Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dispatch/Control May 19

Just a few

Conversation with Eli Richey

Pacifist and Police accountability activist Eli Richey rots in the American gulag on a Class C misdemeanor charge. I know for sure why he's sitting in jail, and its no different from when Lane Jensen ended up in jail.  He was getting in the way of the people that rule our lives. Eli is no threat to anybody and the case is a farce. But hey, this is the united states of america, land of the free, where we are free to do as we are told, or else.

Control/Dispatch May 18 (15:43-24:00)

Chris Day running for president of ATU757

Chris answers the questions posed by the Trimet Deacon in Blue below the break

Trimet Deke’n in Blue

If you want to improve customer service then fix the model, because it's broken into a million pieces. People call in to complain about operators without even knowing the rules and regulations which guide us every day. They also often lie about what actually happens.

Trimet Deke N’Blue sends questions to ATU757 candidates


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate, in journalistic fashion, to ATU 757’s 2018 Election. I’m doing this to give you another avenue to share your views moving forward, and I appreciate your participation. I’m giving each candidate for the top three offices the same opportunity, and they will receive the exact questions you see here.