Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jonathan Maus at Bike Portland has been paying attention

At TriMet board meeting, GM defends his advocacy for freeway expansion projects

Cadre of Merlo Drivers request meeting with Patrick Preusser to discuss the dirty bus situation

Operators are hoping that Patrick Preusser will finally do something about the dirty bus problem

A small group of Merlo operators have requested a meeting with the new Director of Transportation, Patrick Preusser, to talk about the never ending problem with dirty buses coming out of the Merlo garage. 

"We operators are expected to show up to work and look good every day yet the company sends us out in the most pathetically dirty equipment imaginable" an operator told me who wishes to remain anonymous. 

"We've had enough of this and are hoping that Mr Preusser can do something about this situation once and for all since all of our complaints have gone unheeded for years by the current management of Trimet." says the operator

Mr Preusser granted the request and will be meeting with the operators soon

Son of Hightower pulls no punches

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Mary Fetsch has been one of the major figures of my long time blog. 
She absorbed the brunt of my disrespectful tongue and cheek jokes for as many years as this blog has existed. 
Even though she bore the brunt of my jokes she never was mean or disrespectful of me. 
This is my tribute to Mary Fetsch, a Trimet classic. 
I have a tremendous volume of material featuring Mary below the page break.
Good luck Mary, you must have a decent pension from Trimet!
You of all people deserve it!

Trimet actually did a public video of Dispatch/Control

Hard to believe actually, they are so secret about everything this is a surprise.  You see videos like this from other transit districts

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mcfarlane's response to the public testimonies

He's got an answer for everything, as always. 
Bottom line, he makes no apologies. 
This all about the money, how can they get the money.
By making it appeal to the people driving in their cars he hopes that will swing some votes to the yes side. 
 That's my Theory  anyway. 
Recent history has not been kind to Trimet when it comes to the voters.
 Don't forget, this is not about you or me, this is about money, money to keep the capital projects monster alive.
 If you still believe that "your" government has "your" interest in mind you are seriously deluded.

Public testimonies at Todays Trimet board meeting

Neil Mcfarlane defended both the police station and the highway expansion in his comments which means it was a futile effort on the part of the community

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Latest light rail fiasco-March 19th-Control communications

Sock puppets meeting tomorrow

This has the potential to be a really great meeting with some real activists showing up to express their dissatisfaction with the way McFarlane is handling public funds over there.

The "Beasley Doctrine"

Our good brother and stalwart defender of every union member, Henry Beasley, long ago introduced what he believes would be the decent response to any assault upon one of us. Out of respect for his steadfast insistence that management adopt this, my preference is to call this the Beasley Doctrine. It calls for our immediate removal from service to facilitate our healing/recovery as well as the safety of our passengers.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Bicyclists versus trimet

Story here!

For several months now, a cabal of regional policymakers and power brokers have cooked up a plan to fund four major projects: expansions to Highway 217, Interstate 5 and Interstate 205; and the SW Corridor transit project.
Last month, McFarlane emerged from the shadows to advocate for the proposal — a move that baffled advocates who questioned why our transit agency would promote infrastructure investments that will make driving easier. In response, BikeLoudPDX is encouraging activists to speak out in opposition at TriMet’s upcoming board meeting.

Classic Trimet dispatch

This is an actual call from a driver in the field. I accentuated the audio becuase it was that insane

Trimet supports the police state

Trimet has been conducting a war on the poor of the Portland metro area since Mcfarlane was put into the head job over there. These technocrats are asking for the public to pay for a low income pass but they have used discretionary funds to build a new police station. Just disgraceful management at Trimet.

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon and Bus Riders Unite are shocked and appalled at the announcement of an increase of $11M for police in the Trimet budget. There is no need for this expansion of the prison industrial complex. Bus riders need more accessible, affordable transportation, not more racist policing on our buses! Trimet is trying to sneak this past with little public scrutiny. Low income people and people of color are already profiled at a higher rate on public transit. Trimet’s Board is not adequately addressing rider concerns.
At the February 22nd meeting of the Trimet Board of Directors, it was revealed that the agency is prepared to spend more than $11M on a new police station and expanded fare enforcement in the next budget year. The announcement is a direct assault on low income people and people of color who depend on public transportation. Riders are angry and demand answers to the following questions: