Friday, March 15, 2013

2009 and 2013 biggest money earners at Trimet

What we can see from these two lists is that every single one of the people that was here in 2009 has gotten raises or promotions till now. And when you compare the current salary to the last raise you see that there was ANOTHER raise in between! There has never been a wage freeze for the executive class at Trimet. MORE LIES! Top chart from 2009 bottom two are current


Al M said...

Many of these people retired

Al M said...

Mcfarlane was making $188k in 2009 now making $221k +15% raise

Lomax $110k in 2009 now making $180k, thats a 40% increase in salary

Toran 158.55k 2009 now making $175k, 9% increase in salary

Helig 143.5k 2009 now making $159.4k

Lowe $149,233 in 2009
now making $155,055

Al M said...

Barnard $145,011 2009
$159,600 2013

Mchugh $142,622 2009
$149,376 2013

Devine $132,470 2009
$138,756 2103

Al M said...

Unsworth $117,875 2009
$135,572 2013

Swiecick $130,067 2009
$135,015 2013

$129.106 2009
$134,322 2013

Al M said...

Robbins $105,867 in 2009
$134,268 2013

$105,428 2009
missing 2013

Mchugh 105,156 in 2009
$110,703 in 2013

Unknown said...

What's left out is "total compensation", meaning these income pay doesn't include benefits, plus, this adds the operating costs, not just the union contract.

Michael, Portland Afoot said...

When exactly is the first list from? If it's from the FY09 budget, my understanding is that it would reflect salaries as of July 2008. TriMet says that managers got raises in December 2008 and, next, in July 2012.

Here's the quote:
"The non-union wage increase was awarded in December 2008 and was in the FY09 contingency budget, as the details were not known at the time the FY09 budget was developed. The FY10 budget then picked up the actual adjustments. This is the same practice as the FY13 and FY14 budgets and is consistent with other Oregon public entities."

Al M said...

Are you trying to tell me its common practice to award raises out of 'contingency' budgets?
I don't believe anything that comes out of that Trimet office do you?

When was the last time they actually admitted wrong doing?


The list came from a post from in 2009 after he made a public records request.