Sunday, January 13, 2019

Henry Beasley

Brothers and Sisters,

I’ve compiled a log of the various incidents of attacks against transit workers in the system for 2018. Going over the verifiable log and compiling them and put them into a list for everyone. The numbers may be off by a few here or there, but here is the list of logged events.  Keep in mind, that these are the ones we know of.

1/3 assault
1/10 menacing w/deadly weapon (streetcar) notable events: co-worker brought up the question of Workman’s Comp after an attack, because they were denied for the first 3 days and received time-loss.
1/19 menacing w/thrown object notable events: informed by co-worker concerning an attack last year and what they thought they received was WC, it turned out that it was taken out of their sick bank so, they lost 3 sick days from their bank
1/21 assault (spitting)
1/26 assault
1/29 menacing w/weapon
2/3 menacing w/thrown object (passenger stepped up to help operator)
2/4 assault (spitting)
2/4 assault notable events: 1/27 shot fired a bus #4 line / since May of 2017 3 cases of stabbings 11/9 on Max, 12/26 on Max, 2/6 on Max
2/11 menacing w/weapon and flammable liquid
2/11 menacing w/thrown object
2/12 assault
2/13 assault (supervisor)
2/15 menacing (riders were not having that, assisted transit worker)
2/16 assault (spitting)
2/17 assault notable events: unwanted touching by a passenger on an operator 2/16
2/20 assault (spitting)
2/21 assault (operator just picked up the bus, and was attacked shortly thereafter)
2/21 assault
2/24 assault (spitting)
2/25 menacing
3/1 assault (spitting)
3/5 menacing
3/5 menacing w/assailant who threw up prior to getting the operators face
3/10 assault
3/12 assault (spitting)
3/14 menacing
3/14 menacing
3/18 assault w/weapon – bottle was thrown and struck transit worker in the head
3/27 assault (spitting) notable events: a shot fired at a bus 3/31
4/1 assault
4/8 assault (spitting) notable events: remembering your options in the CBA
4/11 assault (spitting) notable events: a shot fired and hit bus on 4/10
4/27 assault
5/1 assault
5/4 assault
5/7 assault notable events: shots fired at bus on 5/5, 5/13
5/14 assault (spitting)
5/18 assault (spitting) notable events: shots fired hitting district vehicle on 5/18
5/31 assault (rail)
6/2 assault (supervisor)
6/5 assault w/thrown object
6/7 menacing w/possible firearm
6/13 menacing notable events: diminished capacity is a real condition
6/15 assault (a bad one)
6/15 menacing
6/16 menacing
6/16 menacing
6/19 assault w/thrown object
6/29 menacing w/physical contact
7/6 assault
7/5 assault
7/8 menacing (the “drill guy”)
7/11 assault
7/15 menacing w/thrown liquid
7/17 assault (attempted sexual assault) notable events:  minutes matter!
7/24 assault w/weapon – pepper spray notable events: the question of code of conduct where to draw the line?
7/25 assault (spitting)
8/1 menacing (spat at, hitting pants)
8/5 assault (attempted sexual assault)
8/8 assault (spitting) notable events: please fill out police reports, they do make a difference
8/11 assault (supervisor) a bad one
8/14 menacing w/weapon
8/21 assault (spitting)
8/24 menacing
8/26 menacing w/thrown object
8/26 menacing
8/29 assault w/thrown object that contacted the face
8/31 assault (rail spitting)
9/8 menacing
9/9 menacing (possible weapon involved)
9/10 assault
9/15 menacing w/thrown object
9/17 menacing w/weapon
9/18 menacing
9/18 assault (spitting)
9/19 assault
9/21 menacing
9/25 assault (rail)
9/27 menacing (thrown liquid)
9/30 assault (spitting)
10/1 assault (supervisor)
10/1 assault (rail)
10/2 menacing (thrown liquid)
10/3 assault/menacing (spitting)
10/8 menacing
10/8 menacing notable events: shot fired a bus on 10/6
10/9 assault
10/11 menacing
10/12 menacing
10/12 menacing notable events, we need a zero-tolerance policy out in the field HR policy’s need to extend beyond garages
10/14 assault (spitting)
10/16 menacing notable events:  repeat offenders get a free pass to re-offend)
10/16 menacing
10/17 assault Paratransit division (choked) notable events: bus shootings 10/6, 10/19, 10/21
10/17 menacing
10/19 assault (spitting)
10/22 menacing
11/5 assault
11/13 assault (spitting, the assailant has HIV (was caught a week later) the operator feared for their lives, thankfully there are preventative measure. notable events: shots fired 10/30
11/16 menacing
11/21 assault (spitting) w/visible weapon
11/23 menacing w/physical contact
11/24 assault
11/25 menacing
11/28 menacing (supervisor) w/visible weapon
12/2 menacing
12/2 menacing
12/4 assault (blue on blue) Notable events: shots fired at bus this time #71
12/13 assault (paratransit division)
12/17 menacing
12/18 assault
12/19 menacing (supervisor)
12/21 assault Notable events:  Co-worker stepped up and prevented further conflict between the assailant and co-worker

Total incidents against transit workers: 114 ("that we know of")

2010 – 34 publicly reported
2011 – 38 publicly reported
2012 – 37 publicly reported
2013 – 29 publicly reported ((for 2011-2013)
2014 – 28 publicly reported
2015 – 41 publicly reported ((for 2014-2015)
2016 – 62 Where we took notice ((for 2016)
2017 – 93 Were we recorded the number and types of incidents of attacks.
2018 – 114 Were we recorded the number and types of incidents of attacks.

Notable events:
Shots fired at transit vehicles:  11 (routes effected: 4,6,71,73)
2 attempted sexual assaults.
21 incidents of weapons and thrown objects (which will get around the barriers purchased).
The question needs to be asked on frequent offenders getting a free pass to re-offend.

It is time for collective action to raise awareness of the disastrous treatment of transit workers.

Be vigilant be safe and always communicate.

Henry Beasley
Your Brother on the front lines

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