Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Friday, September 19, 2014

Best of the Trimet tweets

Transit riders of  Portlandia take to twitter to express their frustration at  Trimess  (Trimet)
And if you want to know what's REALLY going on at Trimet check out TRIMETSCANNER

More crap that Trimet drivers are expected to know but don't get paid for

All these goddamn ridiculous HR policies are the responsibility of all Trimet drivers to know. But Trimet expects said employees to know this stuff on their own time. Yes Trimet drivers make a liveable wage (after 3 years that is) but when you count the numerous things that drivers are supposed to do on their own time that decent wage turns out to be much less.

Trimet attempts to 'spin' the Trimet rodeo

In Trimet fashion which NEVER admits any sort of failure, they  claimed 'hundreds' of participants yet only 60 people actually bothered to participate in the driving. Since there are about 1300 bus drivers that is less than 5% participation. The boycott worked. Nice attempt at spin Trimet but its totally transparent. (for a change)
Trimet officials in true form don't know spelling very well, its RODEO, not roadeo

Did they really leave Sunset TC off this schedule on purpose

It's gotta be a mistake right?

Every bus driver running more than 10 minutes late is being stressed

Due to the complete indifference of the Trimet scheduling department what you see after the page break is list off all the buses that are running way behind schedule. This is not an anomaly, this is standard Trimet procedure. It's an institutional disgrace that this is allowed to continue like this day after day.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dr Jeff Classics

Commuting apps I’d like to see | TriMet Diaries

As a 21st-Century commuter, you’ve already downloaded all the available transit apps to your handset or personal computing device. You’ve got apps that tell you what time your bus is going to be there, and, well, another app that tells you when your bus is going to be there. What you’re really anxiously awaiting is – you guessed it – the update to the app that tells you when your bus is going to be there, with fancy new graphics and a button that lets you tweet when your bus is going to be there.

Trimet's latest public relations stunt

And as always, residents of Portlandia just love it!

"From the drivers side"-The State of Our Union - Part I

This is really an excellent essay which you should read in its entirety HERE
Here are some of the highlights:

Trimet greed mongers

Cronies of Neil Mcfarlane like Dave Auxier and Bob Nelson get double pensions and a few hundred thousand dollars extra spending money while Trimet retirees get whacked and lose their pensions and Trimet current employees (especially part timers) end up losing large chunks of their paychecks in order to stay healthy.

"Big Pink" getting in the way

Audio Here

The 'new' Sunset TC

Millions of dollars well spent right?

Lock em Down!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good comment on the Tualatin light rail vote

 (don't agree 100% but he made one really excellent point)
Occupy your mind 2 days ago
Don't blame this NO-ON-TRIMET vote on anti-MAX Luddites or Lars Larson or anyone else...but TRIMET and METRO. Both those bureaucracies spend millions of your tax dollars on extensive public relations departments and they couldn't even mount a halfway decent public education campaign to make Tualatin-Tigard voters aware of the advantages of light rail access to the economic hub of Northwest Oregon.

These votes came out the way they did not because of Larson or the Cascade Institute or a few ignorant anti-MAX geezers but IN SPITE of them.

TRIMET and METRO would rather spend their PR budgets glorifying themselves and their bureaucrats than developing a first-class public education campaign to make citizens aware of the issue of metropolitan overpopulation and the role that railed transit can play in alleviating its problems. This is inevitable outcome. Lay the blame where it belongs. On the bureaucrats who lost these elections.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Church of Light Rail suffers another defeat

...this time in Tualatin - 75% voting to require a public vote on light rail planning or funding...

Tualatin voters in a Tuesday night special election were overwhelmingly passing Ballot Measure 34-220, which would prohibit the city from using its resources on the financing, design, construction or operation of light rail without first getting voters' approval.
Partial returns posted just after 8 p.m. showed that nearly 75 percent of more than 2,800 city residents voted "yes." Turnout was under 25 percent.

They ain't gone...yet

Here's a nice collection of some of those 16 22! year old buses still in TriMet's fleet.  Although missing the license plates and bike racks, it looks like these ones are actually out of service.  FINALLY.

Welcome to the 2014 TriMet Roadeo!


Now I get the sunset tc closure

TriMet’s Sunset Transit Center MAX Station will reopen Wednesday morning, Sept. 17, two days ahead of schedule. Construction on a platform improvement project had shut down both platforms since Wednesday, Sept. 3, but the contractor was able to finish up this stage of work quicker than planned. Riders will experience a smoother surface(LOL!) and
Sunset Transit Center construction wraps up two days early
Sunset Transit Center construction wraps up two days early
a new type of tactile strip (LOL)to warn them when they are walking too close to the edge of the platform. They will also see the foundation for equipment for TriMet’s future electronic fare system.

Trimet rodeo pictures

This was a somewhat controversial event and the union members voted to boycott the whole thing due to managements bad faith bargaining and 'shoot to kill' disciplinary policies.
    I have no idea how effective the boycott was but it looks pretty sparse from these pictures

Trimet releases some video of the Max derailment

My sources and the dispatch calls all point to human error in the handling of the switch which lead to the derailment. Almost all of these type of events are human error. Why Trimet tries to hide this fact is beyond me. It's highly unusual for Trimet to release video of any sort of incidents these days they are so paranoid of their public relations didn't get updated correctly

TriMet's Service Alerts page has a link to the C-TRAN fare use policy, noting that there are changes. However, while information was added to it, it uses future tense even though the changes have gone into effect and misses a key point.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Improving mobility in the region

by Ron Swaren

Please note I am not referring to a copy of I-205 placed on Portland’s west side or any Westside Bypass Freeway. However, when the Columbia River Crossing task force eliminated competitive proposals the central reasoning seemed to be that these were “not in the (I-5) bridge influence area.”

But aside from tearing down the I-5 bridges, wouldn’t we want any supplemental structure to be outside the “influence area?” I’m not talking about Idaho, simply at other points within the Metropolitan area. And there is no good reason to tear those existing bridges down.

Trimet Driver of the hour


That this sort of thing happens so often is an outrage. Truly despicable. People have paid their fare yet they get hassled anyway. How does Trimet get away with this?

MLR factoids

A reader writes:

Your post about the Portland Milwaukie light rail states:
"all the while spending $250,000,000 PER MILE to build this silly
light rail line to a town of 20,000 people"

As you should know, the Portland Milwaukie light rail line only has
one station in Milwaukie, and it is quite far south of downtown. The
rest are either in Portland or unincorporated Clackamas County.

Thus, it really isn't a "silly light rail line to a town of 20,000
people", but a silly light rail line to an intersection where there
happens to be an Elks Lodge and not much else.  Milwaukie failed to
act fast enough to purchase the old middle school property to convert
to a station, and thus unlike all other light rail lines TriMet has
built there will be no actual station at the population center.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

"From the Driver's side"

We all tend to consider ourselves "good" drivers, whether we're operating a bus or tooling around in our own wheels. Ask 10 people to rate their driving skills and chances are all will give themselves high marks. Ask a bus operator to rate the average driver, and the score drops. Drastically.

We are trained to predict driver behavior, and we can be assessed a "Preventable Accident" if we don't avoid a collision. Even if we're not "at fault", the district holds its drivers to lofty standards and will assess a PA if we didn't do everything possible to prevent a collision.

MAX REDLINE comments on the Ibn Mika'il incident

It turns out that the outraged Muslim dude is  JASON O'MUIRIGAIN, a white boy of Irish descent from nearby Beaverton, Oregon - and it turns out that he started cussing the bus driver out because the bus wasn't air-conditioned. Whatever would the poor boy do over there in the Middle East? I mean, really, when you're out there jihading around, raping Christians and sawing heads off, there's not gonna be a whole lot of air conditioning involved. It's hot and dirty work, and a lot of it.
As the riders waited for the TriMet supervisor to arrive, Gale said the driver and Ibn Mika'il continued their back and forth. He said Ibn Mika'il was cussing so much during the conversation that a family with two small children got off the bus.
"The half dozen or so of us that stayed on the bus all filled out comment cards, which to my knowledge all supported the driver," Gale said.
Ol' Jason's running around calling himself Yassin Ibn Mika'il these days, though it doesn't appear that the name change is actually legal. I think he's only in it for that whole multiple wives thing.
MaxRedline: Tri-Met Driver In Hot Water UPDATE

Trimet employees work in a fascist environment

And here we see that the fascists that control Trimet just busted into an employees locker without any sort of warrant and seized personal property.


Classic Tweets

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bells and whistles

Nobody does better than Trimet in the Bells and Whistles Department
Is this shit really necessary?
$30 million of YOUR tax dollars to come up with this new  bullshit

Trimet driver of the hour

Best of the Trimet Tweets

People who have been abused by the world famous transit system in Portlandia aka Trimess  (Trimet) Take to twitter to express their frustration.
And if you want to know what's REALLY going on at Trimet check out TRIMETSCANNER

Trimet Facebook

Progress report Sunset TC
And then my Hero Erik Halstead goes on his attack!

The MBTA actually uses twitter for resolving complaints

Unlike Trimet which may (or may not) respond to twitter messages who then instruct the the person to go to another website and fill out yet another on line form MBTA (3 times the size of Trimet) actually use twitter directly to resolve complaints

Friday, September 12, 2014

If a TriMet MAX stop was designed identically to a TriMet bus stop...

Any one of these bus drivers might run a red light today

And some of them might leave early from the end of the line. 

People that have not actually been a bus driver do not understand that it is human nature to start rushing when the bus you are driving is running late. And the later the bus gets the more the urge to speed up takes over.

This is the fundamental flaw in the Trimet 'safety' program. Every single bus that is running late is a safety hazard due to human nature. Yet the powers that be completely ignore this very basic tenet of a safe operation. To intentionally defy human nature asking for disaster

Do you think riders that have been waiting for a bus that is more than 10 minutes late will be happy? Absolutely not. 

Rushing drivers/upset riders= operator stress which equals eventual disaster.

There is no safety at Trimet, and that's a fact

Just one year to go for a whole new Max line to be screwed up!

The 'new' SE 17th St

Buildings like the PGE one on the NW corner of Center have been demolished, and the employee parking lots on the west side of the street shrunk

Trimet propaganda that actually sickens me

They actually have a countdown clock! Portlander's will eat it up I'm sure
Click HERE to see their ridiculous live count down clock

Yassin Ibn Mika'il incident

This incident is a bunch of BS, has no newsworthy value whatsoever but as we know the media loves to make a big deal whenever a bus driver 'screws up'.  The driver cracked a bad joke about the 'jihad' and apparently things escalated from there. The driver didn't deny the man a ride and didn't harass the man but the whole thing makes the media. It's a tempest in a teapot. No harm was done to the the complainant other than his feelings getting hurt. Of course the poor bus driver is working in one of the over the top 'politically correct' work places in Oregon. At Trimet you can never say how you actually feel if it might offend someone. You walk on eggshells your entire shift  working at Trimet. The Trimet bureaucrats have a whole department of overpaid pencil necks that live for this sort of thing called Human Resources.

TRIMET bus survey


Five Years On, Westside Commuter Train Bleeds Cash

Despite the economic rebound, more than five years of operations, and promises by TriMet, taxpayers are still subsidizing each ride on the Westside Express Service (WES) to the tune of $13.94 a trip. That’s the most expensive subsidy of any of TriMet’s modes of transit and it's unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.
WES, TriMet’s only commuter train service, connects Beaverton to Wilsonville, and operates on a 14.7-mile section of track owned by the Portland and Western Railroad.
All trips on TriMet are subsidized by taxpayers, but trips on WES are subsidized seven times as much as bus rides and 20 times as much as each ride on a MAX line, according to documents on TriMet ridership.
“WES is a total boondoggle,” said Jared Franz, Transportation Policy Associate at the enviornmental nonprofit OPAL. “We are subsidizing premium service in this more affluent corridor.” 

Can't wait for Trimet's $30 million dollar 'state of the art' fare system

Trimet has such an excellent record in the area of fare collections. (sic)
Below is an example of Trimet excellence in fare collection methods.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Class action update

While its a loss for me personally(and other retirees) the case moves forward! 
This case was never about me making some extra spending money but rather an attempt to end one of the many tyrannies that Trimet operators suffer at the hands of Trimet management.

Trimet's hierarchy of stress

I've always found it funny that different transit operators working for the same transit system have very different levels of stress put on them depending on which part of the transit agency they work.

At Trimet for example the worst working conditions and worst schedules are foisted upon the bus division. More than 1/2 of Trimet bus schedules just do not work (and trimet officials are will aware they don't work), and many of the drivers breaks are just gone by the time the bus reaches the end of the line.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Portland tries to fancy itself as an American Amsterdam

Behold, its not quite like that

Trimet park and rides-perfect place to manufacture illegal drugs

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – A grand jury has indicted a man accused of causing a blast in a Tigard parking lot by attempting to concentrate marijuana into hash oil.
Californian indicted in Tigard hash oil explosion |

I support the Swedish model in dealing with the greed of transit systems

 $175 fine for not having a $2.50 bus fare is definitely out of line and would only happen when you have a government of wolves

STOCKHOLM — The first target stumbled through the Hornstull metro station here with her nose in her purse, too harried to notice the man sidling up behind her.
She swiped her fare card. A pair of barriers slid apart, and before they could close, two train rides had been unlocked for the price of one.
Too easy, the fare thief announced, returning through the gates.
“I’ve got a little practice,” said the man, Christian Tengblad, 32, stealing a look back at a station agent.
Every transit network has its fare beaters, the riders who view payment as either optional or prohibitively expensive. Many cities, most notably New York, view turnstile-jumpers as a top policing priority, reasoning that scofflaws might graduate to more serious crimes if left alone.
But in Stockholm, the offenders seem to have defeated the system.

Trimet trying to stifle free speech-AGAIN

FRIGHTTOWN wants to put some tongue and cheek ads on the side of Trimet buses making fun of some local issues. Trimet doesn't like  that of course so they have no put the ads on the buses as of now.
Haunted House's Proposed TriMet Ads Mock Street Fee, Fluoride and Reservoir Urination

More problems with Trimet discrimination

KPTV reports on muslim man who had problems with 94 driver

Trimet involved in racial profiling?

Nothing surprises me about the things that go on there. Rogue unaccountable tax funded government agencies do anything they damn well please.

Trimet's latest boondoggle boggles the mind

Trimet is attempting to reinvent the wheel here with about $30 million in local tax payers funds that they just 'dug up somewhere'. Bells and whistles, that is what makes Trimet 'great'. They are clearly the leader among US transit agencies when it comes to the bells and whistles department.

 David Madore
What is it about TriMet that makes C-Tran so anxious to make them our master? Tonight’s Board agenda included 71 pages defining how TriMet is to become C-Tran’s sole provider for all financial services relating to fare collection and management.

With $1.8 billion in debt and unfunded liabilities and budget shortfalls that forecast a 70% cut in bus services, the financially troubled Portland transit agency,unable to adequately maintain its aging Light Rail system is not known for efficiency, economy, or innovation.

Yet they are expected to develop a multi-year custom hardware / software system to handle financial banking services, credit/debt sales processing, electronic fare collection, call-center operations, back-office operations, marketing strategy, customer communications, outreach, fare policy enforcement, governance structure, auditing, fare distribution, privacy, security, cost sharing, revenue collection and distribution, central server systems, card-based reader systems, application program interfaces, data processing, IT support, central database management, transit vehicle integration and development for TriMet Light Rail, Portland Street Car, the Portland Aerial Tram, the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the City of Portland, … and C-Tran.