Sunday, June 24, 2018

Trimet management contInues abusing operators

I’ve written several posts regarding the brutality  of the American public transportation industrial complex. A complex owned and operated by a class of over paid aristocrats who really have no idea what it’s like to operate or ride transit on a daily basis.  I even get to the point where I think that transit management INTENTIONALLY creates a system that pits riders against drivers so as to focus public scorn away from the corrupted management. A executive management that reaps in obscene salaries and pensions and doles out billions in corporate welfare while letting riders rot waiting for buses and trains that never show up due to malfunctioning equipment. Management that throws unprepared operators out on the unfamiliar roadways to sink or swim on their own after a few weeks of ‘training’.

 The American public transportation model is a complete and Utter failure and needs to be reorganized. That will never happen  because American public transportation is a function of government and we all know who government serves.

It’s not ‘we the people’

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