Friday, May 31, 2019

Neal Berlin

I just wonder how much money TriMet has already has spent on the SW Corridor Project ( $300 Billion estimated final cost)? The big difference between the this article and Trimet has NOT received a public vote to proceed with construction. This has not stopped or even slowed TriMet to keep moving ahead with project even though public testimony has shown using TriMets own statistics that estimates of potential ridership is not even close to reality. Those people and facts have been dismissed with distain as nothing more as a bunch of college school kids doing an some kind of science project. One thing this taxpayer also wonders about and would like a answer is how much money is being spent by TriMet Public Relations Department to support the 2020 Bond measure to pay for this fiasco. Both of these questions may be asked but will in all probably will never be answered. The bill will be sent via an enormous increase in property taxes,not itemize, if it passes. So it goes... Two Bells.

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