Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trimet leaves on duty bus driver hanging in the wind


Jim Howell delivers knock out punch to the Trimet board

Jim Howell has been around a long long time. He's a former Trimet planner and has some of the best ideas for transit in the Portland metro area. He should be on the Trimet board. Alas, he is not an insider so he can only speak to the board like the rest of us peons

Trimet cash machine

Trimet wields its tremendous power and influence due to the huge amount of cash that goes through it.
 Millions upon millions is handed out to all sorts of places and companies.
 Actually its billions. 

Anybody ever wonder why Trimet NEVER publicizes its board meetings?
 Obviously they would rather the public be ignorant of the goings on.

Trimet is a huge industrial complex enriching many different  organizations and people.

At today's sock puppets meeting the following cash was handed out:

$7.5 million in "pass through" dollars, which Trimet gets a cut obviously 

So when you hear these heartless souless overpaid technocrats talking about "not enough cash to pay your benefits" or "not enough cash to beef up actual transit services" remember


Dan Christensen gets it

Another laughable "investigation" into Trimet policies

We've already seen how ODOT , a corrupted agency itself , handles investigations into Trimet mistakes. 

These Oregon organizations and their respective armies of overpaid hacks all know each other and all cover for each other when called upon.
Now we have another one:  TriMet had no rules about running MAX trains on tracks with visible ice accumulation prior to a January derailment.

 "These types of events do not happen frequently in this area," state investigator Gary Ferguson wrote. "In light of this incident, adding some language for operating procedures when ice is present is advisable."

"Duh, it never occurred to us that ice accumulation could cause a derailment.
We'll put it into our standard operating procedures because we are to stupid to know this ahead of time and never bothered to look at other agencies SOP's."

"Sorry about the thousands of people who had their days ruined, we promise we won't do it again."

Nice to be an executive in an unaccountable tax funded monstrosity, you can get away with anything, make a huge salary, and retire with an obscene pension.

Read the "story" HERE

If you read this blog you know that Jason Mchuff had already written about this.
Guess what? Jason has no fancy degrees and gets no six figure salary.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trimet capital projects wants $2,4000,000,000 billion.

 It's the same old same old. This was all very predictable and they've been talking about all of this for a year.

 The thing that citizens should keep in mind is that the technocrats have made all of the decisions about how this $2.4 billion  will be spent. The citizens got no input at all.  No public comment,  No request for feedback, no nothing.  It's definitely food for the capital projects monster. Oh well, "your" government at work

 Public transportation in Portland is similar to public transportation in the rest of the country. Unreliable, unpredictable, unclean and generally a roulette wheel   Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  

This  $2.4 billion is to " avoid future gridlock "

Uh, we already have grid lock, this is not going to help

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Neil Mcfarlane gets richer and richer despite Trimet's poor performance

In 2014 there was a small scandal about Mcfarlanes consistent pay raises while he was gutting services, raising fares, and reneging on Trimet union retirees promised retirement health insurance.
His reported salary at that time was $229,000.

In 2015 his reported salary was was $268,000, a $40,000 increase from his 2014 salary. 
We know that he was granted yet another salary increase in January 2016, making his obscene salary in the neighborhood of $300,000/yr.

He also has $170,000 in "unused vacation" (another scam used commonly by the executive class) which he will be paid in cash the day he decides to abdicate the throne.

All of this while he has abrogated promises to his union retirees, service quality and reliability is the worst ever, and the fare structure is amongst the highest in the country.

The point of this post is to illustrate how the executive class of Trimet, basically parasites, make obscene profits for themselves while the riding public suffers horrible service quality. 

The executive technocrats of the American public transportation industrial complex live and retire in luxury while the public continually suffers with very marginal services.

Next time these technocrats come to you looking for you to open your wallet to them, be afraid, be very afraid. Giving them more money is the equivalent of throwing your money down the sewer

Rest in Peace Tamara Murphy

I used to hang out with "Tamms" at the Beaverton Transit center for many signups while she was a regular 20 driver.
 Its very unsettling the number of former driver associates that have passed lately.