Wednesday, May 15, 2013


KOIN TV's Jeff Gianola
We haven't seen Jeff's 2 part report yet but  Trimet execs are running for the hills.

Mcfarlane and his cronies have already  launched a preemptive attack against the KOIN report.

Let's look at some of the highlights from these sniveling executives:

My employee compensation decision was made on the basis of equity and fairness. While I could have been more forthcoming, I am fully committed to the transparency the public expects moving forward.
~~~> It's freaking insulting, this comment. EQUITY AND FAIRNESS? FOR PEOPLE SITTING BEHIND DESKS MAKING $100K? You gotta be kidding. Mcfarlane making the case for 'equity' for six figure executives is hilarious and shows how arrogant that man truly is. Equity and fairness for the 1% ? Come on.  And he is 'fully committed to transparency going forward'. Ya sure you are Mcfarlane, we believe ya, sure we do.

TriMet held down non-union employee compensation by freezing salaries for 3 ½ years.
~~~>We have no evidence to prove any of this, none. There were plenty of 'promotions' and 'reorganizations' that resulted in pay raises for executives. Mcfarlane and his cronies have become skilled at hiding these things.

Over the past two recessions, we cut roughly 200 positions, including 11% of our administrative staff.
~~~> There has never been a list documenting any of these 'cuts'. How do we verify this? Furthemore I have information that most of those 'laid off' non union folks ended up getting hired by MLR contractors. There is a huge web of deceit and half truths here.

Further, non-union employees hold a variety of roles at TriMet, from computer programmers to engineers. There are 49 general fund employees that make over $100,000 – fewer now than seven years ago when adjusted for inflation. See chart    
~~~>Don't ya love nice little charts rather than cold hard facts, like actual lists of actual people and salaries 

Many of them could make a lot more money if they worked in the private sector or moved to another wealthier transit agency. Instead, they choose to serve the people in the TriMet district.
~~~>THIS  is my reaction to that silliness. Oh yea there are so many 'private sector' transit executive jobs, and so many 'wealthier transit districts' GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK

I could go on and on but I think I've made my point. Mcfarlane is a liar and self obsessed careerist. The only people that like the man are the board of sock puppets and the governor. The public wants him gone, but why should the elite care about the public.

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