Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dispatcher/Control June 11

Ran red light
Bus number or badge number
All of a sudden a commuter said I was off route
Yelling in the train
Just had my mirror whacked by a pole
Raspberry flavored bus
Bus bumped me with a mirror
Bus hit car
Ripped off by trimet
Accident report. Was moving so probably a-holes will give him p.a.
Vehicle struck my mirror
Child got foot stuck in ramp
Missed turn
Lift driver smashed his head
Dog went after lift driver
Can’t fill out report today.
Poop and puke
Sweating the fares
Frail rail
Travails of lift drivers
Max confusion
Bus ramp falls apart
Let trainee call in
Priority. Lady ran into bus
Accident report. P.a.
Missed turn
Wheelchair wouldn’t get off then called me names
I got myself off route
Speed trip
Student supposed to call
Screaming on max
Crash on max wall
Per the letter I received
I love driving your a superstar
Dispatch teaches newbie on how to use the radio
What do you want? Please don’t use the radio that way
Does lift take HOP?

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