Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Trimet board meetings

I fear I’ve reached my level of tolerance when it comes to watching that farce called the Trimet Board meeting. I find myself actually getting angry at this group of entitled elitists that make all The decisions that affect the rest of us with zero regard to what the citizens think.  The never ending bullshit and verbal dirreah is just to much for me to bear any longer

It’s very similar to the rage I feel when listening to that orangutan called President Trump speak. The man just gets up there and spouts lie after lie after lie and we are forced to live with it. At least Trump makes me laugh with his insane clown act.

I already know the truth about government. It’s a predator on ‘we the people’. Weather Trimet or Trump, it’s all the same shit show.

If you want to to watch those offensive board meetings do it on the Trimet YouTube site. I’m done with them

(I’ll still post public testimony but I don’t want to listen to those overpaid elitists speak anymore)

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