Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Members of ATU757 organizing

The misery of public transit

Government spends boat loads of money trying to convince people to ride public transit. It's good for the environment, cuts congestion etc etc. The thing that never gets mentioned is just how much taking public transit sucks. The article below was written for the TTC but it applies to any mass transit district  in North America

Standing around looking tough

Lane Jensen podcast-August 26

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


And this is all done by the unaccountable board of sock puppets who get to do these things WITHOUT voter approval
Issue: Senior Lien Payroll Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2015A; Rating: Aaa; Sale Amount: $70,000,000; Expected Sale Date: 09-09-2015; Rating Description: Special Tax: Transportation - Related
Issue: Senior Lien Payroll Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2015B; Rating: Aaa; Sale Amount: $65,700,000; Expected Sale Date: 09-09-2015; Rating Description: Special Tax: Transportation - Related
Moody's Investors Service has upgraded to Aaa from Aa1 the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon's (TriMet) Senior Lien Payroll Tax Revenue Bonds. Concurrently, we have assigned a Aaa rating to its $70 million Series 2015A and $65.7 million Series 2015B bonds, expected to price on September 9.

One of the best idea's I have ever heard on fare evasion

Give the evader a choice, by a monthly pass for $100, pay the $175 or perform 8 hours of community service

Monday, August 24, 2015

Over the top

I have never seen so much "sustainability" in one article anywhere. So I guess this is all cool right?
I don't know what to make of this article.

Trimet to install these at low income area stops

Trimet bus driver gets injured on the job

A car rear ended this bus driver which completely totaled the car causing the bus driver  injury so he takes the next day off. He finds out months later that he was charged with unexcused absence.
Gotta love working at Trimet!

Trimet Facebook

I actually hate Facebook but I keep my account and even post over there. (I'm really a twitter person and spend almost all my social media time with twitter) Trimet Facebook is highly entertaining.    I take special interest in all the people that choose to stand up against the prevailing paradigm and whether the attacks from the Trimet shills! These are the best comments from the people who challenged Trimet's decision to go ahead with the fireworks on one of the most polluted days in Portland history. We know that loads of people complained about this on Twitter

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How funny is this

I was tweeting with John St Clair about this Till-I-Cum bridge and started digging around the internet and guess what the actual definition of Tillicum is? It's Chinook for PEON! "as distinguished from the chiefs" hahahaha! The bridge does have the correct name after all!

If you missed the smoggy fireworks we got some video here

BS article attempting to convince us of the wonderfulness of Trimet and that Mcfarlane is a great leader

The only way I could support any Trimet tax increases would be for Trimet officials to outline exactly how much they would raise and tell us exactly how it would be spent. Anything less is giving these already ethically challenged executives license to abuse whatever money they receive.


People think that I want Trimet to "fail". That's completely false. True I got a bug up my ass about the current leadership  and take great pleasure in annoying the hell out of them. But I really feel empathy for the other people working over there. I know they are trying to do their best and there are plenty of really good people working at Trimet.  Look at this SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM . (click on the play button to watch their little production)  They're out there trying to do their jobs. Gotta love em!

Remember Trimet people, its the "leadership team" that I have the problem with, not the rest of the Trimet workforce.

The TriMess Minute with Lane Jensen

August 21st (Weekend Edition)

Trimet hits another home run

The haze is palpable
Ah the bridge the bridge the bridge. If you follow this blog at all you know that I have been against this boondoggle from the very beginning. (along with a subset of other people) 
So the big day finally arrives and it just happens to be one of the most atmospheric polluted days in Portland history. Trimet decides to go ahead with their silly fireworks production. (branding the bridge into peoples brains) Unfortunately many citizens took offense to Trimet going ahead with this.There are dozens of tweets about it. You can check my feed if you want to see how many people objected but it was a lot. Below the break are the best tweets about this.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Trimet hates Kirk Reeves

I totally missed this essay when it came out!

The Gods are not looking kindly upon Trimet

The gods have chosen to obscure the Trimet bridge for today's stupid celebration with chocking air pollution!

The 'celebration' will not include the name "Kirk Reeves"

Trimet orange line event marred by air pollution emergency

Lots of people are questioning Trimet's fireworks display on a day when there is extreme pollution in the air. 
Kind of a bad omen don't ya think?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Catch the orange!

Trimet public relations specialist

I know we are all annoying nobodies and have no influence over Trimet policy.
 Yes we are a subculture of the prevailing Portland paradigm.
And we exist in a small corner of the internet.
But we sure have fun being annoying!
And we will continue being annoying until Trimet stops shitting on its union employees, stops focusing on capital projects and starts focusing on actual Transit delivery.

One fail after another

Mainstream media says nothing

Trimet making sure they get a good turnout for the orange julius

JC Vannatta

Thursday, August 20, 2015

And the train breaks down again

They continue flooding the media with this orange line nonsense meanwhile the existing light rail is running as unreliably as ever. Where is the media? Nowhere of course

Lane Jensen podcast-episode seven

Lane's Willamette Week picture
Lane Jensen explains why he posted the driver runs and why he took them down.

Why has Trimet light rail become so unreliable?

Well I'm not a high priced transit consultant nor a high paid Trimet executive but I would bet the reason that Trimet's light rail has become so unreliable is the ORANGE LINE! 

Why do I say that? Cause I bet Trimet has all their personnel working on that which is taking away from the needs of the current system.

This is an old story for Trimet, keep building, keep ignoring what you already got.

Travel Portland and visit the luxurious Trimet transit stations

Safety vests can be used for many things

Trimet is hiring bus drivers

Lane Jensen podcast 6

Lane was arrested and sent to jail for sending this message to Roberta Altstadt  over and over 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best transit district movie ever

And its all about riding buses! Its from Edmonton Canada

WES doesn't work

Seen on Facebook

So the trimet payroll tax increase is gonna pass with portland city council and trimet is gonna order more new buses and keep hiring 20 new drivers every 6 weeks until 2017 shelly lomax told the training dept last week.

This just gets funnier and funnier

The evening will feature a BridgePort beer garden, where you'll find the exclusive Tilikum Crossing Orange Line IPA! We'll also have food carts and special-edition Salt & Straw ice cream: Catch the Orange Olive Oil & Burnt Orange Marmalade!

Enjoy music from Bear Water and the Student Loan Stringband, and visit with the Portland Picnic Society—they’ll be picnicking along with the crowd and sharing their best picnic tips from their new cookbook, “The Picnic” during the event.

Topping it off is a fireworks display from the bridge, set to be one of the biggest and best our region has ever seen!

Trimet on time performance has really taken a nose dive

MAX on time performance is actually worse than bus now. That's pretty shocking!
The on time parameters are actually pretty loose. Up to 10 mins late is considered on time

And the Trimess saga continues

Every single day its something.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Too bad Trimet union employees never did what City of Milwaukie union employees are doing

I am a 'annoying nobody'

This doesn't beat the all time greatest put down which was :
"Al M is just a lonely guy in a room" !  
But its nice to be called names. 
Means I am really annoying someone

Turns out he uses the same language on Erik Halsteads posts

Lane Jensen podcast-episode 5

Lane Jensen sent some texts to Trimet managers and his bail was set at $46k while Daemon Bowman physically assaulted a Trimet bus driver and his bail was set at $10k

Trimet yellow vest rules creating minor rebellion

Being an ex-employee of the Trimet industrial complex I know how they (the Trimet bureaucrats)  like to come up with inane rules and procedures for the unfortunate people wearing the lowly blue shirts. These bureaucrats have to find someway to justify their absurdly high salaries so they keep coming up with all sorts of silly shit.

This years silliness is the cute little yellow vest. Apparently the managers are on one of of their insane crusades  and they are using their flunky white shirts to enforce this policy with ZEAL.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Service for Michael Martin

Trimet board of sock puppets ready to ignore public concerns as usual

 Any experienced Trimet watcher knows that these tax increases are automatic. Public testimony is taken because they have to listen to it. The Trimet  was created specifically to avoid public accountability

TriMet is poised to increase its payroll tax to fund expanded transit service within a month — despite opposition from some that pay it in the business community.

The Lane Jensen podcast episode 4

A Trimet police squad arrested Lane Jensen for texting managers

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trimet beer ad

Replace Max trains with bus rapid transit


Let's upgrade MAX to buses. Yes, we actually would improve MAX by converting it from light-rail transit (LRT) to bus rapid transit (BRT). We'd get faster and more frequent trips with far fewer major outages and delays. TriMet could save tens of millions of dollars every year, be able to provide more capacity, and have a far more resilient system facing our next earthquake.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trimet has been failing miserably

Below the break you will see the state of Trimet these days. The poor rider pleads for help but nobody at Trimet is listening

Trimet is now selling beer

 This is some seriously shameful shit and really illustrates how far off mission Trimet has gone