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Latest "seen and heard on Trimet'

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Why do people with bikes push their way to be first on MAX? They block the door while hanging the bike up. Let other people on first
I'm all business when it comes to

believe it or not, doesn't even make my top ten list of smelly places I've been! Been riding 16 years too!

Bad design on Portland TriMet MAX light rail: I couldn’t figure out how to open the door! (It’s a button off to the side).

I'd like to take a moment to thank the person responsible for making this 72 smell like baby powder. It's quite the improvement.

Another day on TriMet. “: This bus smells like someone has boiled a large number of crabs here.”

The man next to me on this 4 is well dressed, attractive, smells like fresh laundry and shampoo. Oh god that means I'm the wreck.

Maybe, thinking of my worst experiences today that came out. Holding off on thumpers, pluckers, dumpers, & winkers.

Foul-mouthed drunk, guy telling disinterested gal about agates, harmonica player, autism-spectrum guy rocking...

Leah Robbins, WTS Portland woman of the year, is a) awesome, and b) calls TriMet staff "trimetians" - love it!

This bus smells of weed. Heavily.

There are less people riding when it's raining, but more people have that "drowned rat" look.

Dang it! Wrong bus. At least the Trimet driver allowed me to board at the light. I am grateful.

4 buses just passed me on the way to the garage, but I still say today was a day of transit miracles. Stay real, TriMet.

Bus driver said “you’re welcome” on 2705. Why is that so charming?

I love that there is nothing but notices & poetry in the "advertisement" spaces in most buses/trains :)

I hate when you get on a bus & it smells like someone hot boxed it. Good Lord @_@

Just got a ticket from trimet

Not quite sure who's idea it was to put a poster on the ceiling of the Max with a QR code. That's just asking for a neck kink.

, both your TVMs on 5th/Mall WB are giving "Transaction Cancelled" messages after I put in my card in  

is proving that patience is a virtue

It just so happens Trimet is packed and I want to sit my fat ass down.

There's no reason to stand in the street while you wait for the walk sign. I'm driving a 40k ton reason not to.

Trimet can suck a dick

Guess who hates trimet. Me

I Hate Trimet😩😭

Complained to re: #57 leaving just as passengers rushed off Max train to get to it. TriMet said I need to get to station quicker.

saw a girl get her iPod snatched this afternoon at Hollywood

hey Trimet, fix this shit hole we're all victim to

Delightful my bus just decided to not show up thanks

You meet just the nicest people at the skidmore MAX stop!

Oh good, now ask if I want to buy some 'Tree.' I must be getting old. Where are the undercover narcs? They should be riding trimet.

Also got plowed into by a trimet bus!

I had no idea i wasn't supposed to walk on the tracks trimet officer.

if trimet had any competition they would go out of business in literally one minute

It always surprises me when a driver (like the one driving 15 2302 right now) doesn't wait for a little kid to sit down.

Fuck you trimet. Waiting at grand for 10 minutes was not cool.

But naked guy on look at the vid driver does nptging good lil line 12 bus 3032

Suggested new tagline: You can depend on us eventually showing up!

To the Trimet driver who wouldn't open the door after I ran in the rain to catch the bus: I hope you have a great day.

On the coldest morning of the spring, my bus is running 13 minutes late. And this wind is cutting through me.

Just having a jam session to in the back of the 20. Don't mind me!!

Trimet ticket checkers look like Nazis

trimet cop took rider off, rolling again ... I don't recall ever being fare inspected twice in 20 minutes

Tidal waved by a driver and my bus (early by 5 again) pulled away in my view. Great way to start the day!

A day could have redeemed itself, and I get a 1400. Marvelous

I'm pretty sure I could have run to work faster than the train is moving this morning.

Every time I check the app the 70 is pushed back some more.

Going to be late again because of

Both the ticket machines are not working at Quatama train station (machine number 147 & 148)

Trimet bus drivers need to learn how to drive

Thank you trimet for proving to me it is completely possible to have a middle part with a buzzcut. Just no.

Loving that the asshole who refused to take his muddy feet off the seat is getting a ticket

There's a girl painting her nails on the max. I've now seen it all

The drive is singing "Red, Red, Red Wine" could take a page out of his book.

Oh how I hate the smell of Trimet people in the morning

The max ticket machine is broken, And security is writing tickets to those who couldn't buy one. how is this an improvement?!

fucked my morning over yet again. I understand that you can be five to ten mins late sometimes. But 45 mins late?!

What's the deal with that field by the Beaverton TC?

Remind me not to ride bus 3051.

Also, the driver will be a total dick. TriMet hires the bad-assest drivers for that route. I think they all drove tanks in Iraq once. #33

That moment when the loud and annoying couple got off the 17.

Dear TriMet, I can't be late. Please don't be that guy.

I think I could've walked home faster than this bus is taking.....

Just need to say my travel on has been pretty uneventful. I feel so out of sorts now.

Why does TriMet 

This bus smells like wet dog.

Is it a general rule on that the heat be on when it's raining?

#19 Woodstock 4:15 5th&taylor...NEVER CAME....What's the purpose of a schedule? Standing here 40 mins WTF???

That TriMet story is just horrifying.

standing at my bus stop (first on the route and five minutes late), pouring rain, watching the driver clean her dashboard. cares.

I realize more every day that is more or less irrelevant to me for spur of the moment trips because buses dont take a card.

these trimet muhfuckas bwoi I tell ya you niggas gone fuck around and get a lawsuit.

just had some bitch on trimet threaten to murder me

Hate the trimet bus so much

Seriously you shouldn't be able to ride trimet if you smell like 💩, it's not fair.

I was just talking about how there aren't too many asshole Trimet drivers and then I get this guy. Last time I hand out undeserved credit.

Big fuck you to this bus driver saying some shitty things about OK and wishing 7+ magnitude quakes on other parts of the country.

Also, this entire train reeks like weed. But to trimet for existing.

ANXIETY OVERLOAD! by far one the worst bus rides ever-even more than the time that woman farted on me.

There is ton of weird people on the Max

The 15 is grosser than usual today, .

I guess Monday is Take Up an Extra Seat Day for employees riding the MAX

rather than line 6 please update the machines at the Yamhill Northbound downtown max stop. they never ever work

, seriously, you can't just have one bus come 3 minutes early and then the next come 10 minutes late.

who has time in AM to board the train, get off at the next stop to buy a ticket and wait for next train? Come on, lets be realistic.

no working ticket machines #136/7 at Beaverton Creek Station.

For Portland peeps who think TriMet is a joke, you'll love this.


You are part of our suffering---cameras on half of the Willow Creek platform are NOT ENOUGH to protect us!

I apologize for trying to steal from you by giving an old man a ticket who didn't have one-only-he likely would have been mistreated

This is weak, on trimet all late.

C'mon I don't want to deal w this tonight. Cascades station BOTH sides.

Trimet Max is always entertaining

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