Thursday, March 21, 2019


I don't see how ya'II could or would work for a company whose mission is something you oppose.  Sure, I like our retirement, but I spent 25 years working for Trimet.  I am neither ashamed nor embrassed of my time there. I believe in the mission because I believe mass transit is good for any metropolitan area.
I also believe that most employees strive to give the tax payers a good value for the money.  Our retirements are dependent on current employees successfully growing that company.


 I think the mission to deliver dependable,safe and reliable transportation is valid quest.  I do NOT believe those in charge , TriMet management and its Board of Directors, have the skills to deliver on that quest.  I did not imply or even say,ever that the rank and file do not “ give the tax payers a good value for the money “(your words), beyond just showing up for a paycheck, just the opposite,way beyond!  If you want to talk about good value of the taxpayers money, look no further than the salary and benefits of management, outrageous is a mild description, obscene might be closer to the truth.  I am too in agreement with you about my tenure at TriMet:proud to have worn the uniform.   That being said I will NOT be silent on TriMet policy that I see as a waste,let alone a inefficient use of the revenue they receive.  How they treat their workforce is for another post,but the short version, with a contempt that is clearly seen at contract negotiations.  Our retirements, are well earned, far from generous.  The future of TriMet is well grounded in the power structure that is in play, from Governor,Metro and TriMet Board of Directors who are all on same page, they all should get hearing aids to listen the voices of dissent who have a track record that falls into the category of “I told you so”.

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