Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ATU757 changes the voting rules

If you attended  the March 2016 union meeting you already knew this. 
Union meetings usually get between 50-100 people. 
There are  approximately 2500 union employees at Trimet so meetings have attendance by 4% of union members.
 That means 96% of Trimet union members were unaware of this change..

What has happened is that the bylaws were changed (by the 4%) to split the Trimet members into 3 distinct sectors. 
 When a contract is presented to the members each sector must vote yes or the contract is not approved. 
The VAST majority of the members are drivers but there is no longer majority rule at our union. 

We have our very own version of the American Electoral  College. 
As we all know the electoral college was created to subvert the popular vote in our presidential elections.

Why has this happened? 
It appears the maintenance division was threatening to split from ATU757 so the leadership gave them veto power instead.

 As a retiree I don't get to vote on these contracts, even though the contracts affect me (and other retirees) directly. 
Now, my retirement as a Trimet bus driver can be controlled by a sub group of Trimet employees.

Its getting harder and harder to find reasons to continue paying dues to a union that doesn't allow me representation and subjects the majority to minority rule
  • Transportation, Maintenance, and Salaried divisions vote separately using ballots of different colors; Transportation’s ballots will be PINK, Maintenance’s ballots will be GREEN, and Salaried’s ballots will be BLUE.
  • To approve the contract proposal, a majority of members casting ballots in each of those groups must vote to ratify.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Trimet final offer

i know it's not perfect and outsourcing is bad, but i vote yes to this offer.
 It's more or less reasonable in my opinion

Shirley accepted the final offer, it goes to the voting members now

LA transit suffering the same sickness as Portland Trimet

That's the neoliberal takeover of public transportation exemplified by an almost religious attachment to high priced light rail projects while the people that actually need transit get left behind.

Jeff Roberts data pack-unedited

We have already examined this incident in great detail HERE, HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

More on Jeff Roberts

This is the paper trail of Trimet people that were involved in the "investigation" of this complaint its incredible.
A Huge list of people were involved with this whole thing!

 Even Neil Mcfarlane was on the list. 
Now why would Neil Mcfarlane be reviewing any operator related complaints?
 The only thing I can think of is formulating the Trimet public relations angle.
 And that supports my contention that Trimet used this incident to its advantage, and threw Jeff under the bus with malice.

We've all seen the DATA PACK and we've seen the KGW STORY  and it becomes obvious that this story had no business on the "news".
 It was Trimet public relations.
Thanks Dora Morgan for obtaining this information