Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trimetgeddon XI Clusterfuck continues causing human suffering

As always with these posts this is just a very small sampling of the suffering going on out there.


Trimet mocks us, this is how they roll.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Someday Portland may grow up

Portland Fails To Clear Snow and Ice: Seattle SDOT Comes to the Rescue

After a major snow event earlier this week, with 6-15 inches over metropolitan Portland, primary and secondary roads are still in bad shape around Portland.  A few ODOT cam shots illustrate what I mean (click on them to expand):

It appears that the Portland road folks (PBOT), have followed the ineffective snow removal approach of Seattle's past mayor Greg Nickels, who lost his job because Seattle was unnecessarily crippled for over a week by impassable, rutted roads covered with ice.   Specifically, they did little pre-treatment before the storm and importantly did not use salt.   And Portland did not have enough equipment (only five decing trucks for example) and had to appeal to Seattle for help.

Seattle learned the hard way in 2008 that salt is really useful, particularly as a pre-treatment of roadway surfaces.  It can melt light snowfalls and prevents the development of a bonded ice layer for heavier snow...thus, making it easier to plow off.  If you want to view a very amusing analysis of the impacts of Seattle's reluctance to use salt and the positive effects of applying it, check out these videos by the "salt guru."


Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Portland Fails To Clear Snow and Ice: Seattle SDOT Comes to the Rescue

It appears TriMet negligence caused derailment

SUMMARY: TriMet had many reasons to worry about the place where the MAX train derailed, and it doesn't seem like they had inspected it.
On Friday, a MAX train derailed at Rose Quarter while going from the Blue Line to the Yellow Line.  On KOIN 6 News, Mary Fetsch noted how "it has never happened before".  However, looking at news media photos and videos, it seems clear that the piece of track was unusable and a derailment was likely to occur:

Trimetgeddon XI ongoing and suffering continues

You may have read reports over mainstream media or some of the social media and even well respected transit consultants "congratulating" Trimet for the "wonderful job they are doing", unfortunately its complete rubbish.

Trimet and its "regional partners" like ODOT and PBOT are doing a miserable job during this last weather event. Roads are a mess, light rail is functioning but barely, and they still haven't figured out how to make bus tire chains that work.

Incredible suffering is happening in the community by both transit riders and Trimet employees. Trimet employees have the solace in knowing they have some decent overtime pay checks coming in at least.

Nobody knows where the battalion of Trimet executives, managers, coordinators, Information Technology, Capital Projects, Marketing and all the other people that make up the gated community known as Harrison Street are. My guess is most of them are home, the others in offices "directing" (if you want to call it that) from the safety of a heated office somewhere.

Below the break is what is REALLY happening out there. The stuff you will never hear from the mainstream. The mainstream that never stops trying to distort reality.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

TriMet was communicating good, but...

A follow-up to The good and the bad of TriMet alerts

During the storm, TriMet had been doing a good job on Twitter, even promptly replying to me at 12:30 AM on a Sunday night, which I wasn't expecting (or really needed since it wasn't a time-sensitive matter).  They were also actively responding to people wanting to know where there bus was with specific information.


Trimet's white Knight rides in for the rescue

That would Mr Jarrett Walker! 
Jarrett has this habit of showing up when Trimet is in the  public relations  toilet bowel.

Jarrett is a public transportation "guru" with a cult following. 
He is one of the leading figures in the neoliberal public transportation industrial complex and its army of overpaid ego inflated "professionals". 
Our lives as Americans are run by a series of Industrial complexes and each one of them have their very own 'think tanks'.
That's what Jarrett Walker is.

 He's on the payroll of numerous public transportation agencies in this country including Trimet. 

He's the last person to look at for unbiased opinions about Trimet.

I hate to attack Jarrett because I respect some of his work, but I lose respect for the man  when he comes up with FAKE NEWS like how wonderful Trimet did during this last storm.

It was a complete and total disaster yet he praises the wonderfulness of how Trimet performed.
It's just sad, very sad that he's so obvious a Trimet apologist.
 I'll never forget when he attacked KOIN for their story on Mcfarlanes Secret raises 
Pathetic is what it is

Tribute to Tom Hall

One of the truly great operators of all time and incredible man to associate with during my 15 years at Trimet was Tom Hall.

Many of us were shocked over his untimely death, another one completely out of the Blue

Rest in peace Tom

A couple good posts from Facebook

It really irks me every time we have this debate with management and supervisors.  "What did the operator do to escalate the situation?"