Saturday, February 6, 2016

Trimet is part of AGENDA 21

We have a government that routinely lies to us about everything. There is no doubt in my mind that agenda 21 exists and that it can be seen right in Portland Oregon

"Mid County Memo" writes about the latest Trimet capital project

 The Highlights are as follows. As you can see from this blog post the "Trimet industrial complex" has made this decision to extend its tentacles without bothering to ask citizens what they think about it.  These are the technocrats I rant about. These are the un-elected  officials that ruin citizens lives with impunity. These are the people that keep feeding the monster known as the PORTLAND LIGHT RAIL MAFIA

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fatal crash. Car driver dies

Trimet mangers gave themselves raises up to 7% after giving union employees 1%

Larry Hanley responds to Chris Day

The email came from Chris's personal account but apparently that is not enough, he has to actually 'sign it' for anybody to look at it I guess. Oh they got a million ways to keep things from moving forward. Trimet and the union, they both operate the same

ATU activist Chris Day writes to the international executive board

There has been controversy over termination of  Roy Jennings of C-Tran and ATU757 executive officers continuing to allow him to be a C-Tran representative. This controversy sparked the "preferring of charges" which is allowed under the ATU international constitution section 22 . The preferring of charges has not been allowed to proceed and Chris Day is challenging the decisions that have short circuited this process

Who know's what the Trimet technocrats are really doing with all this money

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Comprehensive list of Trimet bureaucratic raises

And this is why Portland does not have world class service. All of these people are doing non direct service work for the district. This is all money that should be going into direct services for riders. This is the problem with American public transportation. A huge bureaucracy has built up around the transit delivery siphoning millions and millions of dollars away from riders

You will have to use the "Ctrl" "+" function to expand your browsers visuals to read the printing
or you can directly download the file HERE

How much are your managers making?

Click on the pics for better viewing

Trimet always trying to figure out ways to give the pencil pushers raises

I really love the way these Trimet technocrats throw around the word "market".

These lying technocrats use to to justify themselves raises and to cut union employees benefits.

Of course they can do whatever they want and that's exactly what they do. Nobody can stop them. They have the puppet board there to make everything "legal"

Here they are trying to convince us that Trimet middle managers are all gonna pick up and head out the door if they don't get raises.
As if these jobs are easy to find. There is no "Market" for public transportation middle managers. 
It's phony market which is controlled solely by the transportation technocrats, they set this market.

What total bullshit

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jared Franz

Jared Franz and OPAL did significant work on Trimet budget issues. In 2012 Trimet managers (all who are still there) represented themselves as being "broke" to the public and their employees. There were serious problems with the budget they presented and OPAL (Jared) called them out on this. These career technocrats, who themselves lost nothing during the so called "great recession" cut employee benefits, cut transit services, and raised fares.  

Lo and behold Trimet technocrats  hid nice hefty raise for themselves, a raise that has compounds  every year, and will eventually cost tax payers millions and millions of tax dollars.

In case you have forgotten your Trimet history as soon as the arbitration was over Trimet all of a sudden start spending money like a drunken sailor. I have a long list of things that the Trimet technocrats  have lied about in the past and will start riposting those things so we can all be reminded that these people  think Trimet is there for their benefit. They play all sorts of games with money most of which are never made public.

 I don't have the kind of unlimited time I used to to go back and find all the various posts I have on Jared and OPAL but here are a couple of Franz presentations to the Trimet board.

Trimet denies OSHA shut down Gateway

Below is today’s response to the media from TriMet’s PIO Team concerning a recent allegation:

The allegation that OSHA has shut down TriMet break rooms is untrue.

TriMet has an annual operator layover refurbishment program. The layover facilities typically include a small break room plus bathrooms. Every year about 2-3 layovers will be refurbished. About six weeks ago, such work began at the break room at our Cleveland Ave MAX Station. The facility was shut down for the renovations. Portable bathrooms were set up for use during the project. As part of the renovations, crews were replacing drywall and noticed signs of ongoing moisture in the wall cavity. Specialists were brought in and the presence of mold was found. The type of mold has yet to be determined. What to do about the mold is on hold right now as we are evaluating if repairs can be made to the building to prevent ongoing moisture issues. That will help us determine whether reconstruction of part or all of the facility is necessary. Again, employees have not been inside the facility since the start of the renovations. Our facilities department is working to get a long-term temporary trailer on site for an operator layover facility while we assess next steps.

The Gateway Transit Center layover facility is also closed at this time as part of the annual layover refurbishment program. No mold has been found or is suspected. Again, this is standard work as part of our refurbishment program.

Monday, February 1, 2016


At least horses were reliable

Randy Stedmen at work doing his union busting

What we see in the example below is exactly the kind of thing we're going to be seeping  over and over between now and the next contract resolution. This is now the fourth example of some sort of weird interpretation of existing rules. These kinds of behaviors create confusion in the union members minds and create chaos at ATU 757 headquarters.

It's all done intentionally. This is the truth about Trimet management. They resort to the lowest of tactics to achieve their goals. 

It's the awful truth. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016