Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dora Morgan calls it quits

Dora was a very close confidant of mine and was very active as a Trimet and ATU757 activist. She appeared several times in mainstream media. 
Dora will definately be missed by her brother and sister union employees. 
The company is probably happy to see her go because she refused to submit to their 'authority' when they were wrong on issues involving the lives of Trimet bus drivers.


Jarrett Walkers pro Trimet essay on the Powell redevelopment deal

In case you don't know who Jarrett Walker is, he (and his associates) are basically a pro public transportation 'think tank' for the industry. He gets checks from numerous transportation districts (including Trimet) and functions as their mouthpiece like every other special interestthink tank in America does. 

In this piece he compliments Trimet for thier 'groundbreaking' Powell proposal. 

As far as I am concerned the Powell/division project is another useless capital project benefitting property developers and construction contractors just like all the other Trimet capital projects. I don't see any benefits from this project at all for riders

Friday, August 26, 2016

The case of the tiara wearing Trimet bus driver

I spend most of my social media time on twitter these days (information junkies heaven) and during the course of one of the conversations this picture came up. 

After a little discussion one of the participants happened to know the story behind this tiara wearing driver.

Apparently she had been wearing a beret for a long long time. Like 15 years. Then one day some Trimet manager got a bug up their ass  and told her she can't wear it anymore because "its not sold at Dennis uniform".

Experience with this sort of thing leads me to believe that this driver is not one of managements favorites. When the management doesn't like you what happens at Trimet is they start enforcing every little rule and regulation they can in an attempt to hurt you psychologically. I don't know if that's true or not but its a distinct possibility.
I don't know this driver personally so I can't get her side of the story.

Whatever, anyway, it turns out that this tiara is sold at Dennis uniform!

So she wears the tiara at work!


Love it!

OPAL PDX to stage protest at Trimet headquarters

Monday, August 15, 2016

The kind of bullshit Trimet bus drivers have to put up with

from Facebook, this is sick and the manager should be firEd. I'm sorry but this is sick

I wonder what everyone says when they need priority seating for a wheelchair. What do you say to the people sitting there? I received a sip from some dude in a chair saying I never asked the woman to move and blah blah blah. He said I needed to be trained again. So when I speak with my manager, his only concern was how I asked them to move. Usually I say something like can I get this seat for a person with a wheelchair? The manager said I was supposed to say something like anyone who is able to move may I have these seats or something. Seriously? I honestly don't have the time for a paragraph. I wasn't taught that. I was taught to ask and that you can't make someone move.

How do you ask?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Trimet Twitter blows it

 I read multiple transit agency Twitter feeds and I've never seen any of them make a comment to a citizen like Trimet did to Erik

The proper response to a disgruntled Citizen is something like "We are sorry we dissapoint you Erik please share your thoughts (hyperlink) and leave it alone. 

You DO NOT say what Trimet said

Don't end up like Portland