Monday, May 25, 2015

Trimet operators of the year

L-R Lyn Simmons, Kat Mclendon, James Hilliard and that dickhead  that stole our retirements

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday before a long weekend and Trimet rail programs are failing miserably

Trimet bus driver gets spit on

Seems like an awful lot of violence directed at Trimet bus drivers recently. What's going on?
And it was another fare dispute
 These drivers just don't get it.
How sorry I am for them, making an already hard job even harder by their own actions 

Trimet's white elephant

Transit agencies find it easier to blame the bus driver than fix the problem

Sandi Day was the victim of poor engineering
Operators involved in fatal incidents are greatly impacted, routinely seeking professional help to cope with the experience. Many are so devastated that they never get behind the wheel again.

We have enough experience with this issue, however, to know that simply “throwing the book” at drivers, regardless of their culpability, will do nothing to correct the problems that lead to accidents in the first place.

The usual Trimet problems

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Be on the lookout for this transit criminal

The finger is always pointed at the operator when things go wrong

Driving any sort of transit means that your life is always on the line. If something goes wrong those in charge are always thinking of ways to blame the operator. Institutional safety hazards are routinely ignored and the blame is ALWAYS pointed at the driver. Weather its a bus, streetcar, or heavy rail its always the drivers fault when things go wrong.

Who’s to Blame for Amtrak 188? | Jacobin

Who will be the first Trimet bus driver to get killed over a fare?

Keep up this behavior Trimet drivers and maybe you will win the contest to be the first Trimet bus driver to get killed over $2.50.
 This bus driver got punched in the face over it.

Trimet drivers vs Trimet drivers

The pressure that Trimet drivers exist under causes these kind of events in the workplace. The fault for these sorts of events lies squarely with bad management

Trimet operator gets death threat


Defamation vs Opinion

Publicly calling someone a 'stalker' when they know its false is defamation
Certain people, who have made themselves quasi 'public figures' by running a public blog which specializes in attacking other people, like to throw around words like "defamation" or "slander" or "libel".

Interestingly enough I myself have sought legal advice in regards to filing a lawsuit against this person. This is a  problematic approach to deal with an irritating character who derives some sort of bizarre pleasure from attacking people they don't like.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Everyone who uses public transit knows full well that it can be a trying emotionally exhausting endeavor. Here are a sampling of  tweets from people who have been TRIMETIZED by the Portland area transit system knows to the locals as the TRIMESS (trimet). Don't forget to check TRIMETSCANNER for the real low down at Trimet

Neil Berlin running for Light Rail executive board

I would definitely vote for this guy if I could.
"How stands the day?"
In case you can't read that this is what it says:

-Trimet wouldn't know the truth even if they just made it up!
-Trimet abuses contractual rights in safety, discipline, seniority and benefits
-Trimet is negligent with the priority repairs of operators seats,mirrors, monitors etc etc
-Trimet is not scheduling regular cleaning of operator cab interiors and refuses to provide gloves, masks, sanitizer and first aid supplies.
-Trimet is encouraging unethical treatment of personnel
-Trimet is grossly negligent in allowing only train recovery in the paddle scheduling
-Trimet is corrupting The National Safety Councils guidelines in regards to the rights of operators when it comes to accident reviews.
-Trimet is indifferent to the unsanitary conditions at operator layovers and rest room facilities 

BBQ time at Merlo Garage

It appears that the Block/Hunt/Longoria consortium attempted to stage a barbecue at the Merlo garage for operators as part  of a campaign event. Robert Romo, the station manager, told them to leave. Apparently tempers flared but in the end the event was ended at the garage.

The whole barbecue was then moved to Beaverton Transit Center where it continued apparently until the food ran out.

There is also some discussion that these sorts of events violate union/labor law rules. Trimet is responsible for enforcing these rules apparently.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cameron Whitten incident

This is another example of the useless Oregonian covering an incident that has no actual reason to be in the news.

My guess is because it makes the streetcar operator look bad. And we all know that the Oregonian loves covering stories that make Trimet union employees look bad.

The bottom line in this story is that the operator had the right to ask Mr Whitten to leave him alone. Mr Whitten did not comply. The streetcar operator had him removed, which is his right.

Mr Whitten was then given an citation, unjustly,  which I am totally against. The DA did the right thing dismissing the charges. The whole thing is another tempest in a teapot and has no business in the local newspaper. Mr Whitten tried to play the race card here. Sorry, I listened to the audio, race had nothing to do with the operator asking him to leave. I don't know about the cops motivations however.
Portland Streetcar trespassing charge against community advocate Cameron Whitten is dismissed |

Trimet being its fascist self

Trimet is taking "public comment" on its intent to raise fares for the disabled. We all know that nobody is going to be in 'favor' of raising fares to the disabled. We also know that plenty of people have spoken up against this unjust fare increase. 

What the public thinks is of no relevance to the Trimet executives. Its strictly cosmetic. Just like that "name the bridge" contest was.

There are 100+ six figure executives working in offices at Trimet. And here these people are trying to squeeze every penny out of the poorest people in the Trimet service area. What a disgrace this transit agency is.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Don't believe the hype

We all know how all Portland area citizens have been barraged for months (actually years) on the wonderfulness of the new light rail project.
Blah Blah Blah.

Mainstream media in this area will not cover any dissenting opinions on this topic. Only glowing gushy praise of the most idiotic sort is allowed when it comes to Trimet light rail projects. We all know the local government basically controls the mainstream media here in Portlandia.

How do people really feel about the project? Here is a sampling of comments from the only newspaper in town. And its not the government paradigm. Sure there are some positive but the majority are not exactly complimentary

Erik gives the Trimet salute

Saturday, May 16, 2015

More garbage from the queen of crazy, Ellen Fox

Ellen is an 'emotional vampire'
Oh Ellen, you're so predictable and so full of hatred.
What happened to you anyway? Did you have some sort of traumatic childhood experience that deeply affected you? Something must have happened because you are so off the wall.

Here's her latest nonsense about me.

Look at all the rusted out boats they got along 17th

It's Trimet "art"

Trimet's sustainable trackway

Consists of one block of track that has some grass planted in the middle

Video of the full ride on the $1.5 billion orange line

Video is by Bob Richardson, the guy that threw me off Portland Transport for calling him a blog Nazi. These folks at Portland Transport are very sensitive to any criticism and 100% apologists for the Portland Light Rail Mafia 
(you can hear the party of the oligarchs going on in the background) 

Longest pedestrian bridge in the world

The Poughkeepsie Bridge
The bridge has been transformed into a 1.25-mile pedestrian bridge

Longest Transit bridge in North America

The SkyBridge is a cable-stayed bridge in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Built between 1987 and 1989, it spans the Fraser River and connects New Westminster with Surrey.

Somebody is unhappy with "The Trimet"

Friday, May 15, 2015

Portland Oligarchs couldn't care less about the average citizen

Thousands of people need to get to work on Sunday mornings. Many of them are working class and don't have access to a car. These oligarchs and their stooges have no concern whatsoever about these people.

 Having a 'run' which the vast majority of citizens could care less about that disrupts the lives of ordinary people  is the height of disrespect. Especially since there are multitudes of locations to have a 'run' and not disrupt the lives of ordinary citizens, like the spring-water trail for example.

I just don't get why the whole city has to suffer so a bunch of obsessive compulsive people who spend a significant portion of each of their days running around in circles get to have the entire city as their track meet?

Oh yea, I forgot, its a public relations stunt, its so tourists will come here.
Everyone knows that the tourist business is more important than Joe Sixpack's life.

MLR in one minute

Guess what it looks like? It looks like every other light rail line in the country. $1.5 billion for this?

With all the hype lets put the MLR into the proper context

This is what $1.5 BILLION could have purchased

The longest non car bridge in North America?

Another day another max delay

The preferring of charges sabotage

On April 20th 2015 I went down to our union office to serve a Preferring of Charges towards Bruce Hansen, Jonathan Hunt and Mary Logoria. I brought 5 copies of the charges to the union hall. The secretary was there to receive the copies. I told her 1 copy for me so she stamped it received and gave me that back. Then the next copy was for the office so she wrote office on top and stamped that received. We then continued with Bruce, then Jon and then Mary. Each one she wrote the person’s name up top and stamped received. At that point I considered the charges as being served.

Bruce sent Larry Hanley (International President) a letter with questions about the Preferring of Charges along with a copy of the charges. In this letter Bruce states that the office has been served and as of current no member being charged has been served.

Oligarchs and their stooges ride the $1.5 billion light rail

Fortunes were made off this project
Most likely the one and only time any of them will ever ride this line. The pro Trimet propaganda keeps flying
(they did allow some of the activists to ride but Joe Public has to wait till Sept 12)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

April's weird TriMet service alerts

NOTE: Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans.  They may have many other tasks in progress at the moment, such as dealing with buses that are already stuck due to the blockage or situations elsewhere.  While those errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.


I will update this post as more posters become available
(the comments are just my dealings with these folks)

More Trimet hype destroyed

All the never ending false propaganda pumped out by Trimet is just plain false. 
6% of Portland area citizens commute via Trimet. 
At least its better than LA.

MAX operator on his last nerve

Running for ATU757 Treasurer

The names with the faces

Safety is definitely not a value when it comes to wheelchairs on Trimet buses

Trimet could provide fast and easy solutions to  the securement problem-click the pic
Reliable sources tell me that there has been a rash of wheelchair accidents involving wheelchair riders who 'refuse securement'.

Trimet is one of the very few transit districts that allow wheelchair riders to ride in a standard transit bus without using internal mechanisms to prevent the chairs from tipping or moving during the operation of a transit bus. Trimet lift on the other hand, which is also part of Trimet, doesn't allow wheelchair riders to ride without securement. So we have one agency (Trimet) with two totally conflicting policies.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trimet safety suggestion bus

Henry Beasley statement of candidacy

Now that the campaigning is under way.....
With a lot of thought and soul searching I have decided to challenge for our local Union chapters Presidency. If you have questions concerning my candidacy feel free to ask your questions here, I’ll do my best to answer each and every one. But first please watch the video.
Henry Beasley
Your brother on the front line.
Union Strong

My platform:

Chris Day statement of candidacy

Today Monday, May 11th, 2015 I have officially became a candidate for ATU757 Vice President. These next 42 days will be a very interest time for me. I will be happy when June 23, 2015 is finally here and the vote count is done. It is my goal during this election campaigning time to not put focus on negative aspects of other candidates. My campaign is to present to our members what makes me a good candidate as Vice President.