phone
Rose parade chaos
There’s somebody in the throat
Operator wants to take home hazard
No translator
Pass back
Sleeping across the aisle
Dead wheelchair
Windshield wiper fell apart
Missed turn
Wants to be dropped off on parade route
School buses block turn

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