Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Neal Berlin

Just think..... 2.5 minutes saved in each direction?
Blue Lines arrive at Hatfield 2.5 minutes earlier, AND
Blue Lines leave Hatfield 2.5 minutes later.
Means all Blue Line recoveries at Hatfield will bump up 5 minutes.
Let's close those underused stations now.... 🙂 so we all can get home in time to watch more local news touting the virtues and values of the last TrMet pronouncements on wanting public input on predetermined decisions that have not been influenced by passengers or taxpayers needs or desires.  The history of TriMet really listening to anyone except themselves has long history,going back to the very being of the agency on many issues that as President of The I Told You So Club has so many examples of the “ Great Minds” of TriMet where proven not only wrong but the taxpayers in most cases are still bearing the cost of those poor decisions.  If you like I would be more than glad to list them but that would take a very long diatribe, just let state if the agency listen to those of us who stated before the first rail was ever laid, that if a subway was not built in downtown Portland, that first day of operation, MAX will be on track to max out in passenger capacity and speed in getting anywhere.  So it goes... Two Bells.

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