Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Neal Berlin

Gee, let’s see if  Channel 12 , Portland Oregon, will do something similar or just run and produce with Trimet, the local transit agency, more puff feel good PR 2 minutes presentations.  See if Trimet will hand over without going through Freedom of Information Act video of what really is taking place on its bus, trains and platforms.  Trimet Public Relations plan is getting into high gear to get taxpayers wallets to vote for the 2020 SW Corridor project.  Do not bother to show up and testify about your concerns to Trimet and its Board of Directors, they have already made up their minds, let’s get the people’s money and make it our money!  When the time comes to vote, Vote No!Meanwhile, TriMet just is crossing their fingers that there be NO incidents (like passengers or operators getting killed,getting assaulted is okay because that is always is the operators fault)that will upset the beautiful picture of safety and reliability that in reality is an allusion.  So it goes... Two Bells.

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