Sunday, November 25, 2018

Neal Berlin

This clip illustrates what TriMet and its Boarof Director (Portland,Oregons public transit agency) is doing in a very well orchestrated public relations campaign.  For all those who give their three minutes of public testimony before the Board, for all those who attend the TriMet public out reach meetings,for all those who serve on the numerous TriMet advisory committees;you are being played for fools.  Your opinions,your facts and your concerns are really not considered in the final, preordained agenda by this appointed group.  They refer and think of themselves as the guardians who have the "legal authority " and the "the common good" at the heart of every decision they make to  keep, what as I refer to as "The Capital Project Ponzi Scheme" on track and rolling right into the taxpayers wallets.  The foundation for the taxpayers approval of the 2020 Bond, for the construction of SWCorridor Rail project is now playing;  see we at TriMet how great and generous they are with taxpayers money.  Do not dare bring up waste, passenger or employees safety,large management salaries and more than generous retirement compensation.  These issues are for another time: never, or least until they can put together a fancy PowerPoint presentation to dupe most of us that the " common good" is being well served. The track record of how taxpayer money is being spent, would get most people kick out of a job,let alone in Trimets eyes there is never enough money for them to spend.  We, the taxpayers, should call for a complete overhaul of oversight of TriMet.   I fear that nothing will be done.  My three minutes are up.  So it goes... Two Bells.

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