Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ben Fein speaks to the Trimet board of directors

Ben discusses all the relevant points that should concern the public. It's absolutely amazing to have a historical perspective on this material having followed it for years now. What we see is that NOTHING EVER CHANGES and the board is deaf to what the speakers are saying.

Trimet golden boys

If you add benefits and pensions these two guys cost tax payers well over a half million dollars a year!

Bob Nelson and Neil Mcfarlane-Long time pals

Cute little Trimet tweet to a rider

$400k talking bus boondoggle

In recent weeks, Portland residents living along bus routes have repeatedly called Oregon’s largest transit agency to complain about the audible warning systems misfiring at all hours.
When the buses turn, a woman’s voice declares, “Pedestrians, the bus is turning.” The warning sounds twice.
“It sounds like a woman yelling in the street every time one of the buses with this technology goes by,” said Dave Anderson, who lives where the No. 75 follows Portland’s windy Northeast Wistaria Drive.
The Federal Transit Administration gave TriMet a $400,000 grant to test emerging pedestrian-alert technologies on the streets of Portland.

How many union employees at Trimet?

About 1500 and another 500 retirees?
So then why does this petition have only 105 signatures?
We are indeed doomed.

Love the light rail

Talking transit with Tony Jordan

Talking transit with Adron Hall

The Transit Gang

Steve, Tony, Adron

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Looks like Seattle is saying no to METRO

SEATTLE (AP) - In early returns, King County voters were rejecting a proposed sales tax hike and an increase in the car-tab fee to pay for roads and to prevent cuts in Metro transit bus service.

Initial returns tallied Tuesday night showed the measure was failing 55 percent to 45 percent.
But McGinn, too, pointed at Olympia as the source of the problem — and Republican state senators whose feet are, literally, planted in concrete.
Bike riding "green" Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn
Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn:  “It is clear our needs have been held hostage to new highway projects.”
“When I met with Senate Republican leaders, they told me bluntly: We’re going to starve transit until you come to the table and support more highways,” McGinn said.  “It is clear that our needs have been held hostage to new highway projects.  This makes absolutely no sense fiscally, economically or environmentally.”
Metro has outlined prospective cuts, from suburban feeder lines to much-used bus lines serving such Seattle neighborhoods as the Central Area, Leschi and Madrona.
Supporters have argued that Metro carries 400,000 riders each day and is vital in transporting people to work and to colleges and universities in the Seattle area.  Service from the Northgate area to the University of Washington is one of the routes facing cuts.

King County voters rejecting road, bus measure | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

Metro bus rescue plan losing big in initial vote count - Strange Bedfellows — Politics News

(Tax  payers have had enough and I can't say I blame them) 

What about our union?

I spend a lot of time beating up on Trimet but When I read Henry Beasley's emails I start  thinking about our union. Things are awfully quiet  over there save for the occasional ad that appears in one of the incidental news papers. I started doing a little research on our union and came up with this little piece of information from the now defunct Portland A-Foot

As reported in 2006 by Willamette Week, ATU officers' salaries have risen rapidly in the last decade despite few changes in membership. Combined officers' compensation rose 74% from 2000 to 2010, according to Department of Labor figures, the equivalent of a 5.7% annual raise each year of the decade.
Over the same 10-year period the union's annual income rose 1 percent, to $2,352,209, and its membership grew 6 percent, to 4,383.

Henry Beasley-"non funded obligations"

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Unfunded liability, what is in a name; for which describes our current contention with the company (the definition:  Potential or actual debts for which no current funding is available.).  This word has been used in a manner that is demeaning to the situation that we find ourselves in.  This obligation or better yet Non-Funded Obligation was created when the company decided to expand the system without planning for a way to pay for the expansion long term, instead of paying the obligation entirely; they siphoned money to continue the expansion while making only current payments on the obligation (PayGo).  In our current situation as is, they had no intention of paying the obligation (thus Non-funded), as we move along into mediation then onto arbitration, they plan to cut their way out of paying for promises they had no intention of keeping.   
Yet, in the bigger picture; no one has asked the question, “When the obligation reached 1 million dollars, why didn’t the company stop the expansion?”  “When the obligation reached 10 million dollars, why didn’t the company stop the expansion?”  “When the obligation reached 100 million dollars, why didn’t the company stop the expansion?”  “When the obligation reached 500 million dollars, why didn’t the company stop the expansion?”  “When the obligation reached 900 million dollars, why didn’t the company stop the expansion?

This really is CREEPY

Trimet jeopardy?

What the hell?

Trimet tweets

Monday, April 21, 2014

Trimet bus drivers are low on the wage scale

And that was because they gave up those wages for what they thought was going to be excellent health care. Trimet wants to break the bargain and give nothing back for breaking it. Our union got suckered and our members are too passive to see they have been robbed

Interesting the CUBIC is questioning Trimet award procedures

CUBIC is actually the largest provider of cell phone ticket technology in the world.


Why exactly are videos of actual accidents 'exempt from disclosure'. There is no transparency at Trimet and people should realize this fact.
Trimet is one of the very few districts that won't release accident footage.


But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Something positive about Trimet management

And yes I do agree with it!

Analysis of the Trimet bridge naming process

The manufacturing of consent at the local level

No smoking

Only Diesel fumes allowed

Did you know that Joe Rose wrote 11 stories on that damn bridge?

I thought he worked for the Oregonian but am starting to wonder.
 ▶ Noam Chomsky Manufacturing Consent

Stacy&Witbek was charged with corruption

This was news to me but not a surprise given the state of affairs around here

In 1994, in a test of a new city policy aimed at cracking down on cheating contractors, city officials decided to ban Stacy & Witbeck from receiving any more city jobs for five years. The harsh sanction was the first of its kind, and still stands as the meanest punishment the city has ever imposed on one of its contractors. It was also costly, considering Stacy & Witbeck had garnered more than $150 million worth of work in San Francisco. The sanction was meant to send a message to all bidders for city work that there would be no boondoggles on then-Mayor Frank Jordan's watch, and it was certainly embarrassing for Stacy & Witbeck to be barred from bidding on municipal jobs in its own hometown.
The company fought the suspension all the way to the state Supreme Court. When that didn't work, it looked like Stacy & Witbeck would be out of the running for city jobs through the end of the millennium. But the salvation that was denied by the courts came with the election of Brown, whose administration decided to look more favorably on the company after it hired a close Brown ally as its lobbyist.
Greasing the Rails | SF Weekly

Sunday, April 20, 2014

It is a farce

Real lives of Trimet bus drivers

A few moments from yesterdays scanner, this is the stuff they don't tell you when you take the job of bus driver

Porn industry celebrates Trimet's new bridge!

Czech Superstars!


Buses merge with bicycles


Again why not put some kind of initiative together to stop the transit bullies by pulling the rug out from under them and make it so they can't railroad ( no pun intended) the people anymore.

Trimet's latest invention

Saturday, April 19, 2014

What the hell is this supposed to mean?

Tualatin following Tigard

Our City Our Vote!

This is a non-partisan effort to make sure Tualatin gets the kind of transit and other transportation improvements that are genuinely needed and supported by Tualatin residents and businesses.
We would like to be abundantly clear and avoid any need for clarification.

RedLine nails it again

Breakin The Law, Breakin' The Law

It's how things roll in Porkland. Tricky Rick Gustafson has headed up the Porkland Streetcar thing since its inception, and it's been a perfect money-pot. But now that darned independent auditor, with her high-falutin' ethics, has got involved and ruined the fun.
A new city audit of Portland Streetcar says City Hall is breaking state law in how it allows the streetcar's private operator to control public money.
It really sucks when the goody-goody types get in the way of a great scam.
Tricky Rick somehow managed to get his daughter on the board of the Portland Streetcar opreration, and announced after getting wind of the audit a few weeks ago that he'd be "retiring" as head of the scam operation. It's funny how that all just happened to come together.
It's an interesting little arrangement: Porkland ostensibly owns the tracks and streetcars, Porkland Streetcar runs the operation, and Tri-Met kicks in a few million a year to pay its drivers to pilot the streetcars around inner northwest, southwest, and northeast Porkland. The "system" might have as much as ten miles of tracks running down the auto lanes.

MaxRedline: Breakin The Law, Breakin' The Law

Why can't Trimet do this? TODAY?

Begging for operators

John Locanthi goes on a Trimet twitter rant

Friday, April 18, 2014


Who cashed in on the CRC give-away


Dysfunction Bridge


It just astonishes me that Trimet so routinely allows every single contractor to go over budget and the puppet board routinely approves this farce.
Why do they bother even taking bids at Trimet? 
They are NEVER accurate and always underestimated.
Coming up at next board meeting
And after the oligarchs get through handing away this $3 million dollars the following is left, who is gonna get it I wonder?
And even after the remaining $5.2 million is given away  if anybody needs more they can have it
"owners reserve"

(Funny how union members can't get the same treatment, nope, for them there is only cuts)



39-year-old Efren Escarsega, Jr
In fact, on Wednesday night, transit police arrested 39-year-old Efren Escarsega, Jr., who is suspected of possibly forging more than a thousand TriMet passes with stolen ticket stock.
Escarsega’s arrest came “after a complicated and lengthy investigation into reports of forged passes in the past several months,” said TriMet spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt. “Officers used security cameras and footage, and conducted plainclothes and undercover missions to track down the suspected source of the fraudulent tickets.”
The Transit Response Team, formed in spring 2013 to conduct more in-depth missions with officers in both uniform and plainclothes, made the arrest.
Police served a search warrant on a unit at the Central City Concern’s Estate Motel, 225 N.W. Couch Street in downtown Portland. Investigators recovered a stack of stolen TriMet ticket stock and a monthly pass that they believe was used to make the fraudulent fares.
TriMet police bust man suspected of forging, dealing more than 1,000 fake tickets |

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Leave it to the RedLine to break it down

Job "Creator" Tri-Met

The development agency claims that its latest 7.3-mile light rail line has "created" 10,298 jobs. Of course, those all go away when the $1.5 billion construction project ends. That's only $1457000 per job "created"! We're getting a real bargain, by Tri-Met standards. It's a whole lot of green.
MaxRedline: Job "Creator" Tri-Met



 No surprise here!
An audit of the Columbia River Crossing found $17 million in excess or questionable spending, including larger-than-usual profit markups to project consultants and work that wasn’t authorized by contract in advance.
The report from the Washington State Auditor’s Office, released Wednesday, “did not identify any financial misconduct or abuse.” But it called for the Washington State Department of Transportation to reconsider policies and procedures that resulted in at least some of the misspent money on the now-defunct project, according to the audit.
The biggest chunk of questionable expenses was $12.3 million that went to firms with undisclosed overhead and profit markups, according to the report.
Another $2.3 million was added to two contract task orders months after the orders were completed, according to the audit. Those changes were made without authorization, though the extra work was found to be consistent with the original contract.
And the primary consultant on the project, David Evans and Associates, was overpaid by $1.45 million because of higher-than-usual markups, the report found.
CRC audit finds $17M in excess, questionable costs | The Columbian
Best comments below

More great comments on the TILL-I-CUM bridge

These come from the JOE ROSE BLOG


Tigard must stand up to transit bullies

As a Tigard resident, I am not shy to say I voted “yes” for Ballot Measure 34-210 (opposing high-capacity transit lines in the city of Tigard). I, like many other Tigard residents, am increasingly fed up with the lack of citizen participation and input into major transportation projects that affect our daily lives.
The Portland Tribune opposed the measure before it passed, claiming that it will allow a minority of Tigard residents to overturn regional transportation projects such as a new light-rail (or bus rapid transit) line that would begin in Portland and end in Tualatin.

Trimet respects native American's so much they fought against them all the way to the supreme court

Of course all on our tax dollars

Always something

Portland Streetcar ‘convoluted, confusing’

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An audit of the structure of the Portland Streetcar found it convoluted and confusing.

Willamette Week on the Tilikum bridge fiasco

Read the article HERE!