Thursday, May 16, 2013


Mcfarlane and his gang of cronies
Mcfarlane keeps on talking away, imitating a parrot rattling off the same line over and over and over.
What Mcfarlane doesn't understand is that the riders have paid dearly for the Trimet 'crisis'. For some riders using 'public' transport has become  a financial hardship. For other riders it has become an impossibility since Trimet has cut so many bus lines and times of service.

For Trimet retirees such as myself I have lost 23% of my pension to Mcfarlanes austerity policies. I know I am not alone suffering that kind of loss.

Union employees that carry the Blue Cross coverage and have families have lost about $200/mo.
Over 300 Trimet bus drivers are part time at Trimet making barely liveable wages and faced with medical payments due to Mcfarlanes austerity measures. The media has never once talked about the loss Trimet retirees and part time employees have faced due the Mcfarlane.

All the while Mcfarlane and his merry band of executive cronies have lost nothing. Sure they have had to pay more for their health insurance, but they can afford it. Additionally the executive class does not work in the public domain doing physically stressful work such as a Trimet driver. And the executive class does not gets its hands dirty like a Trimet mechanic. Trimet executives have offices and coffee breaks and meetings. The live the life of upper class Americans.

And the executive class at Trimet has given zero to the austerity that Mcfarlane has forced down the riders and retirees throats.

Not only have they suffered no actual loss, Mcfarlane carefully concealed raises for himself and his cronies. He lied to the public and employees for months about it.

Mcfarlane and his shameless cronies exist in an insulated word of power and privilege,  completely disconnected to reality. Forcing everyone around them to lose but they themselves gain. Already making 100's of thousands of dollars, they still were not satisfied, they wanted more.

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