Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trimet budget highlights

The Trimet tax farm keeps growing 

Jay Frye reinstated as Trimet road supervisor

November 2016 road supervisor Jay Frye was informed that he was BEING TERMINATED from the Trimet Transportation District.

In December he was informed that he was NOT BEING TERMINATED but rather being "demoted" back to the lowly bus driver position.

Now its March 2018 and Mr Frye is now being reinstated to his position of road supervisor  with full back pay by order of the arbitrator.

Yet another example of the brutality of the Trimet executive management and their complete and total lack of any sort of ethical compass. 
Worst of it is the executive management responsible for this reprehensible action gets no sanction, they only get more raises, if they are even working there anymore.

No matter how badly Trimet executive management performs they are safe in their cushy executive positions. 

The public transportation industrial complex is brutal.
It treats human beings as disposable commodities, both people operating the system and the public using it.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Trimet Deke N’Blue

Disgusting. Predictably ridiculous. Our "board of directors" struck again into the heart of Portland transit, naming its pre-ordained Canadian reject as the new General Manager.

Predictably, the media latched on to the board's new darling with a lame narrative of how Kelsey "left" TransLink in Vancouver. He was fired in 2015. (See 'TransLink Makes Changes...') Somehow, he made his way into TriMet management after his ouster, leaving a trail of disastrous policy in his wake. Now, he'll bring this expertise to bear... down on us.

"You can be safe," Kelsey stated at the earlier dog-and-pony show board meeting last month, "and be on time." Spoken like someone who truly hasn't a clue about the work of the people he now rules.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Trimet board admits that Trimet is just another ho hum transit district

Mcfarlane's hand picked clone Canadian Doug Kelsey gets to be top hack at Trimet

Kelsey is the highest paid hack in Trimet history at $300k
In a move that surprised no one the board of sock puppets approved Mcfarlane's clone to be the next general manager of the Trimet tax farm. 
He was supposedly the best qualified candidate "in the world" to take this job. 
We won't see any changes with this guy in control. 
The gentrification of the greater Portland will be his #1 priority just as it was with that dick head Mcfarlane and his predecessor Fred Hansen. 
Hansen walked out with a couple million cash and a pension of $17K for life and Mcfarlane walked out with a similar sized bank account and a pension of  $13.7k a month for life. 
The public transportation industrial complex is good to its aristocracy. 
Pubic transportation in the United States is a total disaster but that doesn't stop people from getting quite wealthy off its tax funded back.

So no news here, employees can expect to be harassed endlessly until the company can finally "privatize" its entire work force just like they do with lift.
 The supreme court is expected to cripple the public employee unions so its all working out quite nicely for the neoliberals who own the public transportation districts in this country.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

And we get another incident

And the bus drivers are going wild. As usual. All they do is make themselves look bad every time they defend acts of brutality. Let’s be clear, there would be no video if the SOP regarding open doors where followed. Furthermore drivers have no “personal time” when they are being paid. I knew I didn’t want my life to be ruled by Trimet anymore than necessary so I stayed part time. That way I had the “personal time”I needed. If your on the clock you don’t get time to yourself, period.

Additionally, this driver has  commandeered a tax funded vehicle (100% paid by tax payers) for her own personal use. So not only is she ‘stealing’ her wages she is also ‘stealing’ publicly owned equipment.

Trimet management loves watching the public hating the drivers. That way they can get away with everything. Some think that theory is crazy. I call them uninformed.

Many drivers don’t understand that with each act of brutality the public turns more and more against them. Give the riders the benefit of the doubt. Most riders are not crazy lunatics. Even the lunatics react to acts of kindness positively.

You don’t want to be on the news and you don’t want to be on YouTube unless it’s an act of kindness. We can argue details till we are blue in the face but each negative social or mainstream media post that portrays drives as heartless tax funded beasts creates another step forward to the privatization of the workforce, which is Trimet managements end goal.  And that is definitely one thing you should not let happen, ever.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Deke’s latest

Once again, our management fails to protect us. How? They allow the media to portray us in a negative light by A) not reporting full and complete statistics; B) by releasing statements that further cast us in shadow, such as "we do not condone..." when it hasn't been proven that an operator in question actually committed an alleged offense; C) by not standing up and boldly proclaiming that it will pursue each aggressor to the full extent of the law; and D) by not insisting the state legislature protect us with strict sentencing guidelines for assailants, or permanently excluding anyone who has been proven to assault one of us.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trimet is hiring

but watch this first

This is some actual confirmation that transit districts are INTENTIONALLY under reporting crimes against transit operators. All the transit districts in the United States follow policies that are developed at the national level and implemented locally.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

OPAL tries to break through

It’s only recently that there has been any transparency whatsoever from Trimet officials. 
A political patronage board coupled with one party political rule for decades in Portland and Oregon has created one of the least accountable public agencies in Oregon.
Trimet was once a model of great people oriented public  transportation, now its a model of neoliberal public transportation. 
The "leadership" of Trimet is tone deaf to the community.
 Its the same will all of our government structures now, they serve the interests of the elites at the expense of the citizens. 
OPAL is making a valiant attempt to break through this closed crony network.
Personally, I don't think its possible, we lost "our" government long ago and I don't see anyway to get it back. 
What we can do is refuse to hand over any more of our money voluntarily. 
They'll just take it without our permission anyway, like they just did with this transportation tax which amounts to $1400 for each citizen of Oregon. 
These people will probably kill us in the end.

To many of us in the room, TriMet representatives were condescending, transactional, and disregarded the input of our communities.