Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seattle the clear leader in bus technology

Mcfarlane stays in hiding

Trimet has been a disaster lately and anybody seen the Trimet fearless leader Neil Mcfarlane?
Of course not he stays hidden  in the plush Harrison Street offices removed completely from
Trimet operations. 

Everyone knows that Neil only cares about capital projects anyway.
Sorry Neil, If you were a real leader we would hear from you.

There are some really nice riders on the Trimet system


Former Trimet exec makes good

This is Michael Ford, I remember him while he was Director of Transportation. Nice enough guy tried to help me once but was not all that bright as far as I was concerned. They are gonna pay him $200k. 
(so no wonder Mcfarlane is unhappy with his salary, although Mcfarlane should really be fired not given a raise)

I wonder how 'competitive' the whole process was?

Former Trimet executive Carolyn Young is part of the GlobeSherpa team now

Trimet bus blows through traffic light that is out

"The Western Arterial---Makes Sense!"

Traffic Columbia River Crossing alternative: Western arterial
by Ron Swaren
Gridlock on the Interstate 5 (and I-205) highway through Portland continues at epidemic levels. I was out there on three afternoons last week and noticed it seemed to start earlier now, too. As early as 1 pm for the afternoon rush. A huge portion of the traffic is freight trucks—-and a sure indicator of economic recovery is the movement of freight.
But one overriding economic factor is Washington County growth. With recent announcements by big employers the growth–and the traffic–will continue. This does translate into more tax revenue for the state of Oregon, but with no equivalent of the I-205 highway on the west side of Portland, commuters from SW Washington will continue to be stalled. And freight shipments will also be stalled and wasting time and money.

Death by Max Train

TriMet train deaths: Gresham candlelight vigil planned for Bertha and John Paul Kelly; history of MAX's 38 deaths |

Always meet interesting people on Trimet Max

The Transit Police Division is asking for the public's help to identify a suspect who exposed himself to a woman on the MAX.

This investigation began on July 24, 2014, when Transit Police took a report from a young adult woman who said a man exposed himself to her on the MAX.

Investigators learned that the suspect boarded an eastbound Blue Line MAX at the Beaverton Transit Center and rode the MAX to the East Burnside & 162nd Avenue stop.

The suspect appears to be an African American male, early-50s, 5'6" tall, medium build, well dressed, wearing glasses and a purple cap.

A surveillance photo of the suspect is being released to assist with identification.

Anyone with information about this suspect is asked to contact Transit Police Division Officer Richard Harvey at (503) 793-9386, or by email,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Disgruntled Trimet employee

The "Bridge of the people" has nothing to do with the "people"

Its got to be one of the greatest public relations campaigns in history. The marketing of the Bridge and the Orange line is truly brilliant with almost the entire population getting hoodwinked into thinking this bridge is something 'wonderful'.

But lets look at the facts? Who really benefits from this bridge?

More bad equipment

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Trimet always has money for all the little projects like their new (actually they are way behind) fare system which will cost millions of dollars, always have and extra million dollars every time all those six figure execs decide they need more than their current six figure salaries and the sky is the limit for all their fancy in house equipment

This is a picture of a HUGE big screen tv which is on the top floor of the remodeled Center street.

Trimet equipment is definately unsafe

Dumb ass bus drivers still think they are fare inspectors

In this case a $2.50 fare ends up costing a couple hundred bucks in time and materials. 
In my 15 years at Trimet I never kicked anyone off for lack of fare or expired transfer.
A bus drivers job is to DRIVE the bus, period

Another gushy pro Portland/Trimet article

The first of its kind in the U.S., the Tilikum Crossing will reflect the city's enduring transit culture.
~~~>That one sub headline gives away the article as just another puffy piece of complicit mainstream media  attempting paint a phony picture of things. An 'enduring transit culture' can be found in NYC with 56% of residents using transit or Washington DC with 39% ridership. But Portland is ranked #28 in with only a 12% of its residents using it on THIS LIST. Hardly an 'enduring transit culture.But what they did get right in the article is how Portland and Trimet have shanghaied public transit as a social engineering tool specifically aiding and abetting the wealthiest among us and the developer class.
Why Portland Is Building a Multi-Modal Bridge That Bans Cars - CityLab

Tweeks on Trimet

TriMet rider accused of kissing 13-year-old girl and asking about sex gets probation |
A 47-year-old unemployed man apparently saw an opportunity he couldn't resist: A 13-year-old girl riding a TriMet bus to school one morning this past January.
Jason Raynard Tomlin slid into the seat next to her and kissed her on the cheek. He asked the girl if she’d been to Victoria’s Secret before and if she was allowed to have sex.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Good old Bob

Trimet free Max day discriminates against bus riders

So, did Monday's one-day fare amnesty on MAX create a spike in light-rail ridership in the Portland metro area?
TriMet's answer: Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows at this point?
"The goal wasn't to increase ridership," said Mary Fetsch, a TriMet spokeswoman, adding that the transit agency has no way of immediately measuring the free rides' effect on the daily commute.
Infrared sensors at MAX train doors count boardings by detecting body heat and motion. Any tallies from Free MAX Monday won't be available for at least a few weeks, TriMet said.
TriMet offered the free rides on MAX as a way of saying thank you – and sorry – to riders for enduring last week's nightmarish delays caused by rail reconstruction and a train derailment on Friday.
"We have heard that riders are appreciating the small token of thanks," Fetsch said.
Of course, some riders have taken to Twitter to say the gesture is too small.
They may have a point. Here are 5 reasons why, in the end, the TriMet fare amnesty amounted to little more than a publicity stunt:
Read the Rest of the Story HERE

James Kelly lost his mother Bertha and his brother John Paul

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Respect is not a four letter word

Posted by Anonymous on Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 5:15 PM

I started logging in here and see all the posts about tri-met. Now you see what we are up against. Welcome to my world. The level of service I provide as a bus operator (not a train driver, those guys cannot tie our shoes) you can see has a lot to do with high danger level against our physical safety. You try maneuvering such large vehicles in the traffic. It takes years to handle the heavier routes. We save people money, save gas and genrally run this town. That is why every time we say the word strike it gets the attention of the population. Respect is not a four letter word. Please have your transfer or pass out and ready for loading.

Take a ride on the Willamette Shore Trolly

By Erik Halstead

Max Stations could be much safer

That's if the safety of the public was actually of a concern to governmental planners.
 Unfortunately  it's not.

Heart Breaking story of mom and son killed in the latest MAX accident

Good followup story by JOE ROSE on these last two deaths by MAX, a truly horrible tragedy. 
He really gives us a look at to who the woman and her son was. We very rarely get this kind of back story in Trimet related deaths

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meanwhile the silly street car is a mess
TriMet shuttle buses are serving Portland Streetcar stops along the Central Loop line Saturday as crews work to fix overhead wires on the Broadway Bridge.
Trains are not moving at all on the east side of the Willamette River, TriMet said.
The exact cause of the disruption, which started about 11:20 a.m. Saturday, is unknown.Portland Streetcar stalled by damage to overhead wires on Broadway Bridge |

Trimet bus rodeo boycott discussion raging

There continues to be a tug of war between union members on the upcoming rodeo.
 Some think attending Trimet management's rodeo gives comfort to the enemy.
Others think its just harmless fun.
I'll say it again, In my opinion, there is nothing benevolent about Trimet management.
Everything they do is  done to impact public perception and damage the union.
I have no intention of going.

Mother and son killed in MAX incident

The deceased were a mother and son, identified as Bertha Nellie Kelly of Portland and John Paul Kelly, 48, according to the state medical examiner.  
According to initial reports from witnesses, Kelly and her son exited the eastbound Blue Line train at the city hall station about 11:25 a.m., the transit agency said.
After moving under the shelter at mid-platform, the man reportedly sat on his mother's lap and hit the wheelchair's toggle controller, propelling them both into the gap between the two coupled MAX cars as the train rolled away from the station, Altstadt said.
The platform has a three foot drop into the tracks.

More than 1 person was hurt during yesterdays derailment

TriMet said only one person was hurt, suffering minor injuries, after a train derailed near Lloyd Center on Friday afternoon.  Another woman, a mother, contacted KATU News to say her small children were also hurt in the accident. 

The folly of Portland's obsession with rail

2 killed by MAX train

Things just get worse and worse for the MAX, yesterday's derailment and today's double fatality.
Here is the clip of the MAX operator becoming aware that the train hit someone
And HERE he realizes that they had been fatally injured.
Don't let anybody tell you that working as a transit operator is an 'easy' job. You can see what faces operators daily.

Two people are dead after a TriMet MAX train in Gresham struck them late Saturday morning.
A 66-year-old woman and a man were hit by the train around 11:30 a.m. in the 1200 block of Northwest Eastman Parkway. Both died, TriMet said in a tweet.
TriMet officials said the man and woman were standing on the eastbound train platform at the Gresham City Hall stop when the incident occurred. The pair were not in the crosswalk as initially reported by Gresham police.
Angela Murphy, a TriMet spokeswoman, said the man jumped into the the lap of the wheelchair-bound woman, propelling the chair into the eastbound train's path.
The blue line train was moving at the time the two fell into the right of way, Murphy said.
"They think he hopped into her lap, pushing it forward into the path" of the train, Murphy said.
The platform has a three foot drop into the tracks.
Murphy said she did not know at what point the train operator became aware of what had happened.
"This is an extremely traumatic event for an operator," she said.
The area around the stop is roped off with police tape as investigators work the scene.
— Noelle Crombie 
MAX train deaths: Man's jump into woman's lap propels them into path of train, TriMet says |

Friday, August 15, 2014

Monday is family day on Trimet MAX-FREE!

Bring the whole family for a fun day of rides!
Ride as may times as you want, for free!
Bring a lunch and enjoy the Trimet art

Trimet Red line alert is a total mess

Not only are there 2 conflicting instructions on that page but it also gives false information about 15 minute service. There is no 15 minute red line service on the weekends.

Great debate on the Trimet Facebook page

The Trimet critics vs the Trimet apologists. The critics are the minority by a long shot. The cult of Trimet and Portland is pretty strong. As  usual Erik starts the ball rolling!
Click on the pics for better viewing 

Trimet's failed General Manager Neil Mcfarlane gets another raise

Things have been going very badly at Trimet for quite some time now, years actually.

But here we have Mcfarlane letting the board know that everyone is doing a great job and in order to retain these great executives (the ones that have been screwing up for the last few years) he needs to give them 'merit' raises. These are six figure executives whining that they haven't been getting raises too!

 The Trimet executives live in a parallel universe where all the failures are just ignored.

In all fairness to the Trimet  executives this is common practice in government service. There is no such thing as failure and the ones holding the checkbook are always eager to raid it for themselves

Today's Trimet

A lot of #trimet riders hoofing it between stations in Lloyd District, saying shuttle buses filling up 

Joe Rose interviews derailed riders

Trimet loses damage law suit

Court of Appeals of Oregon.


120911252; A153690.

Decided: August 13, 2014


And those incompetents in charge have just gotten their 'merit' raises, what a joke Trimet is.

Trimet-Culture of dishonesty

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trimet general manager report

Something Trimet would never ever release publicly

I like to put these up because it illustrates clearly the complete lack of transparency at Trimet. We never see any videos being released showing actual incidents. NEVER

Trimet admits on its own facebook page that 'special events' are more important than the lives of Portland residents that have to get to work

The public is so fickle and easily fooled

Remember when the union complained publicly about the condition of the MAX tracks. Trimet sent in their sister crony agency ODOT who did some bullshit evaluating and said everything was fine.
Here we are a couple years down the road and all the problems the union said were there are finally being addressed.

Battling the Trimet apologists

I generally keep my comments to myself on the Trimet official facebook page. Most of the time my comments aren't needed because plenty of other people have the same thoughts I have anyway. But I just had to comment on this thread from one of the many Trimet apologists  I saved it for posterity in case Trimet 'official' apologists remove my comment, which they have done before.

This is an example of Trimet unsafe operations

It should be standard procedure to relieve operators who are visibly upset from duty (with pay) since allowing them to continue in service is dangerous to them and the public. There is unspoken pressure on operators to remain on duty no matter how badly they feel.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TriMet Board of Directors Handouts and presentations from previous meetings

OK this is good stuff, kudo's to Trimet for making it publicly available.

Looks like the 'public' has given up on speaking to the sock puppets

You can NEVER trust a Trimet Max destination sign

Trimet ass backwarrds priorities

Henry Beasley on operator assaults

In our ever evolving situation concerning operator assaults, we need to finally take a united stand against front-line assaults.  I have wrote time and again about our union not taking a stand against the continual abuse of front line employees, so far our union has taken a neutral stance without serious consideration that this is a problem.  In the past couple of months there have been at least 5 separate assaults against front line workers, including 2 in the Supervisor position and yet we have taken no position or opposition to this ever increasing statistic; which is conveniently left out of the companies “crime statistics” report made for the Board of Directors by the Directory of Safety and Security.

Trimet executive priorities

Educated Trimet watchers know the real deal with the 'world famous' Trimet system.
Capital projects, bells and whistles, actual transit is last on the agenda and the employees are something they have to put up with but they surely have no love for their union employess..

Trimet just handed over another $2.5 million to GlobeSherpa (where former Executive CAROLYN YOUNG jumped the Trimet ship for) but they don't have enough hand held radios. What a joke Trimess is

Horror on the MAX

It was very early this morning (Saturday) so the Max was not packed. There were maybe 10 passengers total. The guy boarded the train and I noticed him because he had a pillow and blankets and I thought that was odd. He started folding his blankets and then moved to another seat and settled in. I saw him stand up and stretch and he had an erection.

Done with your $5 Trimet ticket?

Hand it off to the next guy!

Trimet hands its cronies at GlobeSherpa another $2.5 million

Never any problem for those with inside contacts getting nice big fat contracts from the people who steal raises for themselves in secret while they raise everyone elses fare and cut their union employees benefits

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

KOIN report on the Trimess

More satisfied Trimet riders

Trimet 3200 bus seats already falling apart

I've been informed that there are multiple examples of the rider seats already coming apart

Boycott the Trimet bus Rodeo?

There is a movement afoot to have union members boycott the Trimet bus rodeo. So far the union has not officially endorsed this boycott.

Its true that The company has scapegoated its employees and has broken promises with no remorse.

Why would any union member  participate in anything that comes from the management?
They do the poor schmucks, they are the enablers which supports Trimet in its anti union behavior.
(Note:This idea is not coming from me. I was informed of the action from a very reliable source. The company has done everything in its power to make the lives of its union employees/retirees miserable. As a result of Trimet management behavior I would never participate in any activities that would make management look 'good' or 'benevolent' since they are the opposite of that)

Internal strife cripping ATU757-part 2

You may recall that last May I did a post about INTERNAL STRIFE at the union. Well there is an update to that story.
 ATU International has ruled that Bruce Hansen has the power to terminate the contract with Ron Heintzman
Apparently there continues to be officers who refuse to acknowledge the international as final arbitrator in the issue of Ron. 
And members wonder why we are getting no decent representation from the union, they are too busy fighting with each other.


Trimet managers plan for MAX tracks repair goes down the toilet

Trimet managers motto
It sure didn't take long for the latest Trimet fail to occur. The managers grand plan failed in less than one day. Doesn't matter to them. Fail after fail after fail yet they will all get their raises and there will be no one held to any standards of  accountability. These people disrupted the lives of thousands of people, who cares right?

The double standards of performance between the rank and file and the management is indeed profound.

Monday, the first day of the disruption, led to longer-than-expected commutes and for that, we apologize to our riders. To lessen the delays, we are streamlining our train maneuvers as they turn around on a single track at Lloyd Center and at the Rose Quarter. This has led us to adjust our service plan during the remaining days of the disruption. We are still asking riders to plan an extra 30 minutes to their commutes.
Read the rest of the Trimet bullshit HERE
Joe Rose's softball article on the mess at Trimet HERE!  (yes they roll out the GREAT RECESSION nonsense again. The press doesn't question it)