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Trimet public records requests


Sept. 16th 2018 7:41pm case number 2213 where the evil woman who'd been harassing me after making verbal threats at me slammed me in the door crushing my body and pitting my pelvice and spine and hips out of place. I have doc recs and lawyer. Seeking record 3614 from 3:33pm on sept 16th and another attached from same day I believe 3607 at 4:05pm.. I need the videos from sept 16th when she made racist and verbal threats.

Video from bus, driver Elizabeth Buckwalter - IRCO Bus 11:30am for date of loss 10-4-18, 11-11:30am, Broadway and 33rd Portland OR. Video shows pedestrian vehicle accident.

I'm a Training Supervisor requesting a copy of my entire ERCs file please

Any and all records and data, electronic or otherwise relating to complaints, concerns or comments about personal safety, including but not limited to crimes, civil rights violations, threats of violence, or reports of suspicious activity on any MAX system, including trains, transit stations or stops from May 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017.

I would like to get the video from Friday 5:55am to 6:10am do to something happen on the red line so I could pass it over to the fbi

I received a citation last month and have lost the paper copy of my citation. I would like to request a copy be sent to me so that I can pay the citation.

I was on the Tri-Met Lift on January 20, 2018 headed north on Caesar Chavez Blvd. The Lift hit a hole on the I-84 overpass, pulled me out of my seat and slammed me back down on my tailbone causing a compression concussion. I would like the camera recording of the event that shows me being pulled up out of my seat. [Additional information in request.]

[Stephen Weber]
Camera footage from the west end and and middle of the south platform (eastbound travel) at S. Waterfront/SW Moody. Was assaulted entering the platform at 7:17am on 9/4 by an unknown male. Police report is 18-301936. Incident was also reported to Rider Support today at 7:32am. I was referred to Public Records by the Rider Support line.

i am requesting records for a complaint i filed with trimet.

Forward facing camera footage and in-bus camera footage from approximately 2:30pm on July 31, 2018 when bus braked quickly and passenger fell to floor and slid to front of bus.

I would like to know how timely bus #35 arrives bus stop 4900 at the expected arrival time of 08:23AM on weekdays. Please share all of the weekday data you have to-date.

I am with the City Attorney's office in Portland; and we're looking for video footage from SW Jefferson between 14th and 18th Avenues for the afternoon/evening of 4/12/2018. In particular, we're trying to figure out who moved City of Portland road barricades and stacked them up before a paving project was completed. Any video that shows a person(s) moving barricades on 4/12/2018 will be very helpful.

My car a silver Nissan Sentra was parked at El Monica Transit Center on the second lane to the left of the platform towards 170th St next to a dark greenish big kind of like F -150 pickup truck with big Tires it looks like he was taking two spaces but I was in a hurry and that is the only spot I found. Whom ever it was did not liked me parked next to them. And before they left, put a big scratch on my driver side passenger door near their passenger door. Can you please see if there is any record of this happening between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM 8/6/2018.

I would like to hear and/or receive an audio copy of a conversation I had with a station agent. This call happened July 23 at 936pm to the Powell garage.

All reports and photos relating to the 7-18-18 collision between a Tri-Met max train and a City of Portland water bureau truck and trailer. The Tri-Met operator was Cathy Johnson. The City driver was Kevin Getner.

Documents relating to: concerns that the Max platform at SW 2nd and Yamhill is an annoyance or a safety hazard because it extends across the sidewalk and creates a step up/down for people using the sidewalk, or is otherwise a fall hazard or ADA concern; reports of injuries or falls on the platform; and Trimet s response to 1 and 2.

I had my trailer stollen from your parking lot. And need the video of when my trailer was stollen i had a flat tire and a bert rim . so i left it in the back right hand corner while i left to get a replacement tire and rim. While i was gone it was stollen by some one and i need the vidio of who stoll it from your property at the gateway stop by the fredmyeres off of 102nd. I last saw it on the 18thof july

The claim is 933180 and the accident was on June 22, 2018. The driver of a Tri-Met truck backed into my vehicle as I was stopped behind him in the left-turn lane on 181st in Portland; we were both intending to turn onto Burnside. We moved to the nearest Tri-Met Park and Ride and waited for his Supervisor. The Supervisor got my info but I did not get the driver's info. I am requesting a copy of the report, and specifically the Driver's name, License No., and the number of the Tri-Met vehicle he was driving.

Copy of how I did on my test on remebering I was told. I scored 28 out of 30.

I know some TriMet buses run on natural gas - where does that natural gas come from? How many buses run on natural gas vs. traditional diesel?

Hi there! My name is Youn, and I am the Community Programs Manager at the Audubon Society of Portland. I manage a teen training and employment program, wherein we provide Trimet tickets for our participants via the Fare Relief program or buying them if participants are income ineligible. Last Wednesday (6/20) one of our participants got on the stop @ 122nd headed west and said that the verification machine wasn't working, so she wasn't able to stamp her ticket. She later received a citation since she wasn't able to stamp her ticket.

Find out why I'm going to trip

Public records request for film footage of fender bender witnessed by Ryan Beasley Bus 3725/2934. The incident happened approx. 6:45 p.m. on Roots Rd. Johnson City, Oregon. Ford SUV and a small Toyota truck were involved. Thank you to the Ryan for stopping to make sure everyone was ok.

I was on the max about 9:00-10:00 pm on Sunday night, I happen to appear to see the person that witness my good Samaritan acts, on the behalf of him the max we were on was 325B, I would love to obtain this footage, Thank you.

I am interested in obtaining video surveillance from Bus #2610 that was driven by Ryan Beasley on the night of May 16, 2017. The video recorded a possible hit and run that I was a victim too and will be needed to identify the car that hit me.

Since I'm not instituting a lawsuit against China at this time , I do not understand actually have to pay for this so-called evidence please issue me the report without payment thank you

I would like to see records of customers complaints being taken seriously [additional information included]

I need a list of all addresses going to/coming from and dates that I used Tri-Met Lift for the last year which is approx. all of the time I have used Tri-Met Lift. I live in lowincome housing and my apt. mgr. needs it to go with the recertification of my apt.

Reported altercation between developmentally disabled adult male and adult male passenger on #20 bus, 03/01/2018, 4:30-5pm. Male passenger and DD client exited bus at 119th bus stop [additional information provided].

Referencing Calender year 2017, How many passengers did I transport? How many miles did I drive? How many hours did I drive?

ticket vending machines number 620 or 621 on 1/5/18, around 6 pm two Asian males spend a while there to purchase tickets. Because the machine couldn't sell adult tickets and the train was coming, we decided to buy two youth tickets to get on the train. After we get off at Rose quarter, we received two violation tickets from the officers.

I will need a Record Request of a Bus stop between Omaha/Mobile on Lombard in Pprtland Oregon. The bus stop no-longer exist(for nearly 2 yrs now) and I randomly received a "NO PARKING BUS ZONE CITATION" last week at this location. I need proof from Trimet that the stop no longer exist in order for me to have to CITATION dropped.

TriMet s complete medical file or folder concerning me. This must include complete copies of my request for medical leave, all documents concerning granting of medical leave, the medical records and other documents kept in the TriMet workers' compensation file, the reports of TriMet's medical examiners who examined me.

The authority of Trimet officers to detain passengers as they exit the train. The passengers right to continue walking or refuse. I was held up as I exited the max and missed my stop which led to me missing my flight and incurring several thousand dolllars.

We got an email from a passengers on the #30 bus this morning. They say about 9:30am the driver kicked off a 71 yre old lady and an 1 yr old child into the cold pouring rain. This person says she was trying to comply with the driver and put down the stroller but couldn t due to a faulty button. So the driver kicked them off. I would like to request a copy of any video shot on the bus

Im looking for video footage from bus 21 at walmart in woodvillage to the park rose area between about 4 and 430pm. Im looking for my missing brother who is disabled. We have filed a police report [provided report number]. I recieved a tip that he got on bus 21 in front of walmart and got off at park rose transit center and they said that he was on the bus from about 4 to 430pm

On Jan. 8, 2018: . . . Boarded line #11, Bus #3410 at 3:10 pm. to Middlefield Rd. stop id 9477. The driver went off route, pulled over to unknown stop ID # unknown location. The driver took 13 min. break. (I was a lone rider). Driver took me back to St. John, without stopping at Middlefield Rd. stop id # 9477. [Additional information in request.] ]

A person who arrived late to court today might claim he was delayed by a late #72 bus. Would you please send me logs of #72's arrivals/departurues between 7:30 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. today, January 3, 2018, at or in the vicinity of stop 3211 (NE 72nd and Killingsworth)?

[ODOT employee]
During the construction of the MAX line that runs parallel to I-205 between Johnson Creek Blvd. and Division a portion of ODOT s fiber optic cable was relocated. Do you have plans for that fiber relocation that you could provide to us? We are working on a new project that will utilize this fiber and we are unable to find its exact location.

A list of destination sign codes and their corresponding destinations that are displayed for TriMet Buses.

A 1990 arrest out of southern California Imperial County for suspicion of interstate drug trafficking and all officers names J Gonzales also federal DEA and FBI involved in arrest including Imperial County officers involved.

Any security camera footage of the Lafeyette Street Pedestrian Bridge from last night (9/6/17). Our company is located at 1630 SE Rhine (corner of Rhine & 17th) and last evening our cameras captured two individuals dig up and steal a few of our bushes. The particular camera they were captured on was not lit properly, although we can positively determine that they came from the pedestrian bridge. Their theft occurred at 3:45AM, so we like to respectfully request video footage from 3:25AM to 3:50AM. It would aid us in supplementing a police report.

Me and my family were attacked at the Wendy's on 82nd and Glissan last night and when the kids heard the police were coming they all jumped on the 72 about 9 o'clock last night I'm looking for the video for that please their was like 20 kids that jumped the bus and took off after the assult

would like to see the video of the #44 bus heading west over the max tracks by Portland State at around 6:50am I was in the very back of the bus on the drivers side in a dark green coat and my black back pack was sitting beside me. when we went over the tracks I flew completely out of my seat and hit my head on the light fixture above and slammed back down in my seat and have had bad back pain since then. I catch this #44 at 6:35am at capital hwy and Vermont heading east into downtown Portland.

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