Saturday, March 28, 2015

Three added bus stops get a press release

TriMet extends Line 8 to NE Dekum Ave and MLK Jr Blvd, adding three new stops | TriMet News and Media Releases

1. It's Dekum Street, not Dekum Avenue.
2. They're not going to be doing it until June.
3. This is something that could have been done a long time ago, as buses are already continuing past these stops. Having buses serve them does not take a schedule or route change and should be separate from where the layover is as the current and all proposed layovers require buses to travel to MLK.
4. They could also have buses serve stops on MLK, saving people from having to transfer to/from Line 6 or walk up to 3/4ths of a mile (if a stop was placed at Mallory and Columbia).  It is true that not all buses go to the layover, but those that don't could be identified as only going to/from Dekum.

Also, Line 6 stops up to every block in the area. PSU student Zef Wagner analyzed the stop spacing (presentation, I have not watched the video) over a year ago and found that it would be beneficial to remove the stops at both Bryant and Holland.  It appears this has not been done.  (An alternative would be to combine the Holland and Morgan stops into a new stop at Buffalo; neither of those streets have a marked crosswalk while Buffalo does.)

Friday, March 27, 2015

TriMet bus stop removal not in sync

The Line 4 stops at N Albina and Jessup were recently removed to improve stop spacing, however the electronic systems still list it.  When the date is not driven by outside factors, it seems it should be possible to sync the removal of a stop with taking it out of stop listings, or at least remove it from the listings before closing it (but preferably after notices have been posted at the stops).

2 retired Trimet drivers ride Trimet around Portland

The 3400 series bus has arrived

Better late than never! Only 10 years overdue!

Long time Trimet rider comments on Trimet management

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A couple of odd TriMet trips

Or why Lines 43 and 66 are listed as serving SW 6th & Clay (and other mall stops).

Trimet bus auction goes over my limit

I was willing to blow $1000 plus expenses on this but not any more than that. I have no place to put it anyway.
 I only wanted to drive it around Portland for one day. 
Unfortunately they were sold for more than $2000 each. 
Oh well

Trimet fraud hotline

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Union Secrecy reigns supreme

Chris Day
Chris Day has been trying to verify union financial statistics. 
He's have no luck at all.
See the union, even though it exists only because of Tax payer dollars, is exempt from public records disclosure, since its basically a Trimet 'contractor'.
One hell of a racket they got going here.
This post is the 3rd post in this series.
Chris sent THIS letter to the union.
He got THIS response originally which was then followed by the response below.

Checking out the Trimet bus auction

Henry Beasley on upcoming contract negotiations

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
On another Facebook page another member asked me to clarify their scare tactics concerning the ACA/Obamacare they were using to show others that we are in a crisis for the upcoming contract negotiations with Trimet.  Since they have done no research on the subject, I have cobbled together something I wrote back in 2013 and something I put together in response to their inquiry/ calling out.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Am I a Jonathan Hunt 'crony'?

Jonathan Hunt is long associated with ATU757
I've been accused by some of my associates of being part of the "Heintzman/Hunt" machine recently.
All that proves to me is that these associates of mine don't have the slightest clue who I am or what motivates me.
I actively campaigned against Ron Heintzman and Jonathan Hunt in the last election.
To insinuate that I am somehow connected to these people is insulting.   
I want to make this clear, I have never ever talked to Jonathan Hunt except at official ATU events and I have never even met Ron Heintzman.

What I can tell you is that after 3 years of Bruce Hansen I really do miss Jonathan.
Despite his failings he had the guts to stand up to the sociopaths in charge of Trimet.
Jonathan was a leader, I'm not sure what Bruce is to be honest.


A Trimet regular rider and tweeter reacts with disgust to Trimet's latest f*k up.

A solution for Lines 93 and 94 (rewritten)

Sorry Trimet mom-your kids are second to the company

Where's mommy? She's being held hostage at Trimet!
Being a Trimet driver is probably the most family unfriendly job in existence. 
Every three months your life is turned upside down and then you have policies such as these


Take this job and shove it!

Unfortunately for people that get recruited into the Trimet training program what they will experience is not much fun. 
Operators are viewed by the Trimet oligarchs (Mcfarlane and his over paid stooges) as pieces of equipment that can be easily replaced.

Another citizen Trimetized

Way to go Trimet! 
Don't you train these fake cops at all?
 Look at the Trimet twitter response.

Not sure why stupid mistakes like this are so common at the Trimess

Everybody working at the Trimess is making top dollar so that's supposed to translate into workers that actually do a good job. 
Oh wait, I forgot, we are talking about Trimess aren't we.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Shirley Block says: There were no provisions in the parties 2009-2012 arbitrator awarded collective bargaining agreement that allowed for changes to the operator run bid process.  The recent ATU 757 TriMet membership and TriMet Board of Directors ratified collective bargaining agreement, 2012-2016, did not contain any changes to the provisions that govern how work assignments or runs are structured and bid by seniority.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bizarre story involving the two drivers who were attacked

Steve Duin
Steve Duin's  very strange article involving the 2 drivers who were attacked outside Trimet bathroom facilities. 

The gist of the story is that there is no independent evidence to verify either event ever occured.

Now I know that Trimet hires some very strange people, and I know that some very weird things happen at Trimet that are unexplainable, but this takes the cake. 

One of the drivers was later promoted to a supervisory position which is very odd if Trimet had even the slightest suspicion that he was lying. Hamad gave an interview to KATU which is at the bottom of this post. That's one hell of an acting job if he was lying.

If one or both of these guys is actually lying what does that say about the working environment at Trimet that would cause someone to actually do this to themselves.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today at the Trimet circus

Latest crazy shit going on at the Trimet circus

Trimet being sued for $2 million

Elias French
In the death of Elias French, Nov. 26, southbound along the 72 line.
Read the story HERE!
Read the court documents HERE!
(Not a good day for Trimet)

Trimet putting in 2 (as in two) gated max stations

Why in the world bother with  only two?
In the 1980s, TriMet planners ruled out turnstile entrances because the devices would have dramatically driven up costs and conflicted with Portland's neighborly reputation
Joe Rose HERE

MAX hits pedestrian

Chris Day gets stonewalled by ATU757

Chris Day is trying to shed some light on union operations but is finding resistance at every step.
Chris  sent THIS letter to ATU asking for information.
Here is the unions response:

Sent: Friday, March 20, 2015 10:53 AM
Subject: RE: 0621501 ATU757 member requesting cost and service information.
Brother Day,

I am researching your request.  I will respond to you at the earliest possible time.  Thank you for your patience.


Trimet running under budget on orange line boondoggle

From BIKE PORTLAND  some of the most relevant parts:
Smart bureaucrats  will always be sure to over-budget construction projects so when they come in under budget the can 'look good'

Four years after the Portland area’s transit agency furiously chopped costs and recruited other local governments to balance the budget for its new $1.5 billion rail line, the price tag so far is tuning out to be more like $1.3 billion.
Though a few remaining bills have yet to be paid, the combination of persistently low interest rates and far more cost-efficient track and systems construction than expected has been so large that TriMet has been searching for new ways to spend some of the unexpected surplus locally.
According to a December 2014 construction report, downward revisions of $64 million from “guideway and track elements,” $42 million from “systems,” $33 million from finance charges and $70 million in unallocated contingency had left the agency with exactly $199,955,869 in “uncommitted” dollars from its $1.5 billion budget.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Naked man shuts down MAX downtown

Mike Bivins
Mike Bivins covers the story. You can follow Mike on twitter HERE!

Whoopie! Gotta Love Tri-Met!

Fresh off their multi-billion-dollar love-fest with light rail construction and their simultaneous cannibalization of bus services, Tri-Met has decided that their managers need yet another boost in pay. So, where are they going to find the money? Well, for starters, they're going after old folks and disabled people.
TriMet proposes increasing honored citizen fares by 20 percent to $1.25, with monthly passes climbing $2 to $28. Honored citizen tickets are purchased by riders older than 65, people on Medicare and people with mental or physical disabilities.
TriMet announced that the budget will include the third pay increase in six years for non-union employees. Workers in that category will see a wage increase of up to 3 percent based on performance and overall compensation.
Oh, but you'll also get better light rail performance! How cool is that? More gang-bangers riding for free on more trains to expand their turf. Somebody, somewhere, might even get a new bus to ride. On the backs of old or disabled people. Stay classy!
Post from Max Redline

Portland streetcar supposed to follow traffic laws

Nothing is too much for bus driver appreciation day

Classic Trimet twitter response

The comment to Trimet is on the bottom and Trimet's response is on the top

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MAX ridership is up for the first time in years

I'm sure the unseasonably warm weather has created this blip in the Trimet commuter statistics.
Ridership system wide is up 4.2% from last year.
All modes were up this month.
Except  Trimet's  white elephant, WES, down 9%.
 WES never  even made its 1st year ridership predictions. 
It's a complete and total failure
WES continues to  suck down millions of dollars that could be used for more important transit services.

Does the Portland Streetcar stop for pedestrians in crosswalks?

The short answer is no

Henry Beasley

Dear brothers and sisters
I would sincerely like to thank each and every one that I meet last week.  Last week was a struggle to get a bylaws change that we thought would make it a fairer election process for “all” members of ATU757.  Even though there were good debates on how we should go forward, there was also fear mongering and flat out lies being tossed around. All in all it shows us that we really need to take steps to review all of our bylaws and make the necessary updates that comply with our local, International and the Department of Labor.  It also shows us that we need to have an inclusive bylaws committee made up of all the properties so that no member feels like they’ve been left out of the processes.

Trimet's great disappearing act

During the 2003 session of the Oregon State Legislature, TriMet sought an increase in the regional payroll tax rate. In public testimony, TriMet General Manager Fred Hansen said, “TriMet’s proposed payroll tax increase will be used exclusively to provide new or enhanced transit service.”

The legislature approved TriMet’s request, and the payroll tax rate went up every January for ten straight years. By the end of 2014, TriMet had received $34.4 million in new payroll tax revenues attributable to rate increases. Yet during that same decade, the miles of transit service offered to patrons actually dropped by 14%, while the hours of service declined by 5%.

Like a magic show, TriMet tried to distract the audience by pointing to grand celebrations for the opening of the WES commuter rail line and the Green MAX line, both of which opened in 2009. But overall service levels were reduced five times in six years, the opposite of what was promised in 2003.

TriMet’s proposed budget for 2015-16 was released last week. It calls for “expanding service through the opening of the Portland-Milwaukie light rail line.” Once again, all the attention will be on new trains, while total service levels will still be far below the levels we had in 2003.
State legislators should be asking TriMet where all the money went. But sadly, no one in Salem cares about results.
Original Here

Trimet preventable accident criteria

Streetcar collision summary

Portland Streetcar collisions? Nearly 1 a week

Tempers flare at Trimet MAX

Feel the love!
Things get hot and heavy occasionally over at Trimet MAX

It's Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Yes that's Mary Fetsch out there with the sign
Approximately 5  years ago "bus driver appreciation day" was invented. It appears it was started in Seattle but it became a 'national' event. Interestingly enough this happens to coincide with the world wide attack on bus drivers pay and benefits. Apparently our masters figured that if they had a 'appreciation day' that would somehow make up for the brutal public attacks on bus drivers. 

In any event it appears that Trimet is going all out this year  trying to make their bus drivers feel good about themselves.  
The article below is from SLATE

Last month, in a grossly egregious case of backseat driving, a woman was arrested after she attacked a New York City bus driver for, as she claimed, "driving too slow." It's hardly the first time a passenger has taken out their frustration with Gotham's traffic on the driver; indeed, a December 2008 MTA study found nearly 60 physical assaults that year, not to mention dozens of cases of being spat on—and heaps of verbal abuse.

It's not just New York: Research in the United Kingdom has found that bus drivers report fear of physical assault as their job's biggest stressor. With good reason: In 1993, for example, more than 1,500 assaults were reported. A 2000 survey found that British transport workers had the highest fear of assault of any occupation, with an actual risk more than four times that of any other job.

Strange incident on Trimet bus 44

From a reader and rider:

At approximately 6:35 am on 3/18/15, a man ran up to the #44 bus at the intersection of Capitol Hwy. and 49th at a non-scheduled stop. He pounded on the door and once he was on the bus begged the driver to not let another man on the bus who was chasing him because he feared for his life. He was obviously distressed. The other man had caught up and was pacing at the door, telling the bus driver to let him on as well. The man in the red and black windbreaker, who had arrived first, was begging your driver to not let him on and stated clearly "He is going to kill me." The driver paused for a moment then let the other man on the bus. He began repeating "I don’t mean no disrespect, but you cant talk to me like that." The man in the windbreaker was cowering, pleading with the driver to not let him take off with this man on the bus. The driver simply said to both of them to get off the bus because "these people are going to get upset at you." At that point, the other man grabbed the man in the windbreaker by the back of his neck and led him off the bus, all the while the man in the windbreaker is begging for help. All but one of us called 911.

This was not our regular driver. Although I can understand the possible reason he let someone on the bus simply because they requested to get on the bus, there should be a discussion about what a driver should do when someone is pleading for their life to not let someone on the bus. Thisr driver could have allowed someone to be taken away to their death.

At Pioneer Square there were people holding signs saying "Transit Driver Appreciation." Several of us were quiet, as well as the bus driver.

What are your thoughts on this?

Joe Rose covered this story:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Today at the Trimet circus

Tuesday March 17

RE: 0621501 ATU757 member requesting cost and service information.

Chris Day has been checking the validity of ATU757's facts and figures. It is becoming clear that ATU757 operates exactly like TRIMET. Both are very secretive and both expect everyone to believe their facts and figures because 'they say so'.

Chris is trying to verify the stated union costs. Below is the latest chapter in this  drama .

Trimet/ATU progress report

Bruce Hansen (and his associates) have been allegedly working with Trimet officials to "improve the working environment" for Trimet bus operators. Below the break are the supposed 'accomplishments'.
I've talked to quite a few people, and again most the people I know that continue to work at Trimet are all veteran drivers but the handful I know that are not 10+ years also agree with this hypothesis.

Bruce wants to be the 'nice guy' and wants Trimet and the union to get along. To further that goal Bruce (and his associates) are conceding to Trimet demands. They are doing this in the hope that in the future Trimet will be 'kinder and gentler' to union employees. What Bruce seems to ignore is that he has conceded to virtually every single one of Trimet's demands and has gotten nothing in exchange. 

KGW silly video report for Bus Driver appreciation day

I find it rather trite but what do I know.
Listen to the trainer guy spit back the "safety is our core value" bullshit on camera