Sunday, April 21, 2013


It turns out that the last days of Sunset Bob were not what he expected. As it turns out Bob got screwed on his sign up because he signed a route that didn't meet the new 'hour of service rules' as agreed on by the union and Trimet management.

Keep in mind, once again we have the union making a decision for everyone working at Trimet without asking for a vote or feedback! How many times have union employees seen this with our union. It appears that Bruce Hansen and his inner circle made the decision to agree with Trimet's new hours of service was done without asking the workers  or executive board members.

Trimet was forcing Sunset Bob to get off early from his run and of course they would not compensate him for the time. They expected him to eat it. (of course, only executives get raises for doing nothing).

Sunset Bob felt abandoned by his union and his company. His 33 years of service were of no consequence to the decision makers.

Goodbye Sunset Bob, your better off without them anyway. I know I have never regretted my decision. Sure I lost money, but if money becomes the over riding goal of your life, what kind of life do you really have anyway?

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