Saturday, June 30, 2018

Regarding the max vs fire truck that happened 11 years ago

Oh my goodness!  The String Theory must be true!  The Hillsboro Fire Truck and the MAX train collision in Hillsboro about 11 years ago with MAX operator Bill Wagoner.   Unfortunately for Bill he was the scapegoat for TriMet and Hillsboro Fire Department.
How do I know?  I am glad you asked.  I found the letter that the Fire Chief of Hillsboro sent to TriMet when the opicon system was First installed and a attachment of their SOPs(GOP?)  what would happen to train signals as well as what the fire truck was supposed to do as it approaches the effected intersection.  The fire truck did follow their own policy and Tri Met never told the operators the system was in place.  This letter was given to ATU 757, in Ms Blocks office by me.  Things to note: 1). The letter was written to TriMet SEVEN years BEFORE the incident.  2) The letter came from a box from a retiring manager who was cleaning out his office, I did ask if I could have the three boxes heading for the dumpster, the answer was yes.  3). My wife, who at the time was a TriMet. Fare Inspector was on the platform about one and blocks away and SAW the collision and was the one who called in the priority call to control.  4). She was NOT  part of the "official" record or CART report; quote, " She was to far away to see or judge speed of the fire truck "5). My wife and I ran blind reenact of me going through the incident intersection at different speeds; she was right on within two to three miles per hour .  6). Many TriMet managers did NOT tell the whole truth during the arbitration hearing; one later admitted that to my wife years after he retried. 7). To this day new light rail operators are NOT told the real facts of that day,at least they are told of the interactions of fire tuck and train.8) Michael Oliver, then rail executive officer told me of encounter with some Hillsboro firemen who were at a restaurant, Michael was not in uniform and did not tell them who he was, engaged them in a conversation about the incident.  To sum it up, they were lucky a scapegoat was found to save there rear ends.  This only part of the story.  I know many of you will say this is ancient history.  Be cognizant of the company you work for has little regard of the truth or you as a employee .   So it goes... Two Bells.

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