Sunday, July 5, 2020

Kelsey said Trimet will pay any employee to buy WHITE FRAGILITY

Before you waste your time on this book watch

I bet Kelsey couldn’t do it in 10 minutes

Mexican bus driver!


Unknown car driving around in center street

Poor thing is lost AGAIN  And still lost

57/67 bus driver had problems in the past with guy but you can't kick people off today for yesterday
Clip 1
Clip 2

Man was yelling at driver

"just drive your bus do your job"

"he flew from the back of the bus to the front of the bus"7  drug test

forced to work

"the" scanner star

All the calls are here

Trimet BUS scanner JULY 3 (1730-2400) JULY 4 (0000-0500)






They took the hole box of masks and dumped them all over Stark.

"he spilled the coffee all over the floor and slip and fall we need to mop the whole floor"

"They went irate"

"he's a douche"

4/67 is "freaking out"   Poor thing

Listen to all the calls  HERE!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Trimet Bus scanner -June 30

What the hell is he talking about

TriMet bus 75 gets tear gassed

Bojack blog is back

TriMet board testimonies complete version

Michael Cornelius of ATU

Says CARES ACT money should be allowing Lift Drivers to remain employed

Portland Patrol

Obviously a supporter of the police state

Clackamas County Commisioner

Wants Ride Connection to be fully funded

Richa Poodell

End the police state

Shirley Block

Bring lift drivers back in house and bring back the Rider Advocates

Kim of the Rosewood Initiative

Says this platform to speak is a nightmare and has some issues with drivers

AJ Mendoza on the "CARES" (🤣) act

Tristan Issac says abolish the Trimet police state

Vivian Satterfield

Charles Kraft says end the Trimet police state

And we all know how this sort of testimony goes

Local mayors heap praise onto Trimet

Friday, June 26, 2020

You gotta be kidding

Sunday, June 21, 2020


Do Heroes really work here?

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Dougie town hall on racism

No more buses for Portland police

Kelsey will buy you this book!

"INTO THE WILD" bus helicoptered out

TRIMET bus scanner calls-June 19


Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Dougie Town Hall

TRIMET scanner calls-June 16

***JUNE 16***

Unaccountable Trimet technocracy marches on

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Bias crime

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Would people actually vote yes to build more light rail?

I can’t imagine it would be possible, especially in today’s economic environment. Yet the old saying “never underestimate the stupidity of the American people” comes to mind. And we see this playing out in our politics more clearly today than ever.

I watched the meeting where these career technocrats talked about carefully wording the measure to maximize its effectiveness on an ignorant public So you never know.

Obviously it helps no one but the technocrats, engineers, planners, and construction contractors. Alas These professional liars are Highly skilled at fooling the public

More on the scammers that call themselves “leaders”

Trimet open house

MAX vs Pedestrian

Friday, June 5, 2020




Monday, June 1, 2020

Trimet budget hearing part 2 with commentary

TRIMET BUS CALLS-May 30 (5) + 31

***MAY 30***
-937 Didn’t get the reroute
-937 Road sup says he never got the inbound reroute! leader in technology!
-7337 Priority What’s he saying...Car follwing a woman in the bus
-We’ve Ghotta get all the busses out of downtown
-1241 Sandy!!!! Reroute confusion!
-408 RQ TC last stop
-2040 Reroute confusion
-No downtown! Take Uber or lift!
-1234 Reroute 
-Road sup discussion about reroute!
-244 Clarifying reroute? Out of downtown!
-1270 I usually deadhead to North Terminal!
-938 We’re do I layover at?
-1534 I got the reroute late!
-2467 Reroute confusion
-904 No one crossing Ross Island? Didn’t get the reroute!
-904 4&Hall is ok!
-5776 A woman just grabbed a bunch of face masks and Biohazard
-7703 Updated rerout
-7701 Reroute confusion
-468 Fallback mode
-468 Restroom code
-407 Wait till your pull out time
-1405 Wrong side of the river
-1511 Reroute confusion
-905 Do I layover?
-7514 Customer Conduct Hes screaming on the bus. I need someone to remove him.
-2071 No service going through there! No max either! 
-670 Am I regular? Negative! Get out of that area!
-671 Hard stop do to drunk!
-Line 35 Protocal for stops! Your just rerouting
-669 Go ahead and take off! Leave the scene!
-2050 What message was that?
-669 A guy just hit a pole head on in a car! He’s fleeing the scene!
-935 What happened? You took an hour long break! You need to leave on time!
-9910 Maintenance has graffiti remover and razor blades 


**MAY 30**
-2040 12-15? When’s the curfew?
-7004 There’s a 33 operator thinks your intentionally leaving him behind.
-We’ve been dealing with quite a few reroutes
-Scanner star
-2435 Any policy of what we’re supposed to be doing? Martial Law?
-2041 Passenger crying and punching herself in the head really hard.
-1510 Max headed towards Gresham took off with her wheelchair Manual wheelchair and purse and phone
-7502 My Ada area is full and his dog Dog is so large. Bring out the dog ⁦
-Drunk and falling down.
-670 I can’t go around a semi! 670 He said he can’t get it started.
-9701 Bottle drop shuttle! Complaining about being filmed at RQ 
-9117 To blocked 6 bus
-1402 Reroute confusion
-We try and allow them to ride! Must be a dog
-7671 Can you see 7669 must be the silent alarm
-7669 everything ok? 2 covert alarms
-3307 Broken bus shelter glass! Man heaving prices of it all over. 
-1239 Man throwing stuff at busses. Tell me what he’s doing before the description.
-1270 I did kick someone’s off
-7514 Pier out on Chavez
-1235 Randomly yelling at everyone and it’s unnerving
-1403 Acting out and thrashing her wheel chair and yelling at me.
-9109 Loud verbal is off
-7512 Card reader taped up Curfew in affect? Will it effect me? 
-7002 Will service be changed?
-1271 Sandy&33rd!
-4501 Protesters on main
-Protesters on main&5th&6th
-1402 Dan Kelly
-468 Emergency Police cars revolving light request Your relief is very scared! Hold at RQ for your relief
-Mlk is a ways behind you! Turn around
-7239 customer took all the masks
-4401 Customer brandished a knife at me
-7203 Passenger in priority and unresponsive. 
-671 Reroute confusion
-903 cops blocking stops
-5472 Protesters
-402 2 people fighting in the back
-8869 medical
-1406 This is my new Scanner Star

Sunday, May 31, 2020


**MAY 30**
-902 Route blocked! Max blocking! 3 busses behind me. 
-7674 Emergency  brake issues! Can’t drive! 
-467 Max blocking!
-406 Trains blocking
-4468 Operator not pleased about street car blockage
-804 Street car blocking
-1904 Street car blocking
-7702 Your relief is late
-7702 I have conflicting messages
-Green line running
-5468 Woman screamed at BTC
-7676 10-15?
-7337 I’m just letting you know a customer is sexually harassing me! 
-3302  Fire department flagged me down. She’s starting to get violent. We don’t contain people for police
-2240 Loud verbal. He started picking fights about priority seating.
-7337 More info about sexual problem passenger. 
-940 Hop
-No damage. Report with police
-3302 update?
-Can’t go a day without a call about line 24 reroute
-7510 can you drive operator car back?
-2435 missed the turn
-17 pass up
-1902 Your relief is almost there! They were supposed to Relieve at 1:46! 
-941 Things getting stupid downtown
-9106 Getting reroutes for several lines
-1407 Reroute confusion
-7238 calls in that another bus is in day run
-8/02 man falls out of seat
-9106 Discussing reroutes

Kayla Watt

A Trimet driver’s view on riots downtown


**MAY 30**
-1706 Do not go down 5th
-401 Reroute confusion
-1901 Sigh.... Left on 17th 
-1234 Sandy!!! I’m sending out 150 reroute! 
-3568 Reroute confusion
-2 No reroute on the cad!
-Listen to all the confusion at dispatch regarding reroutes!
-1703 You did have a reroute?
-7701 should I go to downtown? 
-You definitely would think with a 600 million operating budget they could figure out these reroutes. So much confusion!
-938 No reroute
-237 150 reroutes don’t send priority
-3568 reroute confusion
-938 Still working on reroute
-803 What should I do?
-7701 we’ll get you another reroute
-1901 No directions
-401 Reroute loop around
-1705 Reroute
-3501 Downtown reroute?
-240 What do you want me to do?
-5467 Reroute confusion
-1508 Reroute? Why don’t we take the I-5 exit? Shut up&Drive the bus dude! 
-More 54 Reroute confusion
-905 Reroute! We’re do I start?
-3501 Don’t go downtown! Start the reroute? FAIL
-1502 Dispatcher didn’t watch the news! Wow that must have been the buggy!
-2072 No downtown! Didn’t get reroute FAIL
-5467 Reroute confusion
-7701 Reroute confusion
-243 Haven’t received reroute! Leader in technology!!
-8867 Something at BTC
-867 Downtown open?
-868 All clear
-Utility truck blocking?
-5469 Back to regular
-467 Back to regular! Turn around!
-2073 Still doing capacity? Just leave them! No extras available!
-Needles at BTC
-668 3rd&main shut down
-9908 closed do to protesters
-9908 Busses  on interstate!
-2436 Did you get message?
-3308 PU and line down across street
-672 3rd is closed
-5470 Anything I need to know?
-1267 Sandy BLVD video! DENIED!
-240 Operator I’ll Migraine I don’t think I should be driving.
-2074 Customer threatened operator. Let em roll! 
-A guy threatened to kill and stab me!
-5774 Pee in the seat
-9105 New driver for this Ill operator

TRIMET BUS CALLS-May 29 (5) + 30 (1)

MAY 29

-1412 Smoke all over the cabin
-When you get too a safe location check for damage 
-Burnside is plugged up! Protesters
-3505 held up at RQ
-1702 What going on downtown?
-243 Do not go into downtown!
-1511 Avoid downtown Tear has and flash bombs 
-668 Want to get out of the way of the street car 
-We need to service Pill  hill
-1502 Reroute supposed to turn around

**MAY 30**

-1502 Reroute supposed to turn around
-235 Do you need help?
-1902 Burnside bridge
-7505 Water main break
-1511 What should I do? Steel bridge is open 
-1902 Burnside Tons of people! It’s chaos!
-1411 Dan Kelly Why did you cross the river? 
-2074 Peopke on burnside
-1240 Downtown
-1702 Keep out of downtown
-1705 Get out of downtown
-Do not go downtown!
-You are the last 6
-Pick up 3 orange  line operators and bring them to Ruby! 
-2074 Sleep
-Line 2 Should he wait for a ride here?
-Deadhead to 6th&mill
-1241 Sandy!!! Turn left on mlk&burnside
-1904 Message about no downtown?
-1904 FYI Hawthorne bridge isn’t open
-Chris I owe you an apology
-704 Lisa you’ve done an amazing job!
-Downtown reroute?

Saturday, May 30, 2020


**MAY 29**
-driver gets no satisfaction driving "death Trap"
-rider "looks like a rat"
-17s are goona be blocked
-3336 cancel police
-9119 Bus is going right into protest
-7735 Protesters Operator cracks a joke
-Don’t cross 82nd
-police in riot crew
-668 It’s cleared up enough you can get through 
-9119 There headed over the burnside
-No keys
-Burnside &2nd Car blocking bridge
-204 Hawthorne back open?
-2040 Burnside bridge is closed! There’s a W on that message
-1409 ambulance number
-Is he safely away so you can roll?
-1412 Blocked by protesters
-Bus shelter glass
-408 Riot cops  Can I move up to 6th? Supervisor says stay put! 
-204 I only have 2 more stop! Proceed!
-408 Heard an explosion! I don’t feel safe!
-409 There goona start throwing tear gas
-1412 Smoke&Gas protests
-Are line 8 ok to go through 6th?
-805 Huge riot! Be aware! Didn’t get the message! 


***MAY 29***
-7202 He took all the masks and dumped them on the street
-7251 Loud verbal and I’m late
-8350 Last Wes?
-Deters on operator log in
-7512 Your not logged in under your badge # Please pay attention
-Scanner Star  3rd call
-wheelchair falls over on curves-injury-BUS 19/01
-9115 protesters
-1901 They admit they didn’t secure the chair
-611 Standing on the Hawthorne bridge railing 
-1202 Nails in the tire
-1408 Police  blocked the bridge off
-Jumper on Hawthorne bridge
-1503 Air loss! Lol
-9119 Protesters
-1408 update on the jumper
-100s of protesters blocking
-1408 23 minutes down and still stuck
-671 Protesters blocking MLK, 'they're doing a riot'
-671 They vandalized the hole bus! They pepper sprayed it!
-Protesters blocking mlk
-multiple calls regarding the protests
-Spray paint  the bus!!Line 6
-601 has also been vandalized
-671 just graffiti?
-1270 Pass up 4



***MAY 29***
-Line 20 Your relief is waiting!
-eating on the bus hahahah
-1234 Road rage
-9123 Deters checking Time 1:13 early
-Can a supervisor bring me a new paddle?
-2 cops trying to help a guy, he can't be on bus
-5868 Your bus says sorry full?
-204 Creepy guy in the back drinking and licking a knife
-204 Protesters
-253 Naked man acting irradic
-805 Left turn signal
-7234 How many passengers?
-9125 update on protesters
-668 Protesters
-1712 Operator sees too people in Walgreens parking lot. Looks suspicious!
-the scanner star
-3301 Relief might be late! Hold there!
-676 Protesters
-Line 4 Protesters reroute



***MAY 29***

-57 PU
-467 Police  Emergency
-1904 Rider on crutches is a problem
-57 Your leader is full
-1237 15 Passengers Overhead?
-Protesters laying on the road!
-Main&3rd protests
-9105 Protesters in front of justice center.
-Line 6 Reroute!
-2037 Route blocked Police
-1268 loud verbal
-9470 No ones goona get me a trade!
-9470 I’ve got a 2900 for bottle drop
-6268 Just run it late?
-Ron has 30 days till his retirement!
-671 Hawthorne bridge middle lane
-7508 Guy harassing teenage girls
-672 Protesters
-4469 Masks
-bike tied to pole-JUST DRIVE
-5472 PU
-1410 3$ on fare box
-She’s yelling at passengers and sitting in middle of seats
-Damn Doors
-7242 Guy in wheelchair  lit cigarett
-1706 Power line in the road
-1512 Poop  on the bus
-7506 2 Ada want to ride together
-Damn Doors
-238 Police  blocking Protesters
-Burnside blocked

Management fail

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Analysis part 1

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Tuesday, May 19, 2020



Trump tweets about Trimet! Classic tweets

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Earl Blumenauer on Trimet

How do we stop the Portland light rail mafia ?

Dispatch calls are on my twitter feed last 2 days

From the TriMet Drivers side

Early in your tenure as General Manager, a co-worker and brother of mine asked you about Thomas Dunn. You had no idea who he was. “I’m from Candada, you know,” was his reply. I was stunned to hear this. Eh? This story about your lack of knowledge of the transit world was truly disheartening to us all. When one of us is murdered, we ALL suffer the grief, no matter where it happens. You think like a CEO, rather than the leader of 2,000+ blue collar workers one paycheck from Tent City. This is exactly why ATU 757 was heartily against you being hired as our GM. You have no idea what it’s like to do the nuts-and-bolts jobs of transit.

Sunday, May 10, 2020


Follow REAL RIP CITY NEWS on twitter

Trimet owes its operators a phone




From the feed of RIP CITY

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Case Of Ryan Viken ongoing

Appeals to the General Manager, the very top dog who holds total power over everything at Trimet

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Trimet lift drivers get screwed

Blast from the past


As always, its RIP CITY NEWS that makes these videos possible

TRIMET Bus Calls-May 2 (2)


TRIMET bus calls- May 2

Calls from Real Rip City twitter feed

Trimet Deke

I drive a city bus. Instead of shutting down bus service, our transit agency decided to keep us driving throughout the most dangerous of times we've known. Our safety is of little importance. They hire 20-50 people every month with replacement of veterans in mind. We're only expected to "serve" eight years or so, before management's restrictive and intensely-ridiculous edicts drive us screaming from the job.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Neal Berlin

TriMet management rarely ever fire one of their own.  They give the person who they want out the door a “Special Assignment “.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The case of Ryan Viken

Ryan had been advocating for more appropriate actions for operators regarding this corona nightmare. This has lead to certain problems with the management. I was very familiar with these types of problems when I worked there too!! Funny how the faces change but all the policies don't. If anything they just keep getting worse and worse! His case is starting to look like this case in EDMONTON CANADA

Trimet radio-April 22 (2) +23

Trimet bus radio-April 21 (3) + 22

Holy shit!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Me and Scott

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Operator doing yoga

Scott’s Audio on KXL

Scott Quzazz on KXL

Unprotected TriMet drivers

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Reckless TriMet management

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Bruce Hansen reports

This is my summary of notes based on today’s (4-13-20) meeting with Sam Desue, Ed Bennett, Katheryn Wittman, and Jeremy (Sorry Jeremy I forgot your last name). If there is anything that you feel is incorrect, please correct my summarization. Items with no response in red are awaiting your response.  Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting again next week. 

Trimet bus driver tries to protect himself, TriMet says no way


-Line 14 East on 82nd Bynom says 82nd is north to south -Line 15 reroute confusion -Line 20 Did you pass up more than 1 person?? -Line 57 What kind of a load do you have? -Get the keys to the big van and bring them to Powell garage? -Line 33 Truck stopped in front! PA -He was transported! -Best option for test is the motor home! -Line 33 Medical Hospital Emergency Police cars revolving light Fell out of seat and hurt his back. -Line 54 They’ll get your relief next trip downtown at 12:44 -They guy at BTC got up! -Line 54 Your relief marked off and you have no relief -Unconscious at BTC -Line 75 Operator thinks they might see a body at Pier Park CLICK HERE!

TriMet is its own country

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Refresh the page for updated info

Board meeting part 3- ZERO cuts to capital projects

Trimet board meeting part 2



-collision head on
-2 operators left behind
-7502 left the pouch Pouch in break room How long for free Hop? 
-Line 77 your leader had a pass up
-Seat belt alarm
-Line 4 Bags of Cans all over the place
-Line 20 She smells like Urine 
-Line 6 Crazy person at Layover
-Line 20 Someone threw a rock at the bus
-Line 72 medical
-Line 6 Violent man at Jantzen beach
-operator upset wants to talk with supervisor
-Line 33 Pass up
-cans are allowed
-shopping cart on fire
-fire at hollywood
-Line 4 Graffiti
-Line 72 Police 🚔 needed
-Smoking 🚬 on the bus
-Line 76 Suicidal person
-Line 6 Biohazard
-Line 75 Operator calls in fire 🔥 across from Pier Park