Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Leave it to the RedLine to break it down

Job "Creator" Tri-Met

The development agency claims that its latest 7.3-mile light rail line has "created" 10,298 jobs. Of course, those all go away when the $1.5 billion construction project ends. That's only $1457000 per job "created"! We're getting a real bargain, by Tri-Met standards. It's a whole lot of green.
MaxRedline: Job "Creator" Tri-Met



 No surprise here!
An audit of the Columbia River Crossing found $17 million in excess or questionable spending, including larger-than-usual profit markups to project consultants and work that wasn’t authorized by contract in advance.
The report from the Washington State Auditor’s Office, released Wednesday, “did not identify any financial misconduct or abuse.” But it called for the Washington State Department of Transportation to reconsider policies and procedures that resulted in at least some of the misspent money on the now-defunct project, according to the audit.
The biggest chunk of questionable expenses was $12.3 million that went to firms with undisclosed overhead and profit markups, according to the report.
Another $2.3 million was added to two contract task orders months after the orders were completed, according to the audit. Those changes were made without authorization, though the extra work was found to be consistent with the original contract.
And the primary consultant on the project, David Evans and Associates, was overpaid by $1.45 million because of higher-than-usual markups, the report found.
CRC audit finds $17M in excess, questionable costs | The Columbian
Best comments below

More great comments on the TILL-I-CUM bridge

These come from the JOE ROSE BLOG


Tigard must stand up to transit bullies

As a Tigard resident, I am not shy to say I voted “yes” for Ballot Measure 34-210 (opposing high-capacity transit lines in the city of Tigard). I, like many other Tigard residents, am increasingly fed up with the lack of citizen participation and input into major transportation projects that affect our daily lives.
The Portland Tribune opposed the measure before it passed, claiming that it will allow a minority of Tigard residents to overturn regional transportation projects such as a new light-rail (or bus rapid transit) line that would begin in Portland and end in Tualatin.

Trimet respects native American's so much they fought against them all the way to the supreme court

Of course all on our tax dollars

Always something

Portland Streetcar ‘convoluted, confusing’

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An audit of the structure of the Portland Streetcar found it convoluted and confusing.

Willamette Week on the Tilikum bridge fiasco

Read the article HERE!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Nah, there's no conspiracy or collusion going on, of course not

Remembering working at abusive trimet

BLAST FROM THE PAST-The public has no clue how abusive the working environment was at Trimet. Now I know I was a special case and Trimet officials hated that I talk publicly about my employment there but believe me, I was not the only driver to suffer at the hands of those unethical managers. At Trimet the management uses fear of losing your job as a method of psychological intimidation. Very unhealthy work environment

TriMet gets route change alert wrong

The following message was sent out to TriMet e-mail subscribers (archived here):

Morons on Trimet's bridge naming panel misspell Tillikum

They say they want to honor the Chinook people but they don't even spell the word Tillikum correctly

Which Trimet executives are taking tax payers and employees for a ride?

About those Trimet bonuses

“TriMet’s new budget proposal reveals a disturbing trend,” says Amalgamated Transit Union 757 president, Bruce Hansen. “It contains evidence of an ever-increasing income gap between the wages of top managers and the wages of every other TriMet employee.” Hansen says the bonuses that top managers have given themselves just this year are a clear example of that widening gap.
“We looked at what was budgeted for each position and then listed those who received bonuses that exceeded the budgeted amount. What we discovered is disturbing. There are over 300 non-union employees. According to the budget, bonuses were awarded to just 35 people:

I.              There were 9 lower level supervisors given bonuses in amounts ranging from $502 to $2,012
II.            11 engineers and senior technical employees received bonuses in amounts ranging from $1,160 to $11,564
III.           15 high-level managers were given bonuses in amounts ranging from $2,012 to $16,827

“Not one clerical or low wage, non-union employee got a bonus. Instead, for the most part, the bonuses went to the ‘already-fat-cats’.” This increasing inequality has become the new ‘normal’ at TriMet.”
Particularly disturbing to Hansen is the fact that the biggest bonus, $16,827, went to the Executive Director of Labor Relations, Randy Stedman. “His immediate department has just nine people, two of whom gross less than $30,000 a year. Yet, those eight other people got nothing while Mr. Stedman received TriMet’s largest bonus of $16,827. I just don’t understand the reasoning here.”


The agency spent $1.74 million on such bonuses last year, twice the $870,368 doled out in 2012, according to UTA salary data analyzed by The Salt Lake Tribune.
The biggest individual bonuses for executives rose to $30,000 each, up from $25,000. That came on top of compensation packages, including benefits, that in some cases already topped $300,000 a person.
In comparison, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s total compensation package in 2013 was $151,294 — less than half of some UTA executives — with no bonus included.
"The public’s perception of what goes on with UTA’s management salaries and bonuses definitely would be an impediment" to legislators allowing a UTA tax increase on the ballot, said Rep. Johnny Anderson, R-Taylorsville. This year, he sponsored and nearly passed HB388, which would have done just that.
 UTA doubled execs’ bonuses last year while seeking tax hike | The Salt Lake Tribune


Trimet decides to name the bridge after a whale


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Or you can listen to his broadcast below on VIMEO!

Wouldn't you love to see how this money was distributed?

Fortunes are being made on all this light rail construction

Class action update

We all know that Trimet will do everything possible to delay and impede  this court case. 
The next round of motions is scheduled to be heard this coming October.
The wheels of 'justice' (ya right) turn slowly indeed!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Lillian Karabaic gets it

The joy of public transit

Trimet hires another crony

Bernie Bottomly (great name)  has replaced Olivia Clark at as 'Director of Governmental affairs.
From Portland A-Foot:
Bernie Bottomly is a professional lobbyist working, as of July 2010, as vice president of government affairs and economic development for the Portland Business Alliance.
In 2010, he was a registered Metro lobbyist for transportation issues on behalf of the Alliance.
According to his LinkedIn profile, Bottomly worked as director of PacifiCorp from 2002 to 2006 and as director of governmental affairs for TriMet from 1992 to 2002. Before that, he worked as district director for Democratic Congressman Les AuCoin from 1982 to 1992.(his current salary is unknown but Clarks was over $170k)


Fighting back against cutthroat greedy transit executives!


Citizens of the City of Portland voted for Kirk Reeves and as far as I am concerned Kirk was a fine example of Portland, its glory and its tragedy.
I will always refer to this bridge as the KIRK REEVES bridge, The oligarchs name is irrelevant to me.

Real lives of Trimet bus drivers

You too can be part of the fun go to TRIMET.ORG!

Trimet 'catch all' delay report

Trimet bus driver's at each others throats

The working environment over there just gets worse and worse

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trimet and ethics-Corruption

Corrosion? No, TriMet, I think you just spelled “corruption” wrong


We all remember that MAX train that went down the Banfield with a door open, right? Which is not how the train is supposed to work – if your doors are open and you try to take power to move the train forward, the doors will close. The interlock should prevent the train from moving if any doors remain open.

Another great thing about working at TRIMET!

Somebody can run a red light and YOU get blamed for it. This was  charged to driver as preventable