Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Max calls

Signal problems he nosed it out
Trouble makers
Mushroom 🍄 stop
Blocked by emergency vehicles
Max hard stop
Take a minute If you need it
Trouble on the train
Junk train
Always trespassing
Always trespassing

Gate malfunction
Light rail is junk
Junk train
We are having a major issue with your train
My Pal Jason Choi
File report
Train mechanics can’t be found
Dead car tow
I’m not sure what that means

Monitors fail
Newbie trying to figure it out
Red knob
Signal fail
Listening to these controllers makes me dizzy. How can they put up with this?
Woman alleges abuse
Move those trains faster
Train 15 stop!
Good luck keeping those eyelids apart
Hours of service violations
Train is dead and door is damaged
Blocked by police and cars

Angry man almost broke door. Also seizure
Switch set different
Train 67 defect
Trimet lift blocks trimet max
Can’t leave switch machine open
Seems like light rail is a huge pain in the ass
More doors
Operator violated control

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