Thursday, July 11, 2019

Trimet dispatch bus action

Junk bus
I sent my request twice but u sent nothing back. Dispatch says they never got it
I have a stupid and paranoid question
This gosh awful loop is unsafe
THOMAS SPEAKING-he has lost bike
He trying to physically trying to close the door “I’m gonna take pictures
Drivers seat unsafe
Someone made an illegal turn and I hit them. Driver is done for the night
“No contact was made”
Accident report. P.a
Just drive
Sleeper falls out of her seat I want her off my bus
He started fights with passengers and then he started talking crap to me and broke the window
Can a supervisor direct traffic?  We are in a bus bridge so the answer is no
I’m turning and burning for awhile. If you’re more than seven down I’d do something
Well I’m 18 down
Man rolling into the street back and forth 😂😂
Bus won’t go into gear (common problem)
Priority. Hey beautiful my contacts are bothering me
Printers are junk. Who needs a break
PRIORITY my printer does work ‘please don’t use priority’
Accident report. He refused to sit down then kicked the glass
PRIORITY. he wants to be short lined. “Can you tell me what part of that is a priority”😂😂
Dispatch not particularly sympathetic (for obvious reasons)
Man riding a 4 wheeler very fast and racing it all around
He wanted to upgrade is pass. Denied. Just do it anyway who cares
Junk bus
Lost and confused bus driver has ❤️
PRIORITY. Back door is wedged on car

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