Saturday, July 27, 2019

Bus calls

Trimet employee being passed up
Car off the road
“Train reroute should be normal route then we’d never be stuck but they don’t listen to me”
Test of the covert mic. Sound is horrible 
I can’t load bicycles in the middle of division. Just stop in the road
Directions are goofy
The go ahead
That reroute cannot he used
Bus gets shot

Operator on last nerve
Cars crash.
Paddle blows out window
Injury rider wants medical
Dope test?
Priority. Route is blocked 😂
Ramp not working
Operator being transported
Man and woman fighting
IRate rider takes drivers pictures
Operator having nervous breakdown due to junk doors. UNACCEPTABLE
Operator wants to know what other operators are doing
Junk bus

Bus drivers aggravating bus drivers
Scared to make turn
Unsafe seat
Woman falls trying to get on bus with cart through back door
Got lost

Playin with himself
Door torture
Leader didn’t show up
Printer torture
She soiled herself
Door torture
Operator encounters this every week
Trying to provide customer service
Car hit pedestrian
White shirt is wrong

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