Thursday, December 13, 2018

TriMet’s latest union busting maneuvers

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Chris Day said...

I have to ask: From my understanding, employers are not required to provide employee parking for their employees. Is there any law that requires employers to provide parking for employees?

ATU757 is claiming that General Manager Doug Kelsey lied to TriMet board members about engaging with ATU about the shuttle service. Keep in mind that it is my understanding that Doug Kelsey stated that TriMet management has engaged with ATU about the subject. If ATU states that they have repeatedly demanded to bargain with TriMet over this service, and TriMet refused to do so then wouldn’t that action in its self be considered as an engagement that took place between ATU and TriMet? If so then Kelsey did not lie and ATU needs to take caution about making statements that are not true.

If employee parking is such a concern why wasn’t this subject addressed in any of the Working Wage Agreements between ATU and TriMet?

When laws don’t cover subjects then it is up to the union to address it in the contracts they negotiate with the employers. If there was language about employee parking in the contract then ATU would be able to take action if TriMet didn’t provide such. This is not the case and though I feel employee parking is very important it is a voluntary benefit that TriMet is providing for their employees. I am worried that pushing TriMet on this subject in the current manner that ATU is doing can cause more damage.

TriMet employees get your union to get language in the contract about parking for you.