Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Oh Brother!!!

And Neil should be thankful for his tax payer funded salary of $110/hr.
 His 12 weeks of vacation.
A nice big fat bonus the day he decides to step down as exalted ruler of Trimet of $98,000 cash 
A nice fat check for the rest of his life of $427/day when he abdicates the throne.
(It's nice to be a stooge of the oligarchs, at least financially, hey its the way of the world we live in)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Watch as the sock puppets give Neil Mcfarlane unending praise and a raise

We all know who the board of directors are. They are the sock puppets appointed by the governor to do the bidding of the Trimet general manager, who is the person in charge of everything that happens at Trimet. They are basically appointed as cheerleaders for the general manager.

Public satisfaction is at the lowest point in Trimet history yet these puppets extol the wonderfulness of Neil. The Trimet operators I know have the lowest morale since I have been associated with the organization yet the praise of Neil Mcfarlane is never ending.

For the first time in history the Secretary of State was instructed to perform an audit of Trimet, all under  the reign of Neil Mcfarlane.

All we see here is the true nature of the government we live under. It doesn't matter how much they fail (hell even the leaders of the national security state got commendations and raises after the biggest security failure in American history,-9/11) they will always get commendations and raises. Our government does not represent us, it hasn't in decades. Trimet is not unique here, this is standard operating procedure in our culture now.

Trimet bus hits and kills bicyclist

You can get a Trimet lift bus for $100

Classic Tweets

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How do u get out of Trimet training and not know where Willow Creek is?

Trimet dispatch Here



View Article
Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) - August 6, 1988
Author: STAN FEDERMAN - of the Oregonian Staff
Readability: >12 grade level (Lexile: 1360)

With contract negotiations only 10 days away, Tri-Met and its union are once again growling at each other, this time over driver sign-ups for bus routes for the fall.

The union says it is rejecting the fall sign-up because of many contractual violations by Tri-Met and union concerns for operator and passenger safety.

MAX chaos to continue into 2015

KPTV reports on the continuing chaos with Trimet's 'world class' light rail system

Pretty sad when a bus driver doesn't know where 82nd MAX is

Trimet dispatch Here

Monday, November 24, 2014

What Trimet bus drivers put up with

Trimet actually sent out an alert about the Ferguson situation

Mcfarlane responded to my board testimony

Sock Puppets meetings are now available at TrimetTV

For years we had to bring these meetings to the public at our own expense. 
Finally after the Secretary of State did that mostly bullshit audit Trimet decided to take that duty over. 
If you can bear watching this silly staged show of the Trimet cheerleader squad you can click the links below

Confusion on Trimet employees who have double coverage


I would like information on co-pays and deductibles for myself and my wife being covered under each other’s insurance plan. We are both employed by TriMet are planning to use Regence for our coverage. We want to know how being double covered affects our deductibles and co-pays along with any other information you may have on double coverage.  I asked at one of the information tables and was referred to your department.

Also, can we opt for two different plans and cover each other under the plans? For example my wife chooses Regence and I choose Kaiser? How would this impact our coverage?

It would be nice if the individuals at the tables could answer these and other questions.


For more details information about dual coverage and how it is going to be process, you can call Regence at 503 225 5336. They are the one who process claims for TriMet and should be able to help your with your inquiry.

If you have different plans, your own plan is going to be your primary. So, if you choose Kaiser as your medical provider, then Kaiser is your primary insurance.

Kaiser does not have coordination of benefits with Regence so more likely if you were to use the Regence plan under your spouse, it will get billed to Kaiser and then it will be denied and then it can be sent to Regence as your secondary coverage.


If TriMet is implementing these forced changes upon union members I think a reasonable expectation is for TriMet to have answers for it’s employees.  Obviously I am wrong.



View Article
Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) - November 8, 1995
Author: GORDON OLIVER - of the Oregonian Staff
Readability: 10-12 grade level (Lexile: 1200)
Summary: The transit agency's chief denies that improved relations with the union have compromised management's authority

Two years ago, it didn't take much to draw fighting words out of transit union leader Ron Heintzman.

During one dispute with Tri-Met General Manager Tom Walsh over pension benefits for widows of retired union members, Heintzman ordered picket signs with the slogan ``Walsh Welches on Widows.'' The squabble was settled without picketing, but Heintzman kept the sign in his office as a trophy of the union's tough negotiating style.

For his part, Walsh at one point openly admitted to the Tri-Met board that he simply didn't know how to get along with the union, which represents about 1,800 drivers and other employees.

The light rail con

Public Transit Is Going Extinct, But Toy Trains Still Snooker Cities

But are light rails and trolleys what we need to rebuild world-class American cities? The easy-going liberals of Portland relish that their city is consistently hailed as having a “world-class” transit system, complete with buses, light rail, and streetcars. Portland sent its first “sleek and modern Portland Streetcar“ on a maiden voyage in 2001.  Fans of the streetcar have declared the city’s light-rail system, “MAX Light Rail,” as (of course) world-class.

Sunday, November 23, 2014



View Article
Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) - July 5, 1999
Author: GORDON OLIVER - The Oregonian
Readability: >12 grade level (Lexile: 1360)
Summary: The libel suit stems from the bus drivers' criticism of the leaders' financial abilities and negotiating skills

A bitter feud within the union that represents Tri-Met bus drivers and rail operators has spilled out of the union hall with a lawsuit filed by the top three officials against two members.

Amalgamated Transit Union Division 757 officials, including president Ronald Heintzman, business representative Rufus Fuller and secretary-treasurer Thomas Wallace, have accused two Tri-Met drivers of defamation and libel in a lawsuit filed last week in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

The drivers, Samuel F. Schwarz of Portland and Gerald "Red" Worland of Milwaukie, have written open letters to union members and their employers harshly criticizing the union leaders' spending practices, financial accounting and contract negotiating abilities. They also accuse Heintzman of making derogatory comments about union members. Worland also raises questions about possible ballot tampering in a close union vote on a new contract.

Shirley Block announces her candicacy for ATU757 President

Saturday, November 22, 2014

C-Tran/Trimet contract

For several months, the C-Tran Board of Directors has discussed its controversial light rail contract with TriMet mostly in closed executive sessions.
A surprise motion by Clark County Commissioner David Madore prompted a rare public discussion at this week’s meeting, while board members awkwardly straddled the line between what to keep confidential and what to talk about openly.
Immediately after another executive session on the subject Tuesday, Vancouver Mayor and C-Tran board chair Tim Leavitt started to wrap up the meeting, seemingly expecting no further debate.
He began, “No formal action from the C-Tran board regarding the TriMet operations and maintenance of light rail contract, so we’ll–”
“Excuse me, Mr. Chairman?” Madore jumped in. “I would like to make a motion.”
Leavitt, with a less-than-pleased look on his face, yielded the floor to Madore. The Republican commissioner moved that C-Tran send a letter to TriMet stating that C-Tran considers the agreement “null and void.” Washougal City Councilor Connie Jo Freeman offered a second.
Some background: C-Tran earlier this year sent a letter to TriMet asking that the two agencies jointly terminate the contract tied to the failed Columbia River Crossing project. Last week, TriMet responded by flatly denying that request.
Madore’s motion would have upped the ante, and possibly resulted in a legal dispute between the two transit agencies.
Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman said he would oppose the motion, but wouldn’t comment further to avoid disclosing what was discussed in executive session. Madore said his motion was a “decisive action” not connected with that discussion.
The motion ultimately failed by a 5-3 vote. That’s when things got interesting.
“Didn’t we just agree to send a letter?” Freeman asked, apparently referring to the executive session. “So is this going to undo that?”
“What did you just say?” said Vancouver City Councilor Bart Hansen, looking toward Freeman.
“Nothing,” Madore responded.
“Didn’t you just say something?” Hansen said.
“In this motion,” Madore said.
“Be careful what you say,” said Hansen, still looking toward Freeman. “I’m saying that politely. I’m not trying to be — just be very careful what you say. You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you disclose what happened in executive session.”
In Oregon, state law allows reporters to attend executive sessions. Sometimes I wish Washington would follow suit.
C-Tran board publicly, awkwardly discusses light rail deal - All Politics is Local

Friday, November 21, 2014

My favorite Trimet facebook comments

 TriMet Facebook

Latest "Best of the Trimet tweets"

The wonderful Trimet cell phone app gives plenty of heartache to Trimet riders

Transit riders of  Portlandia take to twitter to express their  feelings about  Portland's 'world famous' transit system  (Known to the locals as THE TRIMESS ) And if you want to know what's REALLY going on at Trimet check out TRIMETSCANNER

Trimet scheduling department really needs a shake up

This happens way to often to be acceptable. This is why people don't use public transit and will never use public transit. This is why bus drivers are mean and rude. You have all these buses running this late as often as Trimet does and you have an agency that is a failure. Just give Mcfarlane another raise, the worse things are at Trimet the more money he makes.

Trimet governance is a total joke

Trimet bus drivers on YouTube

"Trimet don't have a backup"

Everything for Mcfarlane-nothing for the drivers

A pal of mine just got 2 commendations from riders on their bus.
They lamented how there is no longer gift cards for operators who do a great job at Trimet
I remember when Trimet removed those  little perks due to 'budget problems'
Well the budget problems are over but Trimet has still removed all those little perks that drivers would get for their superior performance.

I guess all of that sort of thing needs to go to King Neil now, for his current administration and his future retirement.

After all, Neil is much more important that some bus driver serving the public day after day.

 Neil gets annual salary of $229,000.  
$97,179 cash payment on the day he retires.
$12,800 every month for life when he retires

But Trimet can't afford $25 gift certificates for Bus operators

Bus gets T-boned

Police: Driver t-bones TriMet bus |

Meeting with Bruce Hansen-ATU President

I haven't seen Bruce since leaving Trimet employ. I forgot what a nice guy he is. One thing I can say about Bruce, he does try to do the right thing.. He wanted me to hear it from him what his logic was for accepting the deal with Trimet. 

And he is willing to meet one on one with any member of ATU757 if they don't understand what's going on.
That says a lot about the character of the man.

I am  programmed  very closely to vice president Hunt.  Both of us have been fighting with Trimet officials so long that neither of us can envision any sort of honest cooperation anymore. Both of us suffer from the "victory or death" syndrome.

I don't trust them, I never will trust them but I imagine that Bruce is most likely correct about one thing, the  loss of  health coverage from one of the best in the country to just another average policy was inevitable.

It's a shame that the retirees had to take this huge hit, the company did indeed lie to us about our retirement package. Our retirement package shrunk significantly while Mcfarlanes got much richer. And so goes the world right now. 
The public enjoys watching public employees getting eaten alive. 
The mainstream media has successfully infiltrated the minds of our fellow citizens into believing the race to the bottom is good for them.

I also agree with Bruce that ATU757 is in a much more desirable position if we end up with another arbitration.
ATU757 has taken two consecutive hits in these contract negotiations, a 'fair' arbitrator would most likely take that into account.

By entering into an agreement now rather that fighting it till the bitter end saves the union and its members (currently working at Trimet) heartache on multiple fronts beyond the health care component.

  I still continue to believe that ATU757 should have never agreed to give up the right to strike. The reason we are in the position that we all find ourselves today is that our union (Jon Hunt) gave our leverage away. With out the power to strike there is in reality no union. 

In the end President Hansen emphasized that this ordeal is over for now. There is no going back. The contract was approved by a vast majority of the members that voted so it is totally legitimate.
There is no point in discussing this any longer.

Solidarity is essential from here

Legalization of marijuana means nothing if you're a Trimet employee

At least if your a union employee. 
(do non union employees get drug tested I wonder)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trimet version of my speech to the board

Don't forget the crap that Trimet tried to pull in the past

The Trimet Board of Directors

They have one agenda, and that is to support the Trimet General Manager.
The are appointed specifically for that purpose. 
Basically they are just cheerleaders for the general manager. 
They are accountable to nobody but the governor and the governor is one of the leaders of the Portland Light rail Mafia.
No matter how much public outcry may occur they can ignore all of it. 
The public is not important.
Anybody that thinks anything else is seriously deluded. 
They acknowledge no criticism, they say nothing negative and are completely useless for the public and employees as advocates.
They gave away the store to Fred Hansen and now Neil Mcfarlane.
Until such time as control of Trimet is wrestled from the governor nothing will change.

Trimet ridership up- thanks to bus (again)

But the good old reliable (sometimes) bus does most of the work for Trimet

The Mcfarlane money story keeps going and going

 And the sock puppets keep on giving away the tax payers money.
What a freaking joke Trimet governance is.
Like I said at the meeting, the only thing that phony board cares about is the executive class of the management. Everything else is expendable.
This is not unusual by the way, transit executives are getting rich at multiple agencies in the country.
 American public transit is a train wreck but that doesn't stop the people at the top from stuffing their pockets. 

When the TriMet board of directors voted unanimously Wednesday to sweeten General Manager Neil McFarlane's paycheck, it approved a two-piece package that will contribute to one of the most generous retirement deals in the transit agency's history.

First, there was the 3.4 percent pay increase -- the 62-year-old transit leader's second in two years -- boosting his annual salary to $229,000. On top of that, the board awarded McFarlane two more weeks of vacation during the life of the new two-year contract.
Why does a transit executive who already receives nine weeks of vacation a year need an extra 80 hours?
At TriMet, the general manager is not eligible for annual bonuses. However, in a system where McFarlane is allowed to stash and cash out up to 1,500 hours of unused vacation at retirement, paid time off can wind up being a bonus by another name.

In fact, McFarlane, who worked at the transit agency for 19 years before becoming general manager in 2010, has already saved up 889 hours – or 20 weeks -- of unused vacation. That would amount to a lump-sum pay out of $97,179 on the day he retires. 
Valued at $8,800, the contract's extra two weeks of vacation will be added to McFarlane's vacation bank. "The intent is to see him take some time off," said Bruce Warner, the TriMet board president. "But it's his to use however he wants to use it."

Read the entire story: TriMet GM's 'vacation bank' guarantees big retirement pay out on top of $12,800 monthly pension |

That Trimet board can't be honest about anything

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dilbert gets it right

Essay on Trimet bus drivers

Is it Tri MET...or Tri MAD????

Classic Tweets

Appearance at the Trimet board of directors

We all know that speaking to the Trimet board is about as productive as speaking to the wall in your house. It absolutely means nothing to these people. Doesn't change anything and testimony is completely disregarded as soon as you end your presentation.

But today was a good opportunity to pay the debt I owed to Mr Mcfarlane for my failed small claim. The court ordered me to pay him, how's that for justice?

I made my little speech and that's that.
I think I qualify as the most hated employee in Trimet history.
Sorry about that, I'm a product of the Trimet culture

Pretty sweet to be a Trimet executive

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

General Managers and construction contractors get what ever they want

Mcfarlane's greed is unparalleled


Mcfarlane keeps getting richer and richer

Just two years ago his salary was $221k. I'm sure he is very proud of himself. He will also be pulling a retirement that rivals Fred Hansen.

Mcfarlane has abrogated years of commitments to his employees/retirees stealing away the health care that the retirees were promised.

He has sent Nazi type fare inspectors  into his light rail to intimidate riders.

He got rid of the fareless square He toyed with Opal
And he raised fares for riders making Trimet one of the most expensive public transit systems  in the country

So Mcfarlane gets richer on the backs of his employees and the public..

Trimet reliability has gone down the tubes since Neil became General manager

In my opinion he is the worst general manager in Trimet history.
My opinon means nothing to the trimet oligarchs. And the opinion of the public is of no conern to these people. 

Satisfaction ratings of Trimet shows a steep decline. What do these sock puppets do? They give him another "retroactive' raise.

What a joke that Trimet board is, completely useless 

Welcome to the new Amerika!