Saturday, August 3, 2019

Bus calls

Loud verbal
Bus hits moving truck
Woman complains about woman
She stopped the engine when it said stop engine❌
Door torture
Pants down around his ankles
Had Brain fart
Someone getting arrest
Who needs signs
Communication breakdown
Bicycle tumbled over
My horn doesn’t work what should I do
Can I do a battery reset
Mirrors. Didn’t call when it happened
Hit by a car
Line trainer is 20 mins late
Atta boy
Driver smells gas on man
He’s losing his shit on me
Not having fun
Bus driver has theory on missing locks
Crazy person attacks windshield wipers
Running full speed into traffic
Can’t get it into drive
Noise coming from tire
If you’re a witness it’s on your own time. Trimet wont pay you
Junk bus
Drivers phone went off
Bus driver doesn’t like the way she gets off the bus
Guy rips off drivers glasses

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